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“Xiang’Er, my Xiang’Er…”

Liu Qinghe hugged Yun Muxiang tightly and looked at Feng Yu with hatred in her eyes. She seemed to want to rip her skin off and pull her tendons out.

[That damn trash actually dared to break my daughter’s tongue in front of me. I will never forgive him.]

Feng Yu sneered. She didn’t care about her hatred at all. Yun Muxiang ruined her face, so she would break her tongue. It was fair. Yun Muxiang had tortured her since she was a child, so she had to pay her back. However, she would get it back sooner or later.

“Chief, if there is nothing else, I will take my leave.”

Liu Qinghe stopped her hatred and said to Long Zixuan respectfully. She wanted to kill that trash with one palm, but she didn’t dare to do anything in front of Chief.

She was in so much pain that she didn’t dare to breathe. If she dared to attack Feng Yu in front of Long Zixuan, she might end up worse than Yun Muxiang. Long Zixuan’s temper was unpredictable. Who knew if she would anger him?

So, she was in no hurry to deal with that trash.

Long Zixuan leaned on the chair elegantly and waved his hand. “Please go ahead, Second Lady.”

After getting permission from Long Zixuan, Liu Qinghe left with Yun Muxiang and the servants. The crowded courtyard was suddenly empty.

Feng Yu squinted her dark eyes and stared at Liu Qing He’s back until she disappeared from the door. She didn’t look back.

“It’s interesting.”

Suddenly, a wicked voice sounded in her ears. Feng Yu frowned and turned around. She didn’t know when the two youths and the purple-and-golden chair had disappeared. Only the devilish man looked at her with interest.

He said it was interesting, but he didn’t know if he was talking about what had just happened or the girl with the scars on her face. Maybe both.

Feng Yu’s dark eyes twinkled. She didn’t know if she was looking at the man’s stunning face or the purple-and-golden mark.

“Master Si is right. It’s interesting.”

This man was not just interesting. It was more than that.

Long Zixuan was stunned. He didn’t expect Feng Yu to say something like that. However, he soon smiled wickedly. His charming voice echoed in Feng Yu’s ears.

“Little girl, you are interesting.”

Feng Yu squinted her eyes. She didn’t like what he said. This man looked like he was in his twenties, but he called her a little girl. She was twenty-three years old when she died in her previous life.

However, she had more important things to do now. She smiled and looked at Long Zixuan with her dark eyes. She said, “Am I just interesting in Master Si’s eyes?”

Long Zixuan’s dark and evil eyes flashed. He raised his eyelids and looked at Feng Yu. He said with a playful face, “Of course not. Little girl, answer me one question.”

Feng Yu became alert when she heard this. “Master Si, please tell me.”

This man was more dangerous than wolves, so her question wouldn’t be simple. She had to be careful so that she wouldn’t get lost.

“I did see a man enter your room, and he definitely didn’t leave. However, I didn’t find him. Can you tell me where you hid him?”

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