"I wonder where that bitch went. I'll definitely kill her after I catch her."

The man standing on the left side of the door had a fiendish look on his face. Even his voice was loud and vulgar, piercing Feng Yu's ears from afar. After he finished speaking, the man on the right side could not help but complain.

"Damn it, Second Wife said that if we don't kill that bitch, she'll kill us, so we definitely cannot let that bitch go."

The servants did not know what heinous crimes Feng Yu had done to anger the Second Wife, but today, the Second Wife did not care about the First Lady and planned to kill her blatantly.

"Are you looking for me?"

A faint smile suddenly appeared at the door, and it seemed as if there was something sinister about it. The two servants looked over at the same time and saw the scar-faced girl leaning against the wall of the archway with her arms crossed, and a creepy smile on her face.

The two servants instantly felt a monstrous hostility and their entire bodies subconsciously shivered. It was as if the hair on their backs were standing up, and their eyes stared blankly at the young girl leaning on the arch, as if she was at ease.

"I heard that bitch's voice. Wang Er, Zhao Dali, is that bitch back?"

At this time, a sturdy man holding a rod suddenly rushed out from the door. After seeing Feng Yu, her rough and rough face instantly turned vicious, and she swung the rod in her hand towards her.

"Bitch, where did you go to die? I looked for you for such a long time."

Feng Yu's bloodthirsty eyes slightly narrowed, the baleful aura around her body revolving and the air seemed to be turbulent.

All of a sudden, she moved, her sleeves fluttering like a phantom. She waved her hands gently, and before the stick could even touch her, Wang Er and Zhao Dali heard a scream that made them tremble with fear.

A bloody mist streaked across the sky. With a peng sound, the bloody halves of their bodies fell to the ground. They stared at the man on the ground with wide eyes, their gazes filled with astonishment.

The body on the ground was torn in half from the abdomen down, his internal organs falling out, dyeing the ground red. The stick in his hand had already been broken into countless pieces.

The two servants collapsed onto the ground. Their eyes were wide open as they looked at Feng Yu, as if they were looking at a demon in the legends. Their faces were as pale as snow, and they gasped for breath with their mouths wide open.

They must have been seeing things. Ah Hu was definitely not killed by this trash. He had been bullied by them for such a long time, how could he be so powerful?

If she was really that powerful, how could they have bullied her for so many years?

The two servants kept shaking their heads, unable to believe what they had just seen. Their bodies could not help but tremble, and their spittle seemed to start to flood, causing them to swallow non-stop.

Feng Yu's bloodthirsty eyes stared at Wang Er and Zhao Dali who were shaking uncontrollably, her bright red lips hooked up into an evil smile.

At this time, Soul Pearl was like an invisible object perfectly sticking to Feng Yu's slender finger, as if she was her own finger, without any traces of it being there.

This was the mysteriousness of the Spatial Stone. It had either an invisible or a changing color function, which could change it into a different color according to Feng Yu's mood.

Moreover, this thing could be soft or hard. When it was hard, it would cut iron like mud, or cut steel like broken iron. When it was soft, it was like silk, and it was even softer around the fingers.

As a result, Feng Yu didn't feel any discomfort while wearing it, to the point that she couldn't even feel anything. Ever since she took out the Absolute Soul, Feng Yu decided to only train at night, she would wear it on her hands during the day. Like this, she had gained a bit more ability.

When the servant named Ah Hu swung the stick at her, her hands easily passed through his body. With a light tug, he was torn into two halves. If not for the Broken Soul, her current strength would not have been able to do so.

She approached the trembling Wang Er and Zhao Dali step by step, just like a bloodthirsty devil.

Wang Er and Zhao Dali wanted to run away, but when their eyes came in contact with the bloody corpse of Ah Hu, their legs were shaking so badly that they couldn't even stand up. They could only fearfully watch as the demon-like girl approached.

Feng Yu's gaze turned cold, and she immediately attacked in front of their fearful gazes. She reached out her hand and grabbed, and Wang Er did not even have time to scream before her head fell on the ground and rolled around slowly like a rubber ball.

Blood gushed out onto Zhao Dali's face. Zhao Dali was so scared that he forgot to breathe. His legs trembled, and a pungent fluid gushed out from his crotch. He was actually scared to the point of peeing his pants.

Feng Yu Zhou shot him a disdainful glance, her gloomy and cold eyes narrowed, as she coldly said with a bloodthirsty voice, "If I had known earlier that you had such guts, I would have killed you first."

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