Feng Yu Zhou shot him a disdainful glance, her gloomy and cold eyes narrowed, as she coldly said with a bloodthirsty voice, "If I had known earlier that you had such guts, I would have killed you first."

"Don't kill me, I beg of you, please spare this servant's life, please spare this servant's life ?"

Feng Yu laughed coldly. This dog slave called her bitch just now and she turned into a Third Miss in the blink of an eye.

When these dog slaves saw the respectful attitude of the other young miss of Yun Family, they only saw her.

She raised her leg and kicked him viciously into the air. The sound of bones breaking immediately rang out, and with a loud thud, Zhao Dali fell from the top of the stairs into the courtyard. He fell face-first, and even a few of his sternum were broken.

Feng Yu walked over with large strides, stepped on his face, and said with a cold and bloodthirsty voice, "I won't kill you, so I'll leave you to warn Second Wife. Tell her, I, Yun Ning Ruo, am no longer the Yun Ning Ruo of the past, so, it's best if you don't provoke me.

She knew that with her current strength, it was almost impossible for her to fight against the Second Wife, but so what? But that didn't mean she had to swallow her anger and accept the fact that she was bullied enough to take her life.

She was Feng Yu, so even if her body was weak, her soul was definitely strong. Therefore, she would not be so easily humiliated.

Zhao Dali immediately nodded, "I got it, I will tell Second Wife every word, thank you for sparing my life."

Feng Yu then kicked him again in satisfaction, and then retracted her leg to let him go, "Find a few people to take care of these two dog slaves' corpses, scram."

She had to keep these two corpses to intimidate the other servants, otherwise, she would have directly fed them to Tian Mo Hua.

Everything in the room had been smashed. It seemed like he wouldn't be able to sleep here today.

After Zhao Dali stumbled away, Feng Yu also disappeared from General's Estate in a flash. She needed to find a place to recuperate and gather her strength for a while, and at night, she had to continue practicing martial arts. As for General's Estate, it would probably set off a storm soon.

Killing two servants in one go was not a big deal, but if it happened to someone else, it would be fine. But if it happened to someone as useless as her, then it would definitely be an earth-shattering event.


In the afternoon, all the servants of the General's Estate went out to hunt down the trash Third Miss.

Then, after a day had passed, hundreds of servants had dug almost three feet into the ground of Capital City, but they did not even manage to find the corner of Third Miss's clothes. In the morning, they received the order for all servants to retreat, and returned to General's Estate.

In the side courtyard of the General's Estate.

There were two wooden frames on the ground, and two corpses on top of them. The corpses were covered with a layer of white cloth.

There were more than a hundred servants standing on both sides, and all of them held wooden sticks in their hands. General's Estate, accompanied by her butler, walked over with a serious expression.

Seeing First Lady, hundreds of servants saluted him.

General Yun fought in wars outside the borders throughout the year and guarded the borders. Master Yun, on the other hand, had to travel for more than ten years to find the second master of Yun Family who was missing.

As a result, all of the General's Estate's trivial matters were handled by the management mother, Su Ru Shen, and the Second Wife's cooperation.

Walking to the front of the wooden frame, Su Ru Shen squatted down and pulled the white cloth with a frown. Immediately, he saw the corpse of a branch family corpse, its head was lying on the ground and its eyes were wide opened.

"Butler, this person, was he really killed by Third Miss?"

Su Ru Shen put down the white cloth and covered the corpse, as he asked puzzledly. Until now, she still could not believe that that trash, who was easily humiliated and had no use for anything, had this kind of ability.

If she really had this kind of ability, how could she have been bullied for so long? Even his face did not know how to resist when Fourth Miss cut it open.

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