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C11 This king's consort

Baili Furong had been crying so much that her face had turned pale and she had become a fat pig head.

As for the An clan and the three Miss s who had rushed over upon hearing the news, they simply watched in disbelief as everything that was happening.

"Since everything has been settled, this Miss shall withdraw after completing her mission. "Father, thank you for the gold."

Baili Jinxiu laughed as he walked out of the courtyard with the yew tree.

"I... Woo woo ? * I'm in so much pain. " Baili Furong was crying so hard that she couldn't even open her eyes, no longer having the prideful look from before when she was stepping on top of Baili Jinxiu.

"Imperial Physician Wen." Prime Minister Baili quickly said to Wen Hechu: "I'll have to trouble you to take a look."

Wen Hechu took a few steps forward and placed his hand on Baili Furong's pulse. Suddenly, his eyes flashed, and he could not help but speak with an astonished tone.

"It looks like Prime Minister s of the Prime Minister Palace have truly been bewitched. "Now, my pulse has recovered."

"Wuwuwu ?" Mother, what should I do? "

Baili Furong felt even more ashamed to meet people. Concubine Wang patted Baili Furong's back, her eyes staring sinisterly at the Baili Jinxiu who had already walked far away.

Baili Jinxiu, you dare bully both of us? I will destroy you.

Just as Baili Jinxiu walked into the garden with the yew tree, he heard the sound of footsteps coming from the backyard as a clear and bright voice called out to him.

"Miss Baili."

Baili Jinxiu stopped and looked behind him only to see Imperial Physician Wen, who had always been talking to him in a friendly manner by his father, actually following behind him as he walked over.

"Why did you come here with me?" Baili Jinxiu frowned slightly.

Wen Hechu, on the other hand, revealed a smile. He already had delicate features, and with the influence of his clan's background, his entire person seemed to be filled with a thick, scholarly aura.

Now that he was smiling like this, it was filled with the carefreeness of a young man.

"I told Prime Minister that I came out to visit you. How exactly did you do that move just now? "

Wen Hechu had been raised by his grandfather and was obsessed with medical skills.

Just now when he checked her pulse, it was obvious that Baili Furong had an itchy spring pulse, but it did not look like it on the surface.

For an illness that even he was helpless toward, the moment Baili Jinxiu attacked, he actually healed without any warning.

How could Wen Hechu, who was obsessed with medicine, not be interested in such a miraculous method?

Baili Jinxiu curled his lips slightly, turned his eyes around, and asked with a smile: "Do you want to know?"

Seeing Baili Jinxiu's crafty smile, Wen Hechu's heart was alarmed.

However, his thirst for medicine made him nod instinctively.

"Yes, I really want to know how you did it. Do not tell me that you have been possessed. I only believe that other than the human heart, medicine can cure all other diseases. "

Baili Jinxiu's eyes flashed slightly. This guy, it seemed like, was still that annoying.

At the very least, this little bit of medical knowledge he had and this guy were perfect for each other.

However, she wanted to tell him so easily? How could this be consistent with her style?

"If you want to know, then you must agree to a condition of mine."

Baili Jinxiu changed the topic of his words, "If you acknowledge me as your master, then I can teach you?"

"Haha ?" When yew, who was standing at the side, heard her Miss's words, she could not help but secretly cover her mouth and laugh.

Letting the number one doctor in the capital recognize his own Miss as his master, wasn't that Miss playing with him?

As for Wen Hechu, he just stood there in a daze until he felt someone patting his shoulder.

"Consider it carefully. This Miss will bring you along to become a famous divine hand in the martial arts world."

As Baili Jiujiu spoke, he turned around and flew away with the yew tree.

As for Wen Hechu, who was left in the same place, he thought of the name Baili Jinxiu had mentioned to him earlier.

"Could it be that it's another divine hand that has become a Yolk Sect?"

And in another mansion in the capital, the Prince An's handsome face revealed a strange smile, which added a little more charm to his exceptional appearance.

"This woman's skills are actually this good?" Even the old cunning fox Prime Minister Baili was ordered to go around in circles? "

Her ice-cold voice was as cold as a thousand year old ice, but because she heard the dark guard's report, it became a bit more interesting.

When the guard heard his master's words, he lowered his head even more.

"Yes, I don't know how Second Miss Baili did it, but it only caused Baili Furong to slap his face continuously. At that time, Prime Minister Baili's face was terrifyingly gloomy.

However, Baili Furong's face did not look itchy anymore. When this subordinate returned, other than a swollen red face, there was nothing else wrong with Baili Furong's face. "

Prince An's hand lightly knocked on the armrest.

Although those slender fingers were tapping lightly, each tap was like playing a zither, causing the dark guards kneeling below to feel respect.

"Very good." Prince An raised his head, looked at the sky outside and suddenly laughed. "Let's go, accompany this king to see this king's wangfei!"

It was night.

Baili Jinxiu sat alone in his room, looking at the bottles and jars placed on top of the desk.

These were all things that she had taken out of the system, and these were things that she had placed in the system since the 21st century.

"If only there were other poisons." Baili Jinxiu mixed the last bit of the poison in his hand together and looked at the perfectly fused poison. He felt that it was a pity.

The system needed the liquid that had been washed by the human body to continue operating.

Otherwise, Baili Jinxiu could only look at the precious poison that he had placed in the system and could not use it.

After applying medicine on Mother Sun, Baili Furong's face was treated.

As for the remaining venom, Baili Jinxiu could only concoct the last of it.

Suddenly, an undetectable voice came from outside the room. Baili Jinxiu however, immediately became vigilant.

She had already told yew and the nurse to rest, and she was alone in the courtyard.

Who was this?

Baili Jinxiu's eyes flashed, she must not reveal her system now, otherwise, he would definitely be treated as a demon girl.

With a wave of Baili Jinxiu's hand, all the poisons and ingredients on the table disappeared into thin air in the blink of an eye.

At this moment, the sound of wind could be heard.

Baili Jinxiu turned around. After he covered up the system, it was no longer possible to find out who had come to her courtyard.

A hand was already on her shoulder.

"Woman, do you still remember This King?"

A sinister sound came from behind him, and only now did Baili Jinxiu realize that his acupuncture points had already been sealed, causing him to be unable to move.

Following that, his body was turned around, Baili Jinxiu opened his eyes wide and looked at the incomparably handsome man who had a strange smile on his face.

"You ? You... "You ?"

Baili Jinxiu's clear black and white eyes were as round as copper bells. Oh god, she actually met the so-called Prince that he forcefully suppressed that day.

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