Three days later, night came.

In a very simple and crude room, there was only a tattered wooden bed and a table and chair. The stickers on the window were also tattered, and cold wind occasionally blew in.

Feng Yu lay on the bed with his eyes closed in sleep. Last time his body was struck by lightning, and then pierced with a silver hairpin by General's Estate, Yun Mu Xiang. Even though she was still alive, her body was on the verge of becoming crippled.

After three days of recuperation, she drank a little of the diluted elixir of life today before finally recovering her vitality.

Suddenly, the sound of light footsteps came from outside the door. She immediately felt it and opened her eyes, revealing a cold and vicious gaze.

"That bitch is inside there, and she's already so heavily injured that she can't get on the bed anymore. Fourth Miss has ordered that we must break her virginity, or else you will not be able to take the consequences."

Outside the door, a servant girl brought a tall, large man with her. She lowered her voice and instructed the man behind her. The man immediately wore a lewd smile on his face as he patted his chest and guaranteed with a giggle.

"Miss Ru Yue, don't worry. You can go and inform Fourth Miss and tell him that I have guaranteed that I will be able to complete the mission."

When he reached the door, the big man pushed open the door gently and squeezed in, but Little Rascal stayed outside. The big man saw the heavy grey curtain on the old bed fall, and his eyes immediately lit up. He rubbed his hands together as he walked towards the bed, a trickle of water appearing at the corner of his lips.

Opening the tent flap, he seemed to see a panic-stricken scene. His eyes widened in shock, but before he could scream out in pain, the ghost-like woman quickly attacked and broke his neck with a kacha sound.

From beginning to end, he hadn't even had the time to struggle before he swallowed his anger.

Feng Yu coldly looked at the man who laid on her bed, his dark eyes narrowed, and killing intent surged from his entire body. Yun Mu Xiang wanted others to ruin her purity, wasn't that a little too simple?

Her ice-cold gaze swept across the dilapidated room, and her lips curled up in an evil smile.

I didn't expect her to have transmigrated.

She was the Underground Queen of the world's largest assassination organisation in the 21st century, and also the number one assassin in the world. She was the Underground Queen of the world's largest killer organization in the 21st century, and also the number one assassin in the world.

Unexpectedly, she touched upon an incomparably grand power. Her soul was drawn to this continent, and she was reborn by borrowing corpses.

After inheriting the original owner's memories, she knew that this continent was different from the Earth that she lived on in her previous life. There were no records of it in history.

This place was called Holy Luo Continent, and had a history of over ninety thousand years. The Holy Luo Continent revered martial arts, and it was incredibly vast, with many planes, and this place was a giant empire in the Northern Wasteland, with a history of over a thousand years.

The body that she had transmigrated through, was the trash of the Haoyuan Empire, Third Miss Yun Ning Ruo.

Yun Ning Ruo was an extremely poor, born trash, unable to cultivate, unable to cultivate. He was a perfect piece of trash, so in this continent that respected martial arts, he was bullied since young, becoming a useless trash in everyone's eyes.

Moreover, her father had disappeared not long after she was born and her mother was unknown, so she was adopted by the Grandpa as her uncle, Yun Zhan Feng, as his stepdaughter.

Not biological, and a piece of trash.

As a result, not even the other sisters in the family were able to look down on her. If her mood ever turned bad, they would beat her up and scold her for tormenting her to vent their anger. Since young, Yun Ning Ruo had always been the one to receive punishment and vent his anger, and it was still difficult for him to live to such an extent for her.

It was just a few days ago that Yun Mu Xiang's clothes were accidentally stained by her, so she hung him on a tree to dry him under the sun. Early in the summer, it was already filled with lightning rain, so after sunbathing for five days, she was unlucky enough to meet with lightning and die from being struck by lightning, and was lucky enough to pass through.

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