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Evil Emperor Spoils Poisonous Consort/C12 Let me help you detoxify the poison
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C12 Let me help you detoxify the poison

With a * Dang * sound, Baili Jinxiu was pushed back by Prince An, and his entire body once again limped onto the chair.

She looked at herself in astonishment. [Oh my god. So martial arts truly exists in this world.]

This was an overwhelming victory compared to the Taekwondo with its strong body and strong body.

Baili Jinxiu forced himself to calm down, and a smile appeared on her face. Although he was facing this unparalleled handsome man, she wanted to hide her face even more.

"Young master, I don't know what you're talking about."

Baili Jinxiu decided to not admit it no matter what, because if he did not get drugged that night, she would never do such a thing.

Furthermore, he was a domineering man that should not be trifled with.

Prince An's mouth curved into a smile. He already had a devilish appearance, and with this kind of smile, even though he wasn't sincere, it caused Baili Jinxiu to be stunned for a moment.

"It's fine, as long as This King recognizes your extremely ugly face."

When his voice fell, Prince An's finger had already gently swept across Baili Jinxiu's face that was covered in black and blue.

Her slender fingers were as clean and flawless as white jade, but her eyes were filled with an innate charm. This man definitely wasn't as clean as those two hands.

At least, when Baili Jinxiu first met the Prince An, he could already smell the scent of blood from his opponent's body.

"Prince, can we still chat happily? Please do not make any personal attacks against this Miss's appearance, will you? "

Even Baili Jinxiu felt a sense of helplessness when his face was mentioned.

However, her current appearance made the man laugh even more wantonly.

That ice-cold finger swept across Baili Jinxiu's cheek, and gave rise to goosebumps for a while.

Before Baili Jinxiu could reply, that finger suddenly stopped on Baili Jinxiu's neck.

Baili Jinxiu's body suddenly trembled, this man was actually holding down her artery nerves.

"You don't know This King?"

The man was ice-cold, but he had a type of unusual Long Yanxiang coming towards him. Her aura gushed into Baili Jinxiu's ears, causing her body to uncontrollably tremble.

"I don't know him." Baili Jinxiu said in a very honest manner.

She had only transmigrated for a few days, but Baili Jinxiu's mind was in chaos, he had no impression of such a bewitching man.

A low laughter rang beside his ears. When Baili Jinxiu heard the man's deep and hoarse voice, he softly whispered something into his ear.

"Mine... Princess An, can you still recognize me if I call you that? "

With a huge boom, Baili Jinxiu felt as if his head had exploded.

This man in front of her, this man whom she had squashed and wiped clean the first time they met, was actually her fianc? in name? The man she was going to marry?

Heavens, what kind of bloody encounter was this!

"This is the first time you've taken advantage of This King. You can still live one night. Tonight, This King will personally send you on your way! "

A hint of ruthlessness quickly flashed through the man's eyes, but this thought had been in his mind ever since he was overpowered by Baili Jinxiu.

He wanted this woman who dared to tease him to pay the price.

"Ah ?" I, I can cure your poison. "

A thought quickly flashed through Baili Jinxiu's mind, and she anxiously shouted out loud. The finger that was supposed to pierce through her neck also stopped.

"Say it again." The voice of a man gnashing his teeth sounded by his ear.

When he was truly facing the Death God, Baili Jinxiu suddenly calmed down.

She definitely couldn't just hang up like this. She wanted to live.

Feeling that his breath was still lightly panting, Baili Jinxiu slowly calmed himself down. Her eyes were bright and clean, flawless like glass beads.

She was forced to slightly raise her neck, looking at the handsome and charming Prince An just like that, she swallowed her saliva and opened her mouth.

"I can cure your poison. I know you're poisoned, and it should be extremely toxic. Didn't you almost die that night?

I helped you absorb the poison, so if you want to detoxify it, this Miss can help you. However, you can't kill me. "

"Haha ?" There was endless ridicule within the low laughter. However, ridicule flashed across Prince An's long and narrow eyes: "A piece of trash! What poison can you cure this king of? "

Baili Jinxiu looked at the slender finger that was caressing his neck, and then slowly raised his head. He looked at Prince An, and seriously gazed into those eyes of his which were cold to the point that they were devoid of any emotion.

"You can't find anyone to cure the poison, only I can help you. We both know how toxic you are. "Therefore, I am your only chance."

Baili Jinxiu was betting, betting that other than her, this strange Prince An had also found someone else to detoxify the poison, but to no avail.

She was betting that Prince An was deeply poisoned, and that this Prince An had yet to find a way to cure the poison.

Betting that she would live to see tomorrow's sun tonight.

For a long time, the room was as silent as if there were no one alive.

Baili Jinxiu was calmly fighting against the god of death, while the deep emotions were constantly changing in Prince An's eyes.

"Who the hell sent you?"

The Prince An's voice became very dangerous, as if a cheetah on the prairie had already made the preparations to pounce and kill its prey.

Hearing this familiar question, Baili Jinxiu opened his mouth without thinking.

"Yolk Sect, I am a member of Yolk Sect."

"Yolk Sect?" Prince An frowned, what kind of strange sect was this.

When Baili Jinxiu saw Prince An frown, a flash of inspiration passed through his mind. He sighed and his expression changed to one of unfathomable depth.

She looked at the handsome Prince An from the corner of her eyes and her voice returned to its original calm and collected state.

"Prince An, you don't need to know what kind of sect the Yolk Sect is. But if you kill me, they won't let you go easily.

Therefore, if you leave me with my life, I will use my life in exchange for your life and help you cure the poison. "This is the deal between us."

"Heh. You are the first woman who dares to negotiate with This King. Very good, Baili Jinxiu, then let this duke see how capable you are. "

Baili Jinxiu felt the overbearing aura of Prince An on his face. In a single breath of time, Prince An tapped on the back of her neck, and her body could move again.

"Detoxification." Prince An's eyes carried a little bit of silver radiance, as if he could see through Baili Jinxiu.

Baili Jinxiu thought for a bit. Forget it, he would first cure this guy's poison.

With a tap of his hand, he came into contact with the Prince An.

"Poison Depth, Chronic Extremity, Human, Poison Depth. Please provide a system for supplying toxic blood. "

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