He hadn't thought that these two youths would actually have such a saint artifact in their hands. Just what sort of background did this person have?

At this moment, a slender man walked in. He was dressed in a dark purple luxurious robe with a black cloak draped over his back and a one-foot wide dark gold belt around his waist. His sleeves were tightened and embroidered with golden patterns.

She looked up and saw that the man's head was wearing a purplish-gold crown. His face was as cold as snow, and there was a charming purplish black mark on his forehead.

This was a man with a beauty that defied the heavens.

It had toppled all living things, bewitched all living things, robbed the sun and moon of their splendor, and even the sky and earth had lost their luster.

Feng Yu was stunned, her little heart thumped loudly. She had lived for two years, but it was the first time she saw such a heaven defying beauty. Was this guy really so good-looking?

Her gaze landed on the purple-black mark on his forehead. Her beautiful eyes were filled with amazement.

His long and narrow eyes looked towards Feng Yu, who was blankly staring at him, and was slightly startled when he touched the sinister scar on her face. But when she saw the light in her eyes, the corner of her evil mouth slightly curled up.

Instantly, Feng Yu felt as if she was electrocuted, she was confused and confused; it was only because her willpower was too strong, her nails pressing hard on her palm, and felt the pain, that she regained consciousness.

"Monster ?"

Gritting her teeth, she cursed lowly. This fellow was definitely a monstrous genius and was so beautiful that he could defy the heavens. Especially the purplish black mark on her forehead, it added to his charm.

Liu Qing He's head was lowered, she did not even dare to look straight at the man in front of him, and spoke with a suppressed voice filled with fear, "May I ask, Master, what orders do you have to pay me a late night visit?"

Feng Yu looked at the peerless devilish charming man in front of her with astonishment. She finally understood his identity, but she didn't expect that this man was the legendary supreme Holy Martial Division s and LongZixuan.

It was said that although he was not even twenty this year, he had the deepest cultivation in the Haoyuan Empire.

No one knew his origin, and it was as if he had appeared out of thin air. Three years ago, after challenging Yuanwu Emperor and defeating him in one move, he was acknowledged by Bei Ming Jiu Li as the master of the Holy Martial Division.

had specially set up the Holy Martial Division for him, to monitor all the cultivators in the Haoyuan Empire, and even some sects from noble families under the jurisdiction of the Holy Martial Division.

In the entire Haoyuan Empire, everyone would rather offend Bei Ming Jiu Li than offend him. It could be seen how powerful this person was and it was no wonder that the moment he appeared, Liu Qing He and the others would be so frightened.

Furthermore, there was a rumor that this person was extremely obsessed with cleanliness and would never allow anyone to touch him. Every time he traveled, he would be welcomed with a red carpet that was ten miles long; his feet wouldn't even touch the ground. A princess didn't believe him and bravely touched the corner of his clothes, but he had directly cut off his wrist and no one dared to appear within one meter of him again.

Feng Yu's black eyes landed on the red carpet on the ground, and she could not help but twitch her mouth. It looks like the rumors were true, this man was truly the red carpet host, and did not touch the ground.

He was extremely arrogant.

His gaze shifted from Feng Yu Shen Shang to the kneeling Liu Qing He. He waved his cloak, turned around, and sat on the purple-gold throne. He gave off an imposing and noble aura, and his two hidden Hong Pao Shao Nian s stood upright behind him, looking straight ahead.

His voice sounded demonic as he said, "This Seat just happened to be passing by and wanted to come in to take a look, could it be that Second Wife does not welcome you?"

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