If she really had this kind of ability, how could she have been bullied for so long? Even his face did not know how to resist when Fourth Miss cut it open.

The news of Yun Mu Xiang slashing at Feng Yu's face had already spread throughout General's Estate, so it was impossible for Su Ru Shen to not know of it.

The butler did not believe it, but he still frowned and said, "Zhao Dali personally said that he was a witness, and detailed the killing story of Third Miss. Furthermore, the corpse was obtained from the courtyard of Third Miss, I'm afraid it has something to do with Third Miss."

Even if the corpse was obtained from Feng Yu's courtyard, it was still possible to kill it. Su Ru Shen then removed the white cloth on the other side, and immediately saw a corpse that had been torn into two. His intestines were hanging out, and the blood that flowed out was exceptionally terrifying.

She quickly covered the white cloth and said with squinted eyes, "This murderer is too vicious, it can be seen that he is someone who often kills people, his methods are very shrewd and ruthless, it can't be that trash, I definitely don't believe he did it."

The butler lowered his head and did not say anything. Su Ru Shen took a deep breath and then asked, "I heard that Fourth Miss's tongue was cut off by that trash the night before yesterday. Is that true?"

She had entered the palace yesterday and had only returned during the evening. As soon as she returned, she had heard of the matter of the servant being killed by Feng Yu, and had even heard of the matter of Yun Mu Xiang having her tongue cut off. Only, she hadn't had the time to look at her, because it concerned a trash like Feng Yu.

The butler nodded his head seriously and spoke softly, "Yesterday night, Second Wife and Fourth Miss brought a dozen or so servants to Third Miss's room to kidnap someone. Fourth Miss insisted that Third Miss was having a secret affair with someone, and hid the man inside the room and ordered people to search for him, but Third Miss said that Fourth Miss was slandering and framing her, so Fourth Miss did not search him."

"Fourth Miss insists on searching, Third Miss has said that if we can't find it, we will have Fourth Miss leave behind her tongue. Originally, Second Wife and Fourth Miss were not going to agree to this at all, but if they were to search by force, Third Miss will not be able to hold them off."

"But unfortunately, Master appeared out of nowhere and did not dare to search. Second Wife and Wang Er were afraid of Master, so they did not dare to search, and Fourth Miss actually agreed to Third Miss's conditions, and after that, nothing was found out, so Third Miss cut off Fourth Miss's tongue in front of Master, but because Master was here, even though he hated Second Wife to the core, he did not dare to flare up, so they could only leave while hugging Fourth Miss. Originally, A'Hu and Wang Er were sent by Second Wife to kill Third Miss, but they did not know why they died in Third Miss Courtyard."

Su Ru Shen raised his eyebrows, and shock flashed past his eyes. "You're saying, Master came to General's Estate the night before yesterday?"

The butler nodded and replied softly.

Su Ru Shen took a long time to digest this news, but he still couldn't believe that Feng Yu, who had a weak and cowardly nature, would actually dare to cut off Yun Mu Xiang's tongue. However, with so many people watching the night before, this was probably not nonsense.

Thinking that Yun Mu Xiang's tongue had been cut off, she also felt good in her heart. That damnable slut Liu had fought with her over a favor for so long, and now that she saw her own daughter having her tongue cut off, she felt really good.

At the same time, she hoped that Liu Qing He would really kill Feng Yu. If it was like this, she would have an excuse to take care of that slut Liu. Over these many years, she had endured it and did not kill Feng Yu.

"If you find that trash Yun Ning Ruo's body, immediately inform me, do you understand?"

She had already firmly believed that Liu Qing He would kill Feng Yu, so she had to find Feng Yu's corpse the first thing she wanted to do, and use a thunderous method to suppress that bitch Liu Qing He.


The sun had set and a gentle breeze was blowing in the air.

On a large tree outside the city, Feng Yu opened her bright and cold eyes, stretched for a bit, and then jumped down from the tree.

Last night, she practiced martial arts on the mountain for an entire night. When the sky was about to brighten, she finally returned to General's Estate.

Helpless, she had no choice but to return to the mountain and choose a thick tree to climb up and sleep.

He raised his head to look at the sun and estimated that it had already reached the end of the dynasty. It was about four to five o'clock in the afternoon in the modern era.

Jumping down from the tree, she planned to find a pond to wash her face, get some food to fill her stomach, and then continue cultivating at night. She must train her skills to the level of her previous life in the shortest amount of time possible, and then study the spiritual energy of this world.

After searching for a short while, she found a clear stream. Feng Yu pounced on her in a good mood, squatting down and scooping up a handful of water to wash his face.

In the distance, the sounds of laughter and conversation could be vaguely heard. Following that, a large amount of chaotic footsteps quickly approached, causing Feng Yu Zhou to frown, as she wiped off the droplets of water on her face, preparing to leave.

A group of five people appeared in front of her. Two were females and three were males, all around fifteen to sixteen years old. They all wore the same type of clothes, it seemed like they were disciples of some sect or academy.

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