With Yun Mu Xiang's order, a few servant girls immediately walked over, preparing to search everywhere. In truth, Feng Yu's room was only so big, it was obvious whether there were any hidden people or not. There was no need to look, it was just that Yun Mu Xiang was extremely unsatisfied.

Furthermore, she was absolutely sure that Da Niu had entered Feng Yu's room and hadn't gone out yet. Because Da Niu and Little Ru were both her trusted aides, they couldn't and wouldn't dare to betray her, so Da Niu was definitely in the room.


Feng Yu suddenly threw off her blanket and got down from the bed, stopping her with a cold voice.

"Alright, you finally know how to be scared, right? Search."

How could Yun Mu Xiang listen to her? Even if she couldn't find anything, she had to at least search once. She didn't believe that Da Niu could disappear into thin air.

Furthermore, Feng Yu saying that she wanted to stop her was proof that she had something on her mind. Therefore, Da Niu was definitely in the room.

"Hold on..."

She smirked as her pair of dark eyes looked at Liu Qing He, and said sinisterly, "Second Wife, bringing so many people to my room in the middle of the night to search for a man, if word of this spreads, it might affect my reputation. Doing this, wouldn't be good, right?"

Liu Qing He squinted her eyes. She felt a very different aura from Feng Yu Shen Shang, this trash seemed to have somehow become different, but she was unable to pinpoint exactly what was different.

However, so what? She was still the same piece of trash.

She raised her eyebrows, and said indifferently, "As the saying goes, clears one's own body, if there isn't a man hiding in Third Miss's room, then it's natural that they wouldn't be afraid of people searching for him."

"Mother, why are you wasting your breath on this slut? adultery is a great crime, let's directly search her and find her later. Let's see if she has anything else to say."

Yun Mu Xiang wished that she could pull Da Niu out and teach his a lesson. As long as she was able to bear the crime of adultery with a wild man, then, let alone Eleventh Prince, who would be willing to take her.

There really was a reason why Yun Mu Xiang hated Yun Ning Ruo so much. When Yun Ning Ruo was not even a year old, he was carried back to Yun Zhan Feng by Old Master Yun, but for some unknown reason, Yuanwu Emperor actually proposed marriage to Yun Ning Ruo and his Eleventh Prince.

So, if nothing unexpected happened, when Yun Ning Ruo grew up, she would definitely marry Bei Ming Hao and become his prince's consort.

Yun Mu Xiang, on the other hand, liked Bei Ming Hao and wanted to marry him so she was naturally extremely jealous of her. She had tortured her since she was young and even ruined her face.

If she were to lose her virginity, she would definitely be abandoned by the Eleventh Prince. She might even be bestowed a cup of poisonous wine to clean her family.

As long as Yun Ning Ruo died, then Yun Mu Xiang's chance of marrying the Eleventh Prince would also greatly increase. The more she thought about it, the more excited she became, to the point where she couldn't even wait a second.

Feng Yu's lips curled up. With Yun Mu Xiang's simple thoughts, how could she not guess them out? However, if she was unwilling, no one could scheme against her.

"Fourth Sister, you need to pay attention to the evidence when you speak. If you say that I'm an adulterer, then take out the evidence, otherwise, you will be framing me and slandering me."

That man had already been killed by her and his corpse was thrown into her private space. She didn't believe that this woman could come up with any evidence. As long as she couldn't find that man, she wouldn't be able to blame herself.

"Isn't it easy to get evidence? I'll get someone to find it immediately. "

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