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C14 A dead end

Baili Jinxiu raised his head, and looked at them one by one.

Baili Furong and Baili Moli who had revealed their joy, calmly looked at her miserable appearance with interest ?

In the entire manor, there were quite a few people who wanted her dead.

"Men, bring the captured men here." Concubine Wang gave the order and a few guards brought a man in.

The man who was brought in was the butler, Housekeeper Lin, that Baili Jinxiu saw in the house earlier, jumping from the wall to his own courtyard.

"Why is it you dog slave?" When Prime Minister Baili saw the pair of tiny eyes, he immediately scolded: "What exactly happened?"

Baili Jinxiu sneered.

His daughter didn't believe him, but he would rather hear the truth from a steward.

What truth do you want to hear? An excuse to beat her, Baili Jinxiu, to death.

Housekeeper Lin was pushed down to the ground and immediately started to wail. His legs became weak, but his body started to move towards Baili Jinxiu.

"Master, Second Miss and I love each other sincerely. I beg you, even if Second Miss is a fool, I'm still willing to take care of you for the rest of your life.

Second Miss also agreed, he will be with this servant for the rest of his life. "The two of us are in love with each other ?"

Seeing Housekeeper Lin pouncing towards him, Baili Jinxiu raised his leg and kicked him fiercely towards the wall, causing him to spew out blood as he fell.

"You bastard, you actually dared to slander Miss, I'll kill you!"

When the wet nurse heard Housekeeper Lin's words, she was so angry that her face turned pale. As she spoke, she was about to pounce towards Housekeeper Lin and beat him up.

Baili Jinxiu stopped his wet nurse and sneered as he looked at Housekeeper Lin, whose hair was dishevelled and wailing on the side.

"Who do you think you are? I have my eyes on you!"

Housekeeper Lin saw Concubine Wang giving him a meaningful look and immediately shouted out.

"Second Miss, you were the one who said it. Prince An can't do things in marriage, you can only be a living widow. Have you forgotten what you said before? "

"Evil creature." With a crash, Prime Minister Baili smashed over a glass cup.

Baili Jinxiu raised his hand slightly, and firmly grabbed the glass cup. As he played with it, he coldly looked at Prime Minister Baili's furious expression.

The last bit of his desire for his father was smashed into pieces by the Prime Minister Baili.

"Second Younger Sister, although you were previously uninhibited and uninhibited, but ? But he couldn't just go to Housekeeper Lin because of his. "This ?"

Baili Furong's face was filled with pain: "If you're going to do this, how are you going to marry the Prince An in the future? If Prince An knew, you ? "

"Master, what do we do now? With this matter, Prince An will definitely not let this matter rest!" Concubine Wang's face was full of worry, but her tears were still flowing.

Every sentence stabbed the heart, directly hitting the Prime Minister Baili's heart.

"There's no leeway right now. How about we marry the brocade to the Housekeeper Lin. As for the Prince An, why don't we have a nice chat?"

It looked like Concubine Wang was doing this for the benefit of the entire Prime Minister Palace, but in reality, he wanted to push Baili Jinxiu out of the way with every word and sentence and marry him off to a butler.

However, Prime Minister Baili was a little hesitant.

"Master." The Concubine An that had always been peaceful and quiet was no longer its usual silence.

"It's not good for me to look at big sister's idea. If Second Miss marries to Housekeeper Lin, if the empress blames the empress, there will be many mama inside the palace who will check on a woman's innocence. "

Hearing this, Baili Jinxiu's heart immediately sank.

Madam An was truly scheming, not even giving her the right to marry a servant.

Moreover, he'd purposefully pointed out the empress's capabilities so she'd have only one path to take.

That was a dead end.

"Someone, come." Prime Minister Baili roared.


Baili Jinxiu's voice was even louder, she stood in place with a stubborn face: "What is father planning to do?"

"You don't know how to behave yourself, but you still dare to ask me what I want to do?" Prime Minister Baili was so angry that his face was twisted, "This old one's face has been completely thrown away by you."

Baili Jinxiu's face sunk, "I'm innocent, father must have evidence for what he said."

"The adulterer is already here, what other evidence do you need?" The voice of the Prime Minister Baili became even louder, looking at Baili Jinxiu who seemed like he wanted to immediately tear her to shreds.

"Second Miss, since you and Housekeeper Lin are on good terms, you don't have to be so angry with the old master anymore. "The old master is so angry for your sake ?" Concubine Wang added fuel to the fire.

"Love each other? "Heh." Baili Jinxiu said unhurriedly: "I will find an eunuch to be my adulterer?"

The moment those words came out, the entire hall seemed to explode.

"What did you say?" Prime Minister Baili looked at Baili Jinxiu in disbelief, while his expression instantly changed.

Baili Jinxiu sneered, he wanted to find her an adulterer, right?

Then let's see how hard she pushed him just now.

"Impossible, I'm a real man." Housekeeper Lin was so angry that his face was flushed, "Second Miss, you can't just abandon your servant after enjoying your servant's body."

"Father ?" Baili Furong's face was abnormally red, as if she had been embarrassed by the words of Housekeeper Lin and Baili Jinxiu.

However, Baili Furong's appearance, secretly reminded Prime Minister Baili.

One was a woman who would blush shyly upon hearing these words, and the other was a woman who would directly say men's physiological reactions.

Imperceptibly, Baili Furong planned to give Baili Jinxiu a fatal blow.

"Second Miss, how can you treat servants like this in order to protect your life? Previously, you said that you love this servant dearly, but now, you are saying that you love this servant mercilessly.

This servant truly did not expect you to be such a heartless and heartless woman. "

When Housekeeper Lin saw the look in Concubine Wang's eyes, he immediately cried even louder.

This also caused Prime Minister Baili's expression to become even more gloomy, but Baili Jinxiu understood in his heart.

This Concubine Wang was planning to take her life tonight, that was why she got this Housekeeper Lin to say such skillful words.

Listen, she is heartless to a servant. Wouldn't it be even worse to treat his family?

Then, what use was there in keeping her daughter here, to the Prime Minister Baili?

"Choose for yourself. Do you want to kill yourself or do you want me to beat you to death?" Prime Minister Baili's voice was ice-cold, as if he was treating a stranger.

Baili Jinxiu suddenly laughed, "Then what if I don't choose anything?"

Prime Minister Baili's face changed once again. It was the cruelty and ruthlessness of how he had been in the imperial court for so many years.

"Then father will personally send you to the Road to River Styx. This is father's last duty to your father. You have no sense of shame. I'll give you a chance to kill yourself.

However, you still wish to persist on with your life, not caring about your family's reputation at all. In that case, I can only kill you, the unfilial daughter, myself. "

The twisted faces of the Prime Minister Baili caused everyone present to tremble in their hearts.

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