His voice sounded demonic as he said, "This Seat just happened to be passing by and wanted to come in to take a look, could it be that Second Wife does not welcome you?"

Liu Qing He's body trembled as her voice trembled, "How could that be? Master has arrived.

The man in front of her was even scarier than the emperor, how could she dare not welcome him? It wasn't like she didn't want to live anymore.

"heard from Fourth Miss that there was a man hidden in Third Miss's room. Do we still need to search?"

Liu Qing He and Yun Mu Xiang shivered at the same time, the hairs on their backs standing up. They never would have thought that the high and mighty Master would actually be interested in the trivial matters of the backyard.

Furthermore, they were completely unable to understand what he meant, but Liu Qing He and Yun Mu Xiang didn't dare to deny it. Even if they had the guts, they wouldn't dare to lie to the person in front of them, so they could only bite the bullet and nod their heads.

"Yes, Master, my daughter saw with her own eyes a man enter Third Sister's room."

Yun Mu Xiang bit her lips and said softly. In front of LongZixuan, although she was unwilling, she still had to call her Third Sister.

LongZixuan's gaze turned, the evil light in his eyes fell on Feng Yu Shen Shang, his beautiful lips curled up, and said with a smile that was not a smile, "What is Third Miss saying?"

There was a faint coldness in Feng Yu's eyes. In the face of LongZixuan, she was not as afraid as Yun Mu Xiang and the others.

"I still have to say, if Fourth Sister can't bring out the evidence, it's like framing me. She can search my room, but if she can't, then leave her tongue behind."

This girl was completely different from what the rumors claimed she was. If he hadn't coincidentally come to the Yun Family to look for something today, he probably wouldn't have seen such an interesting scene.

His eyes swept across Yun Mu Xiang and said, "What does Fourth Miss think of Third Miss's suggestion?"

Liu Qing He was afraid that Yun Mu Xiang would brainlessly agree to it, so he rushed to say it, "Master, I and Fourth Miss were only thinking for Third Miss's sake, isn't her suggestion a little too vicious?"

"Did the lord let you speak?"

With a wave of his hand, an invisible wave of spirit energy came out from the center of his palm, directly smashing towards Liu Qing He, sending him flying.

Liu Qing He screamed as he spat out a mouthful of blood.

Feng Yu looked at the young man in surprise. Liu Qing He was a warrior of the fourth stage of the Tongxuan realm, her cultivation was deep, but she did not expect the young man to heavily injure her with a single palm.

Although part of the reason was that Liu Qing He did not dare to use her power to resist, it was because the youth's cultivation was outstanding. Otherwise, if she was a Mortal Realm cultivator, even if Liu Qing He did not attack her, she might not be able to injure her.

For a young man to have such a high level of cultivation, even the descendants of the's noble families could not compare to him. Such a genius, to actually follow this man as his follower, how powerful must this man be?

The first thing that Feng Yu saw was the captivating purplish black pattern on the center of his brows. Her LongZixuan just so happened to be looking at her as her narrow and evil eyes blinked and curled her lips towards her.

Feng Yu squinted her eyes and calmly turned her head away, not wanting to be enchanted by the mark between his eyebrows.

"Mother ?"

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