A group of five people appeared in front of her. Two were females and three were males, all around fifteen to sixteen years old. They all wore the same type of clothes, it seemed like they were disciples of some sect or academy.

These people seemed familiar to her, but she could not remember who they were. Seven people walked towards her, and saw her almost at first glance.

"Why does that ugly bastard look a little familiar to me?"

Lin Cai Bi walked in the middle of the three youths with Jiang Xin Yue's arm in arm. They were all disciples of Clear Sky Academy, and when they formed a party to complete the mission this time, Lin Cai Bi saw Feng Yu at first glance and frowned.

Jiang Xin Yue looked at Feng Yu carefully, and laughed, "Of course you will find him familiar, she is even more famous than Princess Ling Yan in our Haoyuan Empire."

It was just that her aptitude was heaven defying and her cultivation was extremely fast, so she was conferred the title of a princess of the opposite sex by Bei Ming Jiu Li. It could be said that this woman had the talent to be ranked number one in the Haoyuan Empire, and her aptitude far surpassed that of an unrivaled genius.

Almost every cultivator in the Haoyuan Empire knew her. They simply regarded her as a goddess and the peerless geniuses who pursued her would be able to circle around the Haoyuan Empire a few times.

It was simply unimaginable that there was someone more famous than her.

Their voices were not hidden at all, and so, every single word and sentence landed in Feng Yu's ears, causing him to raise her eyebrows. Thinking of Yun Ning Ruo, her fame was indeed not lower than Princess Ling Yan.

However, she was a proud daughter of heaven who surpassed unrivaled geniuses. Countless geniuses sought after her, and she was born trash. She was completely useless and received the disdain of the people around her.

Putting the two of them together, wasn't that just humiliating her? As expected, there was no comparison and no damage.

Lin Cai Bi realised and smiled contemptuously: "Being reminded by you like this, I really remember now, it's General's Estate's trash Miss Yun Ning Ruo."

After she finished speaking, she frowned and looked doubtfully at the sinister ugly scar on Feng Yu's face. She said, "I remember that trash's face didn't have a scar on it.

The three youths beside them looked at Feng Yu in disdain. So this was the useless miss of the General's Estate, it seems that the rumors had really flattered her. This woman was not only a useless and useless trash, she was also a thoroughly ugly monster.

Look at that scar.

It's really hard to be the Eleventh Prince, but you actually want to marry an ugly bastard that is completely useless as your consort. I really don't know what the Emperor is thinking, isn't marrying such a woman to my own son a disaster to the Eleventh Prince?

Wasn't it better to find a random girl than her?

Jiang Xin Yue laughed and taunted, "It must be because she was not well-behaved at home and offended some young miss of General's Estate, thus she was injured, and those young misses of General's Estate, other than this piece of trash, are not kind at all."

Especially the Fourth Miss Yun Mu Xiang, she was famous for being so perverted and despotic.

"Oi, ugly bastard, why are you here?"

Lin Cai Bi pulled out her arms from the corner of Jiang Xin Yue's arms. Chao Zhe Feng Yu, whose hands were folded across her chest, walked over. She raised her chin high up and looked at Feng Yu with contempt.

Feng Yu squinted his dark eyes and looked at her. She did not want to pay any attention to her, so she turned her gaze away, intending to leave her. This woman, her eyes seemed to reach the top of her head.

Besides, they weren't familiar with each other, so they didn't have any topic to discuss.

Lin Cai Bi didn't think that a piece of trash would actually dare to ignore her. Seeing Jiang Xin Yue's gaze that was filled with a smile yet not a smile, she suddenly felt that she had lost face.

Feng Yu pursed her lips, her steps never stopping as she left in large strides; the three men withdrew their gaze from her and snorted disdainfully.

Zhuang Yu sneered and said, "This ugly bastard is quite arrogant. This is because he doesn't like the idea of talking to junior sister Caibi."

When Lin Cai Bi heard this, she instantly became like a cannon on fire, exploding once, "You ugly bastard, why don't you praise me, let's see if I can't teach you a lesson."

While speaking, her hand trembled, and a green soft whip appeared in her hand. With a wave of her arm, the soft whip seemed to have grown eyes, and Chao Zhe Feng Yu whipped it.

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