Chapters 11 - 11 Departure

"Xiang Er, my Xiang Er ?"

Liu Qing He held Yun Mu Xiang tightly, and when he looked up, a pair of eyes that overflowed with hatred swept past Feng Yu Shen Shang.

This damnable trash actually dared to break her daughter's tongue in front of her face. She definitely wouldn't let him off.

Feng Yu sneered, she did not care about her hatred at all. Since Yun Mu Xiang had destroyed her face, she had cut off her tongue, it was very fair. Moreover, Yun Mu Xiang had tortured her since she was young, and she even wanted to calculate the interest with him.

"Master, if there is nothing important, I will take my leave first."

Liu Qing He retracted all of her hatred and hugged Yun Mu Xiang as she lowered her eyes and respectfully said this to LongZixuan. She wished that she could smack this wastrel to death with a palm, but in front of Master, she did not dare be rash.

Right now, her body was so painful that she didn't dare to let out a breath. If she dared to take action against Feng Yu in front of his LongZixuan, then perhaps her outcome would be even worse than Yun Mu Xiang's.

Thus, there was no rush to deal with this trash.

LongZixuan leaned gracefully on the chair, and waved his hand, saying, "Second Wife, please."

After obtaining the LongZixuan's permission, Liu Qing He carried the unconscious Yun Mu Xiang and the servants and left. The crowded courtyard immediately became empty.

Feng Yu's dark eyes narrowed, as her pair of eyes focused tightly on Liu Qing He's back figure. Even after she disappeared outside the arched door, she did not retract her gaze.

"As expected, it's interesting."

Suddenly, an evil and demonic voice rang beside his ears. Feng Yu Zhou raised his brows and turned around, only to discover that the two youths and the purple-gold throne had long disappeared without a trace. Only the devilishly beautiful man had narrowed his long and narrow eyes as he looked at her with interest.

He said it was interesting, but it was hard to tell if he was talking about what just happened, or the girl with the hideous scar on her face was interesting, or maybe both.

Feng Yu's dark eyes flickered with a faint light. It was unknown whether she was looking at the man's stunning face or the charming, devilish purplish black seal.

"What Master said is extremely true. It's indeed interesting."

Wasn't this man interesting? Or rather, it could be said that he was more than just interesting.

Surprise flashed past the eyes of the Evil LongZixuan. It was as if he didn't expect Feng Yu to say such a thing, but very quickly, he smiled evilly, and his charming voice resounded deeply in his ears.

"Little girl, you are really interesting."

Feng Yu squinted her eyes, and felt that those words were extremely displeasing to the ears. This man only looked to be around twenty years old, but actually called her little girl.

However, compared to thinking about this, she obviously had something more important. She smiled, looked at the LongZixuan with her dark eyes, and said, "Could it be that in the eyes of the Master, I am only interested in such a simple matter?"

He raised his eyelids and looked at Feng Yu. His thin lips slightly curled, and said with a playful expression, "Of course it's not just that. Little girl, how about you answer one of This Seat's questions?"

After Feng Yu heard this, she immediately became alert, "Master can tell me."

No matter how she looked at it, this man was more dangerous than a wolf. Therefore, his problem was probably not that simple. She had to be careful not to get tangled up in it without him knowing.

"This Seat did indeed see a man crawl into your room, and that person definitely did not go out, but I did not find anyone in the room. Can you tell This Seat where you hid that person?"

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