"Isn't it easy to get evidence? I'll get someone to find it immediately. "

Yun Mu Xiang gritted her teeth in hatred. Damn the Da Niu, this dog slave, for him to rape this woman, where the hell did he run off to?

Feng Yu laughed coldly, a sinister cold ray of light flashed past her dark eyes. "It's not impossible for Fourth Sister to search him.

Her voice was ice-cold and filled with killing intent. Yun Mu Xiang subconsciously shivered as his eyes stared blankly at Feng Yu, and even the Second Wife began to frown.

Strange, this slut is clearly a piece of trash. She has always had a look of being humiliated by others. When did she become so powerful and unique? It actually made her instantly feel afraid.

But so what? In front of her, he would always be a junior, a junior who was just like a bag of trash.

Liu Qing He sneered, he took a step into the room, releasing the Qi of a warrior at the fourth stage of the Tongxuan realm, and suppressed him, "If you can't find it, then can't find it, what else do you want?"

She wanted to see what tricks this idiot could pull out today.

Feng Yu squinted her eyes, and said with bloodlust: "It's fine if you want to search, but if you can't find it, then Fourth Miss can just leave behind her tongue."

How could there be such a cheap deal? Did he really think that she was a trash that anyone could bully?

Since she dared to scheme against her, then she would have to pay the price. She was Feng Yu, when had she ever suffered a loss? Even though he had been forced to death by the army of M Country in his previous life, he had dragged them all to their deaths and turned thousands of elites into ashes.

If these two women in front of her wanted her to suffer, that would be too good of an idea.

The light in Liu Qing He's eyes flickered, and she finally realized that Feng Yu was truly different.

If it were any other useless person from the past, who would dare to say such words, truly arrogant, truly arrogant. In the entire Capital City, there were really not many who would dare to act so arrogantly in front of her.

Pah pah pah ?

Three clear clapping sounds could be heard from outside the door, and then, a devilish voice came through the door.

"Interesting, Third Miss's suggestion is very interesting."

The moment this voice sounded, everyone was greatly shocked. Then, all of them simultaneously kneeled on the ground in fear and respect. Even Liu Qing He and Yun Mu Xiang were no exception, with the exception of Feng Yu.

Feng Yu swept her cold gaze across the kneeling people, and started to think about what kind of important figure had appeared, to actually cause these people to feel fear.

"Welcome, Master."

Following that, Feng Yu saw two extraordinary dark-red clothed youths that walked in first. With a wave of their hand, they actually laid a long red carpet on the simple and crude floor of her room.

One of the youngsters flipped his hand, and out of nowhere, a large purple gold carved chair actually appeared, and firmly placed it directly opposite the door. Feng Yu was a little shocked, and knew that these two youths definitely had storage spaces on them, and that the big chair had actually been moved out from the storage space.

In the Holy Luo Continent, weapons were split into Common, Spirit and Holy-ranked items. Most people would only be able to come into contact with Common, and Spirit Grade items were extremely rare. Only cultivators with a cultivation level above Tongxuan realm would coincidentally be able to obtain one.

As for the saint rank, it was said that only the Emperor Bei Ming Jiu Li had one in the entire Haoyuan Empire.

As for storage items, all of them were saint rank or higher. Let's put it this way, saint artifacts might not be able to store things, but storage items were definitely saint artifacts or above.

He hadn't thought that these two youths would actually have such a saint artifact in their hands. Just what sort of background did this person have?

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