In the past, when she wore the Absolute Soul Pearl, even the thick iron gate would be torn apart by her one hand. With a move of her fingers, she could effortlessly cut a living person into countless pieces.

So now that she had Duan Ling Tian, even if she met a Spirit Transformation Stage cultivator, she would still be able to put up a fight.

Keeping the Absolute Soul, with a thought from Feng Yu, the scenery in front of her eyes suddenly changed. She had already arrived in her shabby little house.

Raising his head and looking at the pitch-black night sky, Feng Yu pushed open the door and walked out.

The levels of cultivation in the Holy Luo Continent were separated very strictly into classes, such as Warriors, Mages, Archers, Assassins, swordsman, Scholars, Heavenly Doctor, alchemist, and so on. They were all called Cultivators.

Rank: Mortal Realm, Spiritual Transformation, Profound Opening.

The Mortal Realm was the entrance, and was separated into nine levels. Spiritual energy was relatively weak, and from the first to the ninth level of the Mortal Realm, cultivators mainly trained their bodies, using simple moves and brute force.

Facing such a cultivator, with Feng Yu's current abilities, she could easily destroy her tens of thousands of times.

Above the Mortal Realm was the Spirit Transformation realm, which was similarly divided into nine stages. Cultivators at this level could truly be described as terrifying.

A spirit realm cultivator had already cultivated their body to an extremely terrifying level, and their spirit energy was also very strong. Against this kind of cultivator, she could still win unless she wore a broken soul.

Otherwise, she would've been able to deal with lower level spirit realm cultivators, but if she met a spirit realm practitioner, she would've had no choice but to flee, otherwise she would've absolutely lost everything.

Above the spirit realm was the realm that General Yun resided in. It was called Tongxuan realm and was similarly divided into nine stages. The terror of Tongxuan realm cultivators was simply shocking.

It was said that once one entered the Tongxuan realm, one's body would be like a solid steel, impenetrable to swords and spears. One would be able to move mountains and fill up the seas with immense strength, and one would be able to traverse thousands of miles in a blink of an eye like the wind and lightning.

With his Tongxuan realm cultivation, General Yun had single-handedly charged into the enemy's army of tens of thousands several times. With just the strength of one man, he had taken down tens of thousands of heads.

However, it was extremely difficult to cultivate, especially from the Transcending Mortality Stage to the Spirit Transformation Stage. Many people would never be able to reach the peak of the Transcending Mortality Stage, not to mention breaking through to the Spiritual Transformation Stage.

If she met a Tongxuan realm cultivator, with Feng Yu's current situation, she could stab her to death ten thousand times with her fingers.

Suddenly, Feng Yu felt that her future was bleak. She could at most be considered a young warrior.

Although there were very few Tongxuan realm cultivators in the Haoyuan Empire, there were many in the Spirit Transformation realm.

In her previous life, Feng Yu, who stood at the peak of the world, was unable to show his weakness. In this world where the strong preyed on the weak, she could not tolerate others casually stepping on her head.

Although Yun Ning Ruo was a natural born trash who was unable to cultivate, she was still Feng Yu and not Yun Ning Ruo. Thus, she was not worried in the slightest that she was unable to cultivate.

Feng Yu squinted her eyes. She definitely could not continue to stoop to such a state, otherwise, if she were to break Yun Mu Xiang's tongue tonight, she would probably come to settle the score with her tomorrow.

If Liu Qing He wanted to kill her, it would be easier than killing an ant. Although she had the ability to reincarnate, she could not casually use it in front of outsiders.

Looking at the time, it was not yet time for her to move. Feng Yu moved his body, jumped over the wall, and disappeared from the Cloud Palace's courtyard.


Early morning. The sun was rising.

Last night, she had trained in a martial arts technique on a mountain outside the city. She really wanted to sleep now, even if Liu Qing He wants to settle the score with her, she would sleep until she was full.

At that time, if she couldn't beat him, she would be able to run away.

As she walked closer to her courtyard, she could hear from afar the sound of something being smashed, as well as the sound of a few men swearing loudly.

Feng Yu stopped in her tracks, her cold and evil red lips curled upwards, and a dense hostility flashed across her eyes. Oh, she had just left for an entire night, and now another trouble had come knocking?

These people would come over from time to time to harass her. They were really as annoying as flies.

Carrying her skirt, she strode towards the small courtyard. Passing through the shabby archway, she saw an old bedsheet thrown on top of the yard full of weeds. The bedsheet was exactly the same as the one she had used last night.

Not far from the bedding lay a pile of broken wooden planks and porcelain plates. She took a closer look and realized it was the only set of table, chairs and tea set in her room that looked like a refugee's lair.

There were two burly men standing at the door. There was still one of them in the room. She used a stick to smash down on everything in sight. No wonder she could hear such a big commotion from so far away.

"I wonder where that bitch went. I'll definitely kill her after I catch her."

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