While speaking, her hand trembled, and a green soft whip appeared in her hand. With a wave of her arm, the soft whip seemed to have grown eyes, and Chao Zhe Feng Yu whipped it.

She was a level one spirit realm warrior. Although her strength wasn't that great, she was more than enough to deal with a useless person who didn't even have the strength to fight back. She didn't even use her spirit energy and casually whipped him.

Feng Yu immediately felt the air being ripped apart, her eyes turned cold, her lips formed an evil grin, she quickly turned around, her arm extended out, easily grabbing the whip that was heading towards her back.

Everyone was stunned. Wasn't the woman in front of them born useless for cultivation? How could she have grabbed Lin Cai Bi's whip?

Jiang Xin Yue bit her lips. Even if it was her, she would not be able to catch Lin Cai Bi's whip with her bare hands.

After being stunned for a moment, Zhou Qingyang suddenly sneered, looked at Lin Cai Bi mockingly, and said, "Junior Sister Caibi, when did you become so useless? When did you let out a whip that could even catch trash?"

He felt from the bottom of his heart that it was definitely because Lin Cai Bi was useless, that this trash had suddenly become stronger. After all, everyone in the empire knew that the trash of the General's Estate could not cultivate.

Lin Cai Bi's face and neck were red from her words, she forcefully whipped with her red face, but the other side seemed to have grown roots in Feng Yu's hands, she just could not pull it out.

She gritted her teeth and angrily growled, "Ugly bastard, let go."

Feng Yu squinted, her dark eyes were filled with dense coldness. With an evil smile on the corner of her lips, she said with a cold and ruthless bloodthirsty voice, "Is he ugly?"

"Since you like this word, I'll grant you that wish."

She suddenly flung the whip in her hand out, and as if the whip had a life of its own, it fiercely lashed back towards Lin Cai Bi's face like a nimble swimming dragon.

Before anyone could react, they heard Lin Cai Bi scream miserably. They subconsciously looked at her at the same time, only to see that her face was covered with a deep red scar.

Jiang Xin Yue instantly felt a wave of pain on her face, and she subconsciously covered her face. The three youngsters also looked at Feng Yu with incomparable shock, could they have recognized the wrong person?

Junior Sister Xinyue must have recognized the wrong person.

Without waiting for them to think any further, Feng Yu flung her arms once more, and two spikes tore through the air, ruthlessly piercing towards Lin Cai Bi's face. Lin Cai Bi was simply unable to dodge in time.

"Jadeite, be careful."

Jiang Xin Yue cried out in alarm, unsheathed his sword and threw it towards the two nails. Feng Yu's eyes turned cold, she waved her hand and threw another one towards Jiang Xin Yue, who saw that a concealed weapon was shooting towards him, and ignored Lin Cai Bi, waving her sword to block the nails.

"Ah ?" My face, my face. "

With a heart-wrenching scream, the three men and Jiang Xin Yue turned around at the same time to see Lin Cai Bi covering his face and screaming, as something fell off her face with a clatter. Everyone's gaze moved to the ground and saw a two inch long rusty nail shining dazzlingly under the sunset.

A dumbstruck gaze shifted onto Lin Cai Bi's face. A long bloody hole appeared, and fresh blood continuously flowed out.

Everyone felt a chill on their backs as they looked at Feng Yu in fear. How terrifying, Lin Cai Bi's face, if not for the elixir, would probably be ruined. This ugly thing was simply too ruthless.

"If you dare to ruin my face, I'll kill you."

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