However, this was only a legend after all. Holy Luo Continent had a history of over ninety thousand years and Tian Mo Hua had never appeared before.

Tian Mo Hua instantly appeared in front of Feng Yu. The flower stalk was intimately wrapped around her wrist, and the eyes on it blinked non-stop, as if it was acting spoiled.

Feng Yu felt very helpless. This Demon Flower, seeing her, was about to act like a spoiled child and beg for meat to eat. Fortunately, she had deposited a corpse in today, otherwise, he would really be unable to satisfy it.

She seriously doubted whether this flower was a plant or an animal, since it actually liked to eat meat.

With a thought, the servant's corpse that was left in another space appeared. Tian Mo Hua abandoned Feng Yu and turned to look at the corpse.

The flower stalk that was as thick as a finger wrapped around the corpse and threw it into the air. A vine directly pierced through its body, and in the blink of an eye, the corpse turned into a cloud of bloody mist and disappeared.

When Tian Mo Hua was stained with blood and flesh, the densely packed eyes on the stem of the flower had a tinge of scarlet, causing Feng Yu's scalp to go numb. She felt Tian Mo Hua to be even more abnormal.

For such a large corpse to be turned into a bloody mist and absorbed by a single flower stem, it truly deserved to be called a demon born from the primal chaos. It was simply terrifying.

"Master, this fellow is so delicious, Mo Ling, thank you."

A young and tender voice suddenly sounded in his mind, he couldn't tell if it was male or female. Feng Yu was startled and looked towards the bright Tian Mo Hua, "You're the one who's talking to me?"

Before this, Tian Mo Hua had never communicated with her before, probably because of the contractual power, but she had always been curious about it, and never expected that it could actually communicate with her using its thoughts.

The voice continued, "Yes, master."

Feng Yu smiled. Damn, this was indeed a fantasy world, even flowers could communicate with others now.

But when she thought about Blade of rebirth, she immediately understood. Since Blade of rebirth could communicate with her, why not this flower?

It was just that from the moment she woke up, the Blade of rebirth had been communicating with her. Why did this flower communicate with her so long ago?

Last night when she had entered the space of her rebirth, this flower had only wrapped itself around her fingers and had not communicated with her. Now that they had suddenly interacted, she was truly not used to it.

Receiving the thoughts from the Blade of rebirth, Feng Yu finally knew that this flower had activated its demonic nature because it had absorbed a person. After waking up, it was then able to communicate with her.

However, this demonic flower was currently too weak. If it did not absorb flesh and blood or spiritual energy for a period of time, it would continue to fall asleep. Of course, if it wanted to evolve, it could also cultivate on its own after awakening.

Moreover, she was the owner of this demonic flower. If the cultivation level of this demonic flower was too high, it would definitely be a killing weapon for her.

They were Zhu Pu Qi Yue, she was the master, and flowers were all servants. If she died, Tian Mo Hua, as his servant, would also die under the powerful contract laws, but if Tian Mo Hua died, she would not be affected at all.

In this world where the strong preyed on the weak, especially when she was still so weak, she really needed this trump card. After all, Tian Mo Hua would never be able to betray her, so she didn't need to worry about it devouring her master.

Feng Yu touched the petals of Tian Mo Hua's flower and felt its tame, and the corner of her mouth couldn't help but twitch.

When her eyes touched the Spring of Life, she took a few steps forward and crouched down by the spring water. Her gaze fell upon a small wooden box soaked in the spring water and she reached out to pick it up.

Opening it, ten finger gloves shining with a cold light appeared in front of her eyes. The corners of Feng Yu's lips curled up in a sinister manner; these were the weapons that she used in her previous life, they were called Absolute Soul Finger, or Absolute Soul Pearl.

Originally, he thought that after she died, her broken soul would be buried in the great fire of his previous life. However, he didn't expect that it would actually cross over with her.

When they had found this dimension the day before yesterday, they had all seen Duanhun together. Feng Yu was simply too happy, this was the weapon that she was the most proficient in, and before she was strong enough, this was what she was relying on.

In her previous life, she was a master weaponsmith and this Absolute Soul was created from a Spatial Stone and some special materials that were the size of her fingers; it could cut through metal like mud and destroy anything in its way. Its destructive power was extremely terrifying.

In the past, when she wore the Absolute Soul Pearl, even the thick iron gate would be torn apart by her one hand. With a move of her fingers, she could effortlessly cut a living person into countless pieces.

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