The man who was laughing wickedly in front of him suddenly changed his aura, a terrifyingly dense killing intent came sweeping over, oppressing Feng Yu, causing his face to immediately turn pale white.

Killing intent was something that was most familiar to Feng Yu.

She was an incomparably powerful assassin in her previous life and possessed such an aura. Her eyes narrowed as an almost identical aura swept out from her weak body. She stood up with her hands behind her back. Her delicate body was dazzlingly dazzling under the dim candlelight.

The cold wind of the night blew, causing the corners of her clothes to flutter.

"If Master wants to bully the weak, then do it. To be able to die at the hands of Master, I do not feel wronged."

She had only traveled to this world a few days ago, so how could she die so easily? As long as she willed it, she would be transported to another space and this Master would be able to do nothing to her.

In the midst of the candle flame, the two auras clashed, but Feng Yu was surprisingly not at a disadvantage. It seemed that the killing intent did not have much to do with one's strength, it completely came from one person's understanding of killing intent.

Surprise flashed through his eyes, and he looked in shock at the seemingly weak girl in front of him. He didn't expect her to actually have such a deep understanding of killing intent.

This was not simple at all. Ordinary cultivators, even with their Tongxuan realm and level of cultivation, would not necessarily be able to comprehend a killing intent at such a level.

What a shocking little girl.

He waved his hand, and all the Profound Spirit Qi around his body immediately dissipated without a trace, as Feng Yu's killing intent was completely unable to affect him. He narrowed his evil eyes at Feng Yu, and said in a low and deep voice, "Little girl, This Seat is looking forward to our next meeting."

His low and untamed voice seemed to still echo, but when he waved his cape, darkness immediately flashed past Feng Yu's eyes, and when her sight recovered, the room no longer had any signs of a man.

Feng Yu scoffed coldly. She restrained the aura on her body and closed the door to her room without minding at all. The red carpet that she left behind on the ground seemed to be in a trance.


Late at night. The night was quiet.

With a thought, Feng Yu's vision blurred, and she instantly arrived at another world. This was a world of chaos, and it was hard to tell if it was dusk or morning.

At his feet was a small pond. The water in the pond looked clear and holy. In the middle of the pond was a large black flower.

The flower had no leaves, only a sparse few tendrils as thick as a thumb. The stem had a dense set of eyes and a wide open mouth, revealing a dense set of teeth. It looked extremely frightening.

This was the space of the Blade of rebirth.

The water of the pond was called the Water of Life. It could mend one's natural deficiencies and change one's innate ability. It could also cure all kinds of poisons and diseases. It was simply a divine medicine.

The scar on Feng Yu's face, would disappear the moment she washed it with the Water of Life. The reason why her body recovered so quickly after being struck by lightning and tortured by Yun Mu Xiang was also because she drank the diluted Water of Life.

And that flower, was called Tian Mo Hua, a creature only existed in the legends.

This creature was born from the primal chaos and could absorb demonic energy. In order to evolve, it had to rely on the blood essence of cultivators. The demonic energy was very strange, but once it grew, it was definitely a killing weapon.

Tian Mo Hua who had grown up was rumored to have a stem that could extend endlessly. Once a cultivator was wrapped by the stem, they would be sucked to the ground in the blink of an eye, becoming extremely terrifying.

However, this was only a legend after all. Holy Luo Continent had a history of over ninety thousand years and Tian Mo Hua had never appeared before.

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