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C13 Hard slap

"Are you poisoned again?" Baili Jinxiu asked in surprise. Sure enough, he saw Prince An's expression darken in an instant.

Baili Jinxiu knew that he had guessed right.

She thought for a bit, then slowly placed her finger on Prince An's hand, only to see that the clean and flawless hand, was actually quickly shaking off her hand.

Baili Jinxiu pouted a little and said, "I'm helping you treat the poison."

"Hua Chi!" Are you trying to take advantage of me? "

The mocking words of the Prince An, made Baili Jinxiu's chest thump, yet he was speechless.

Who asked him to be like that before ?

Baili Jinxiu could only place his hand on Prince An's shoulder once again. Seeing that Prince An did not shake him off this time, Baili Jinxiu turned his body slightly, and used his line of sight to take out a small porcelain bottle from his chest.

"Take this pill back and eat it. Find me three days later. Your poison right now is too tyrannical. If I absorb blood, your inner force will be affected. "

Prince An's eyes flashed. He stood up and looked at Baili Jinxiu's skinny figure, and an unfathomable light flashed in the depths of his eyes.

"I hope you're still alive three days later."

What did that mean?

Just as Baili Jinxiu wanted to ask, he saw a flash of a figure at the window, and the shadow of the Prince An could no longer be seen.

"Are you sick?"

Baili Jinxiu muttered. Just as he was about to rest, there was a sudden sound from the courtyard.

Baili Jinxiu immediately looked outside vigilantly. Through the crack in the window that Prince An had left earlier, he clearly saw a man jumping into her courtyard.

And this person, was actually one of the managers in the Baili Residence's backyard.

Peng! At this moment, the door to his own courtyard was ruthlessly slammed open.

Baili Jinxiu's eyes narrowed like a cat's, those glass-like eyes lit up with the flames of the torch.

Very good, looks like the one Prince An pointed to before she left was the trouble she would encounter next.

The smile on Baili Jinxiu's face was as pure as an angel.

She stood in front of the window and watched as Concubine Wang led the rest and directly rushed into her house.

"Second Miss, please go inside the hall."

Concubine Wang was dressed very charmingly. She still had some rouge on her face and the hair ornaments on her head were also neat. She just raised her chin proudly and looked at Baili Jinxiu complacently.

Baili Jinxiu sarcastically asked: "Concubine Wang, what are you planning to do?"

"Miss, what's wrong with you?"

The wet nurse and yew, who lived in a house not too far away, were startled in an instant. The two of them hurriedly ran in front of Baili Jinxiu.

Concubine Wang swept her gaze across the wet nurse and the yew with a sinister gaze. His gaze was so dark that it was like a venomous snake that was about to bite the yew.

"Men, arrest these two people who are helping the Second Miss in their secret relationship."

With an order from Concubine Wang, the people following behind Concubine Wang rushed towards the wet nurse and the yew tree.

Madame Baili had always been sick, so this authority had long been under her control. The Inner Palace had long been replaced by Concubine Wang as her own people.

"I want to see who dares." Baili Jinxiu took a step forward, although it was a normal step, but the sharp eyes and tyrannical aura, was still able to scare the people who rushed over.

Since when did the Second Miss have such a noble and inviolable aura?

He was decisive and decisive like he could collapse at any moment. He was vigorous and vigorous at any moment. Was this really the aura of a Second Miss?

Everyone present looked at each other, but Concubine Wang had twisted his face.

Her Furong had been deceived, and her face was still swollen from being harmed by this little bitch Baili Jinxiu.

Concubine Wang hated them to death and felt that all of this was Baili Jinxiu's fault.

If she didn't finish off this little bastard, it would be hard for her to quell the hatred in her heart!

"With so many people seeing the secret relationship between the Second Miss and the other party, do you still want to argue?" Concubine Wang's voice was so sharp it made people feel that it was ear-piercing.

"What are you talking about? The Miss is fine, why would they have a secret relationship with others. It's absolutely impossible. " The wet nurse anxiously stood in front of Baili Jinxiu to protect him.

Concubine Wang raised her head and laughed loudly, as she said complacently.

"I've already caught him, what's there to be afraid of?" "You damned old woman, you sure have a lot to talk about. Men, tie these two up and let them down."

"How dare you!"

Baili Jinxiu looked at those people who were approaching menacingly, and his eyes were full of ferocity.

She could have survived even under the hands of the god of death.

How could she, Baili Jinxiu, allow himself to be humiliated like this by the Concubine Wang?

"What's the truth? Why don't you bring everyone to the hall and let Father judge it?"

"Alright." A plan quickly flashed past Concubine Wang's eyes.

Earlier on, she had already made all the preparations, and no matter how Baili Jinxiu tried, she could not come up with any tricks, so she just wanted everyone to see this trash's miserable appearance.

In the dead of night, although they should have slept soundly, the great hall of Prime Minister Baili Palace was surprisingly bustling with noise and excitement.

Other than Madame Baili, all the masters of the entire Baili Residence were being shouted out.

Prime Minister Baili was seated at the head, while Concubine Wang and Concubine An were seated below.

Baili Furong and Baili Moli were both obediently standing behind their concubines, but their eyes were shining with the light of watching a good show, looking straight at Baili Jinxiu who was standing in the middle of the hall.

"What the hell is going on? What have you done, you bastard? "

Prime Minister Baili did not ask about the reason behind the incident and immediately scolded Baili Jinxiu.

"Father should ask Concubine Wang about this matter. I was reading in my room when Concubine Wang barged in with her men. I would also like to ask father, one of our aunts can already bully a direct descendant! "

Baili Jinxiu's voice was extremely calm. She stood in the very center of the hall, but strangely, he gave off an indescribable aura.

Hearing Baili Jinxiu's words, Concubine Wang's eyes blinked, and tears started streaming down her face.

"Master, I was talking to you in the yard at that time. Didn't we see a person running past the door?

I was worried that it was a thief, so I brought my people to chase after it. I never thought that when I chased to the courtyard of Second Miss, there would actually be a man there. "

"What?" Prime Minister Baili shouted, his face contorted. He punched Baili Jinxiu right in the face.

"You damn girl, you actually dare to find me a wild man."

Baili Jinxiu never thought that the Prime Minister Baili would be stupid enough to not see through his tricks.

Before she could dodge, Prime Minister Baili gave her a fierce slap on the face. With a "pa" sound, the expressions of everyone in the hall changed.

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