"This Seat did indeed see a man crawl into your room, and that person definitely did not go out, but I did not find anyone in the room. Can you tell This Seat where you hid that person?"

LongZixuan had come to the Yun Family to find something today, and unintentionally passed by Feng Yu's roof. Coincidentally, she saw Lil 'Ru and Da Niu come over together, and the two people's conspiracy fell into his ears word for word.

Originally, he was not interested in this kind of method of fighting in the backyard, but after Da Niu entered the room, just as that group of people was about to break in, he suddenly sensed that Da Niu's aura had completely disappeared from this world, and it was even cleaner and purer than death.

That was why he was interested in what happened next. However, he had been hiding on the roof the entire time.

Liu Qing He and had brought a large group of servants with them to 'capture' her. As the two sides debated, he felt a very unique aura from her body.

The rumored General's Estate who was obedient and born trash seemed to be completely different from what the rumors said.

It was only when their dispute had reached that point that he finally could not bear it any longer and appeared before them. Actually, from the very beginning, he knew that if Yun Mu Xiang accepted this suggestion, she would definitely lose, because there was no one in the room they were looking for.

And it was in order to obtain the answer from Feng Yu that he would step out and add fuel to the fire to push this matter to the end.

It was just that, this woman shocked him in the end. She had so cleanly cut off Yun Mu Xiang's tongue, and such a method was not something that an ordinary woman could use.

Was she really the good-for-nothing that could not cultivate and was she born to be a trash?

Feng Yu squinted her eyes. No wonder this person said that she was interesting, she actually wanted to get this answer from her.

An aura burst forth from her body, and she instantly looked like a different person. Although she was pitifully weak, her wild and arrogant aura was shockingly powerful.

She raised her chin, proudly looked at LongZixuan, and said, "I'm sorry, this is my secret, please forgive me for not being able to tell Master."

When she died in her previous life, she accidentally touched the light of rebirth, which was why she was able to teleport to this place and be reborn.

When she transmigrated into this world, her soul had somehow contracted with the Blade of rebirth, so she had now become the master of the Blade of rebirth. The Blade of rebirth was a divine tool from the Era of Gods, and within it, there was a world of its own.

That space was just like a small world and simply did not belong to the Holy Luo Continent. Aside from her, no one could see that there was anyone else who was unable to touch it.

After the servant was killed by her, his body was thrown into the space, which was why they couldn't find it.

This was her greatest secret and her only thing to rely on. How could she possibly tell this man in front of her?

"No matter what?"

He really wanted to know. This was the first time he had come across something he really wanted to know about in Haoyuan Empire.

"Let's not talk. It's getting late, shouldn't Master leave now?"

Feng Yu squinted her dark eyes and directly left the inn. She already knew that this man had no good intentions in suddenly stepping in, but she didn't expect that she would also be attracted by the servant's location.

If it were other secrets, she could consider telling him, but if it was this, then she absolutely could not tell him. Even if she died, she could not tell him.

"What if This Seat kills you? You're not going to tell me? "

The man who was laughing wickedly in front of him suddenly changed his aura, a terrifyingly dense killing intent came sweeping over, oppressing Feng Yu, causing his face to immediately turn pale white.

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