Evil Emperor Spoils Poisonous Consort/C15 Self-induced hypogonadism
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Evil Emperor Spoils Poisonous Consort/C15 Self-induced hypogonadism
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C15 Self-induced hypogonadism

When Baili Jinxiu saw the viciousness in Prime Minister Baili's eyes and Concubine Wang, who was standing next to him with a complacent smile, he suddenly understood.

Compared to Baili Furong who was held in the palm of his hand by the Prime Minister Baili as a daughter, he himself was the chess piece who had been abandoned.

Marrying to the Prince An, the most the Prime Minister Baili would get was only the daughter of an imperial concubine.

Because of the incompetence of the Prince An, they were destined to miss out on the throne.

And as long as Baili Furong marries to the Sixth Prince, then the only person the Prime Minister Baili can possibly get is the future daughter of Empress.

Even if Baili Jinxiu didn't want to admit it, the bit of bitterness that came from the bottom of her heart still made her heart twitch.

Baili Jinxiu held onto his chest. This was probably the original owner's emotion.

Such grief, the sorrow of being abandoned by her father, such helplessness.

When Prime Minister Baili saw Baili Jinxiu's trembling eyelashes, a trace of pity flashed past his eyes.

"Master, I think that Housekeeper Lin is a pretty good servant. This matter can't be blamed on Embroidered Embroidery. Prince An is like that, we are only young and inexperienced ? "

As someone who had been with Prime Minister Baili for many years, Concubine Wang immediately felt an unwillingness to see the depths of her eyes.

She also immediately revealed a face that could not bear to see, but the words that she said to plead caused Prime Minister Baili's face to darken again.

"How could I let a servant be my son-in-law? Since this is the case, then this old man can only remove this scourge from the entire Prime Minister Palace in order to take care of it. "Someone, come."

With a loud shout, the guards standing outside immediately walked in.

Concubine Wang looked at Prime Minister Baili's furious face and gave him a malicious smile.

Baili Jinxiu, you will definitely die by my hands.

And following the sound of the guards' footsteps was a voice.


Baili Jinxiu closed his eyes, sensing the evil gazes from the people around him.

When she heard the familiar voice and opened her eyes, she suddenly felt as if someone was hugging her tightly.

"What are you doing out here?" When Prime Minister Baili saw the Madame Baili that had appeared in the great hall, his brows tightly knitted together.

Before Madame Baili could speak, she was already panting heavily.

Baili Jinxiu anxiously helped his mother take care of her, and could not help but ask worriedly: "Mother, why did you come out?"

"Cough, cough ?" "I, if I don't come out now, my child will be killed." Madame Baili's eyes revealed grief, making people unable to bear it.

Concubine Wang took a step forward, and said while choking in emotions: "Elder sister, although this matter was done muddle-headedly by the brocade, I am already advising the old master, you shouldn't blame the old master."

When Prime Minister Baili initially saw the appearance of Madame Baili and felt somewhat uncomfortable, he immediately became solemn upon hearing Concubine Wang's provocative words.

Then, he looked at Baili Jinxiu who was being protected by the Madame Baili in her arms with a cold face.

"It's all because of this little girl that you doted on being so unruly. She only did something so audacious today. Wouldn't she be causing the entire Prime Minister Palace to offend the Prince An if she were to have a secret relationship with someone?

So what if Prince An was a person, how could the empress be willing to allow this unfilial daughter to humiliate the reputation of the Prince An? Hurry up and get out of the way, and let me end this unfilial daughter of mine so that the entire mansion won't be implicated. "

Every word that Prime Minister Baili said stung his heart, but when Baili Jinxiu once again opened his eyes, there was no longer the disappointment he had for his father.

Since her father was so biased, what else was there for her to worry about?

"Father, what kind of person is Prince An? He was someone who could shake the entire Grean Yan with a single stomp.

Why did his daughter want to abandon Prince An? And what about choosing a slave who sold his master for glory? Although our daughter is ugly, she isn't blind! "

Baili Jinxiu's voice was clear and sonorous, like the sound of a drum striking out, striking straight into the hearts of people.

Prime Minister Baili, who originally wanted to complete this matter, had no choice but to face this reality.

The servants present also revealed doubtful expressions.

One had to know that Housekeeper Lin was already thirty years old. Could it be that Second Miss was really willing to marry a servant and not a Prince An?

"Second Miss, I know you feel wronged because you married my Prince An, so you want to be free and happy. But, the Prince An Palace is not a place that can be humiliated like this.

If word of this got out, how would the old master face everyone in the imperial court? "I am truly worried that the good name of the Baili family will be ruined just like that."

Concubine Wang looked at everyone with a confused expression and immediately said. After saying that, she could not help but reveal a pleased expression.

Prince An could not do anything, this would definitely become the best evidence for Baili Jinxiu to steal someone!

"Stop protecting this evil creature."

Prime Minister Baili waved his hand and shouted to the guards: "Take him out and beat him to death, to make an example out of others."

"Master." Madame Baili's voice suddenly became cold, and she was no longer abnormally excited when she rushed into the hall.

Baili Jinxiu felt the big hand that was holding his hand tighten, and wave after wave of warmth was transmitted from his mother's body.

This was a true family, and her kind mother wanted to protect her.

"If this matter was really wrong, even if the lord decided to forget about it, I would not agree."

Madame Baili's words made the smile on her face grow even wider, and also loosened the space between her eyebrows.

It was at this time that Madame Baili pulled Baili Jinxiu along as he stood up, and looked at his own husband as he spoke coldly.

"Since Embroidery said that there's a problem with this Housekeeper Lin, then Master should ask the doctor to come here and investigate the truth."

"Madam, this servant is definitely a real man. This servant even has a wife." Housekeeper Lin immediately said.

"Ah, Second Sister is actually still with a married woman ?" Baili Moli shouted involuntarily, but he was quickly pulled back by the Concubine An.

"You still want to protect that unfilial daughter of yours ?" The anger on Prime Minister Baili's face grew even stronger, but before he could finish, he was interrupted by Madame Baili's soft voice.

"Master, do not worry, you just need to invite a doctor. I believe that brocade is not like that child. If it is true, I am willing to invite you to the next hall. "

"What?" Prime Minister Baili looked at Madame Baili in shock, while Concubine Wang, who was standing behind him, revealed an ecstatic expression.

"Concubine Wang, do you dare to invite Imperial Physician Wen over?"

When Baili Jinxiu heard the intention of his mother to protect him, and then looked at Concubine Wang's wild joy, a sharp glint flashed past his eyes.

The good show was yet to come!

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