It was just a few days ago that Yun Mu Xiang's clothes were accidentally stained by her, so she hung him on a tree to dry him under the sun. Early in the summer, it was already filled with lightning rain, so after sunbathing for five days, she was unlucky enough to meet with lightning and die from being struck by lightning, and was lucky enough to pass through.

However, the moment she teleported over, she was tormented by Yun Mu Xiang using a silver hairpin. Her body was covered with cuts and bruises, and even her face had been cut open.

In the span of three days, the wounds on her face had scabbed over. However, on her left cheek, scars started to form out of the corners of her eyes and spread to the corners of her mouth. She looked extremely terrifying.

Feng Yu Tai caressed the scar on her face, her eyes filled with killing intent. Not only did this Yun Mu Xiang destroy her face, he even found someone to ruin her innocence.

She squinted her eyes, pondering how she should take back some interest from Yun Mu Xiang.

A quarter of an hour later.

Feng Yu squinted her dark eyes, her lips curling into a cold and evil smile. Yun Mu Xiang had arranged for some people to destroy her innocence, and the person who was about to appear, was probably going to be someone who caught the traitor, right?

It was a pity that her plan was going to fail.

With a thought, a black hole suddenly appeared on the bed. The black hole swirled in a mysterious manner. A huge suction force came from the inside, and in the blink of an eye, the big man, who had been killed by her, was sucked into the black hole.

The room quickly regained its tranquility. Feng Yu sneered as he closed the curtain, reached out to pull the blanket and lay down, as if nothing had happened.


The door was kicked open by someone, and a cold wind assaulted the room, causing the curtains to flutter. The candle flame flickered, and a dark shadow was reflected on the green wall.

It was none other than General Yun's Second Wife. The young girl with a delicate and beautiful face was her youngest daughter, General's Estate Yun Mu Xiang, who had ruined Feng Yu's face a few days ago.

The mother and daughter pair had more than ten servant girls following them, it looked like they were not in a small battle. Feng Yu, who was on the bed with his eyes closed, sneered, and the sinister smile disappeared quickly.

Yun Mu Xiang's eyes ruthlessly swept over the gray curtains on the old bed. The room was so quiet, so quiet that she felt something wasn't right, but she didn't think too much about it and gave a look to the young woman beside her.

This woman was around thirty years old, with a plump body. It could not be said that she was beautiful or ugly, but she received Yun Mu Xiang's gaze and lightly nodded her head.

In the next moment, her face changed greatly as she rushed towards the bed while crying. With a forceful attitude, she was the main culprit behind the crime, the wife of the man who was killed by Feng Yu.

This was a plot that had been set up a long time ago. Da Niu would insult Feng Yu, and with his wife leading the rest to catch the traitor, she would send Feng Yu straight to hell, beyond redemption.

In this world, if one was able to seduce a married man, they would be seen as lecherous and slut. Even if they were lucky enough to not be executed, they would never be able to establish themselves anywhere in this lifetime.

"Damn you, Da Niu, you actually dare to carry me on your back and hook up with this little bitch, see if I don't beat you to death."

The curtains on the bed were forcefully pulled down by the young maiden, and the scene on the bed became extremely clear. Only then did Feng Yu open his dark eyes, and looked coldly at the dumbstruck woman in front of him.

Not only was the young woman shocked, everyone's eyes immediately widened as they looked at the dilapidated wooden bed in disbelief. Lil 'Ru shook her head and muttered, "How did this happen? "How could this be ?"

She had personally seen Da Niu enter the room and she had been standing outside the entire time, so where should Da Niu go? Why was Feng Yu alone on the bed?

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