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Evil Emperor Spoils Poisonous Consort/C10 If you don't want to die you won't die
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C10 If you don't want to die you won't die

"Can you really cure your sister? When did you learn medicine? " The Prime Minister Baili's voice was filled with doubt.

Baili Jinxiu revealed a smile, looking at Prime Minister Baili's doubtful gaze, his smile became even more beautiful, but it was instead filled with anger, as though he was willing to pay with his life.

"Father doesn't care what I do every day, so he naturally doesn't know what I have learned."

These words were said by Prime Minister Baili but he did not say anything.

Because indeed, after his daughter had become foolish, even he felt angry at Baili Jinxiu when he saw her.

"Don't worry."

Baili Jinxiu waved his hand as if he was saying that he would forgive all of you, but his beautiful eyes were flickering with a fox like light.

Wen Hechu, who was standing beside the Prime Minister Baili, saw this and smiled.

This infatuated Miss was truly interesting.

"Prime Minister Baili, our Imperial Hospital is truly unable to detect the illness of Eldest Miss. Looks like the Eldest Miss really isn't acting this way because of an itch. "

Wen Hechu's words caused the Concubine Wang to become even more anxious.

Then what are we waiting for, quickly treat Furong. Concubine Wang shouted anxiously.

However, Baili Jinxiu had become a retard once she shouted at him.

Baili Jinxiu raised his hand, "Then, take out the gold and your sincerity!"

"Men, bring me two hundred taels of gold."

Prime Minister Baili clenched his teeth, thinking to himself that this damn brat will deal with you later.

"Well, yew, put the gold away. He could be cured, but he had to be the first to speak obscenely.

This illness was not a good disease, and people were not good people. Tell me the method, and if you want to do it, do it. If you don't do it, then just wait for your face to be ruined! "

Baili Jinxiu's words nearly made Prime Minister Baili and Concubine Wang jump from anger.

"What do you mean you are not a good person?" Second Miss, are you planning to kill your big sister? "

Concubine Wang's heart was burning with anxiety. She was already uncertain about the consequences of being struck by this, if someone were to say something like that, how would Furong marry Sixth Prince?

However, Baili Jinxiu opened his innocent eyes and pointed at Baili Furong who was still tied up.

"Look, big sister is being possessed by so much now, is she even a good person? What if a good person needs to be exorcised? "

"This ?" Concubine Wang never thought that Baili Jinxiu would become so sharp-tongued.

"Alright, hurry up and tell me your solution."

The Prime Minister Baili roared impatiently, while Wen Hechu also looked at Baili Jinxiu with interest, planning to see how she would cure Baili Furong's strange illness.

Baili Jinxiu walked in front of Baili Furong, looked at the face that had traces of red on it, and suddenly reached out and untied the rope on Baili Furong's hand.

"What are you doing?" The Concubine Wang exclaimed, "Let go of the rope, your sister will scratch you."

However, Baili Jinxiu raised his eyebrows, "Since big sister wants to drive away evil, then big sister has to do it herself.

Only by touching the heavens and the earth could he move the Buddha to sickness. Thus, big sister will go to the courtyard and kneel down, facing the east.

He kowtowed three times, then began to slap himself, begging God's forgiveness. This will stop the itch and drive away the evil. "

"What?" Baili Furong screamed, "You want me to slap myself?"

Baili Jinxiu nodded with certainty, as he circled around Baili Furong, extending his hand, he took a look at Baili Furong's face, and said while clicking his tongue.

"Look at how big sister is now. She clearly offended some kind of god or buddha before being possessed. For the sake of safety, you should sincerely slap her face while begging for forgiveness."

"Impossible." Baili Furong rejected him without even thinking. She had never done such a shameful thing in her life.

However, Baili Jinxiu revealed a silly smile and shouted towards the yew tree.

"Yew, the things are done. Let's go!"

"Second Miss, you haven't treated your Big Sis yet." Concubine Wang anxiously stopped Baili Jinxiu who was about to leave, but Furong's face did not look good at all.

"Where did you get this weird method?" Prime Minister Baili also asked suspiciously.

"This ?" Baili Jinxiu's eyes rolled a little, looking at Wen Hechu who was standing at the side, he couldn't help but laugh.

"He really does look like a little fox." This was the way the martial arts world feared Yolk Sect. I also learned it from outside. "

Baili Jinxiu immediately thought of the method he had used last night, but he could only feel the deep frown of the Prime Minister Baili s.

Father, what should we do? My face, wuu... "My face ?" "Hundred Miles of Hibiscus reached out to scratch her face.

Baili Jinxiu saw Prime Minister Baili's hesitant look, and laughed wickedly as he spoke.

"This can be big or small. Big sister, if you still don't beg for the Buddha's forgiveness, be careful to the point where the Buddha blames the entire Prime Minister Palace. "

"Go kneel outside."

After hearing Baili Jinxiu's words, he looked at Baili Furong who was in dire straits.

Prime Minister Baili's heart was moved. If the entire Prime Minister Baili Palace were to suffer the same fate as them, then that would be the most terrifying.

Hearing Prime Minister Baili's words, Baili Furong was stunned.

Concubine Wang looked at Baili Jinxiu, then looked at Prime Minister Baili, gritted his teeth, and helped Baili Furong out.

"Kowtow." Concubine Wang pressed down onto Baili Furong's head and started rolling.

Baili Furong wanted to resist, but how could she be as strong as the Concubine Wang?

Baili Jinxiu looked at Concubine Wang's actions, and secretly praised him in her heart.

This Concubine Wang was vicious and merciless. She could tell that her father had already started to get impatient towards Baili Furong, and was about to be able to make Baili Furong lose face by kowtowing.

Seeing Baili Furong kowtowing three times towards her mother's courtyard, Baili Jinxiu finally felt that she had avenged her revenge that day by kicking open the door to the house.

He actually dared to send that Sun's mother and dog to bully her and her mother.

"Second Miss, what do we do next?" Concubine Wang stared fixedly at Baili Jinxiu's body, her eyes hiding an undetectable resentment and viciousness.

However, Baili Jinxiu waved his sleeves, looking at the Concubine Wang mother and daughter who were kneeling on the ground without any form of sympathy.

If they didn't seek death, they wouldn't die. This was the price they should pay.

"Are you wrong? Baili Furong. " Baili Jinxiu asked.

"Wuu ? wuu ?" I... "I ?" "Under Concubine Wang's forceful gaze, Baili Furong raised her hand and slapped herself." I was wrong. "

"Do you still dare to be so impudent and arrogant in the future?" Baili Jinxiu raised his eyebrows and asked.

"Wuu ? wuu ?" I won't dare to do it again. " Baili Furong slapped twice again.

"Do you still dare to harm others with malicious intent?"

"Wuu ? wuu ?" I don't dare to do it again. "

It was only until she saw Baili Furong's face had become a lot fatter did Concubine Wang finally grit her teeth and ask: "Second Miss, are you done yet?"

Baili Jinxiu then said while grinning: "Then we must ask, big sister, is it still itchy?"

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