She had personally seen Da Niu enter the room and she had been standing outside the entire time, so where should Da Niu go? Why was Feng Yu alone on the bed?

Liu Qing He and Yun Mu Xiang creased their eyebrows at the same time, and Liu Qing He turned to look at Yun Mu Xiang, saying, "Xiang Er, didn't you say that you saw with your own eyes that Da Niu and this piece of trash committing adultery? "Where is he?"

Wasn't it arranged well? How could he not see anyone? Could something have happened? Liu Qing He was unhappy.

How would Yun Mu Xiang know where she went? She had already made arrangements a long time ago, so logically, there should be no mistakes.

At this moment, not seeing Da Niu on Feng Yu's bed, she finally understood why he felt that something was amiss when he entered the room.

It was the kind of silence.

If Da Niu was in this room carrying out her mission, it would be impossible for his to not make any movements, so what went wrong? Could it be that Da Niu was going to hide?

She did not answer Liu Qing He's question. Instead, she turned to look at Little Ru fiercely and asked sternly, "What's going on?"

Because of the atmosphere, her expression was extremely ugly.

Lil 'Ru kneeled on the ground, and under her cold and fierce gaze, she unceasingly kowtowed as she said in a trembling voice, "Miss, please spare me, this servant can guarantee with my life that I will see Da Niu enter the room and never leave, it's just that this servant does not know why I haven't seen Da Niu."

How could she not complete the task that Yun Mu Xiang had personally instructed her to do? Where did Da Niu go? He promised her that she would be fine. How could she dare to ruin the young lady's business at such a critical moment?

Yun Mu Xiang clenched her fist tightly, she knew that no matter how she asked Little Rascal, she would not be able to get anything out of it. After all, this matter was extremely bizarre, and if it wasn't for her confidence, even if Da Niu was given ten guts, he would not dare to betray her.

"Mother, believe me, I definitely won't make a mistake," Yun Mu Xiang had no choice but to explain as he turned his head and looked furiously at Feng Yu, who was slowly sitting up on the bed.

If there was anyone here who knew what was happening, perhaps only Feng Yu knew. Therefore, Yun Mu Xiang aimed her spear at Feng Yu.

Feng Yu rubbed her eyes, and looked at them lazily, her heart sneering in disdain, did she think that she was the Yun Ning Ruo that could be bullied by cowards? If she thought this way, then she was completely wrong.

"Fourth Sister, it's the middle of the night, and so many of you have barged into my room. What do you want to do?"

Did he think he could get an answer just by asking her? That's ridiculous.

Yun Mu Xiang gritted her teeth. Suddenly, she felt that Feng Yu's tone and expression had changed, but she did not investigate further. Instead, she walked over with large strides and pushed away the young woman who was standing by the bed, who could not react and said with a calm voice, "Where's Da Niu? Where did he go? "

Feng Yu squinted and looked at her sinisterly with her dark eyes. With a cold smile hanging from the corner of her mouth, she said, "Fourth Sister came to my room looking for a man? I wonder what that means? "

Yun Mu Xiang's beautiful face twitched, and she said in an indignant tone: "I saw Da Niu enter your room with my own eyes, and you still refuse to admit it? Men, search!"

After Da Niu entered this room, Little Ru had been guarding outside the entire time, but she did not see Da Niu leave. As a result, Da Niu was definitely hiding somewhere by this woman.

swore that if he could find Da Niu, he would definitely chop him into countless pieces and feed him to the dogs.

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