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C16 Thank you little apprentice

Concubine Wang looked towards Housekeeper Lin and saw him nodding towards her confidently.

Concubine Wang's face immediately blossomed into a warm smile, and she shouted towards the servants.

"Hurry and invite Imperial Physician Wen over."

That impatient look, did not even have the time to ask Prime Minister Baili.

When the Prime Minister Baili wanted to stop him, the servant had already ran out.

"Master, since elder sister is so worried about the embroidery. Then we'll ask the imperial physician to come over and make a diagnosis, so that we won't let Jinxiu think that the old master is being harsh on her again. "

What he said made perfect sense.

Only, if these words were said from the start, Baili Jinxiu would believe that Concubine Wang's words were more or less true.

Now, Baili Jinxiu only sneered.

The only thing the Concubine Wang cared about was to confirm that she had a relationship with the butler.

Baili Jinxiu supported Madame Baili in the middle of the hall.

He looked coldly at Concubine Wang, who was beaming with joy and fawning on him, until a dark grey figure appeared in his line of sight.

Wen Hechu spoke with his grey scholarly clothes, his entire being looked more elegant and refined.

As soon as he entered, he looked towards Baili Jinxiu's body. When he saw that his face, which had a birthmark on it, was injured, a strange light flashed in his eyes.

"Prime Minister Baili." Wen Hechu said hello.

Prime Minister Baili waved his hand. Although he still looked unhappy, he was still a little too polite to Wen Hechu, the number one doctor in the capital.

", please show this Housekeeper Lin if there are any hidden ailments." Concubine Wang covered the corner of her mouth with her handkerchief, afraid that she would not be able to hold back and laugh.

Since this Housekeeper Lin was one of her people, she naturally knew the background of the Housekeeper Lin. Thus, her face was filled with confidence.

When Imperial Physician Wen heard this, surprise flashed past his face, and he unconsciously looked towards Baili Jinxiu's direction.

When he saw the cold sharpness in the pair of clear eyes, he finally understood.

There was no lack of obscurity within the mansion, no matter which mansion it was in.

Everyone's eyes were unconsciously attracted by Imperial Physician Wen's action of placing his hand on Housekeeper Lin's wrist.

Baili Jinxiu could also feel that, other than his own mother, everyone present was looking at Wen Hechu with rapt attention.

"How is it?" Prime Minister Baili saw Wen Hechu put his hands down and anxiously asked.

Wen Hechu's face looked extremely ordinary, which made the bottom of Concubine Wang's heart fill with ecstasy. She couldn't help but ask.

"Housekeeper Lin has always been healthy and healthy, and is always careful when doing things, a person ?"

"What a pity, Housekeeper Lin cannot go to bed, I'm afraid the incense will be extinguished."

Wen Hechu's voice was clear and indifferent, yet it caused the smile on Concubine Wang's face to distort.

"What did you say?" Concubine Wang raised her voice in disbelief, "He's not a man?"

Wen Hechu glanced at the Concubine Wang who had lost his composure, and the corners of his mouth curled up, still maintaining that warm smile.

"That is indeed the case. This diagnosis, whoever comes from the Imperial Hospital will get this result. "


A teacup smashed onto Housekeeper Lin's head ruthlessly. Housekeeper Lin did not have as good a skills as Baili Jinxiu.

Before he could react to the tragedy that he was not a man, he suddenly felt darkness assaulting him and his body fell to the ground.

"Ah ?" Baili Furong and Baili Moli turned pale with fright.

Housekeeper Lin was bleeding profusely because the teacup had hit his temple.

But Prime Minister Baili was still angry.

Who would have thought that he would be tricked by a servant? He angrily kicked Housekeeper Lin who was lying on the ground.

"Bastard thing, get up."

"Prime Minister Baili, let me take a look first."

"Wen Hechu suddenly frowned. He bent down and peeked at Housekeeper Lin's nose, then suddenly let out a sigh. "He's dead."

"What?" Concubine Wang's face changed as she retreated in fright.

"It struck the temple. It can only be said that Housekeeper Lin has had a rough life."

Wen Hechu thought, if he was not mistaken, when the teacup was in the air, something seemed to have changed the direction of the teacup.

Baili Jinxiu looked at him coldly, not panicking at all.

She had always wanted to repay favors and take revenge.

Since this Housekeeper Lin dared to kill her by being the blade of the Concubine Wang, then don't blame her for being cruel and merciless to her enemies.

Women were not ruthless, and their positions were not stable. How could she let a blade hang around her neck?

"Father, Housekeeper Lin died. His daughter's innocence could also be proven by Imperial Physician Wen's words.

Only, his daughter did not understand why Housekeeper Lin died so easily. Is he guilty? Or do you want to cover for someone? "

Baili Jinxiu's crafty eyes suddenly turned.

At that moment, he took advantage of the bright candle light in the hall, like a bright pearl rotating, causing the brilliance to captivate one's soul.

"If my daughter didn't hear wrongly, Concubine Wang must have said that this Housekeeper Lin was discovered at the entrance of her courtyard.

Sigh, I never thought that the Housekeeper Lin would actually have a crush on the Concubine Wang and peep at my aunt. It was no wonder that the aunt was kind and wanted to leave Housekeeper Lin alive.

I never thought that the Housekeeper Lin would actually be willing to commit suicide out of fear for the sake of true love.

Baili Jinxiu looked back and forth between Housekeeper Lin and his, and his face revealed a pitiful expression.

And her words, made Prime Minister Baili's face suddenly change.

This time, it did not become gloomy, but had actually become the most obvious green color, and the look in his eyes when he looked at Concubine Wang also changed.

"What are you talking about?" Concubine Wang did not expect Baili Jinxiu to actually throw the dirty water back onto him.

Baili Jinxiu blinked his innocent eyes and said: "Isn't it? Compared to my ugly appearance, the aunt who still retained her charm was even more beautiful than me.

However, next time, auntie should still be more careful. After all, Father is in Aunt's courtyard. If Father isn't here, then wouldn't Aunt be in danger? "

Hmph, if you dare splash dirty water on her, she will turn dirty water into sulfuric acid and return it to this vicious Concubine Wang.

When the Prime Minister Baili heard Baili Jinxiu's words, and recalled how Concubine Wang pleaded for mercy on behalf of the Housekeeper Lin, her heart instantly felt as if she was struck by phlegm, and she was so angry that her head became covered by dark clouds.

"You are not allowed to have any contact with the stewards of the mansion. Today, you will hand over the authority of the steward to Madam."

"Old master, I ?" Concubine Wang's face looked as if he had been punched, and her twisted face made Baili Jinxiu laugh crazily at the bottom of his heart.

When she saw Wen Hechu, who was staring at her with interest, in a blink of an eye, she wrinkled her nose at him.

Wen Hechu's expression froze, because he could clearly understand what Baili Jinxiu was saying.

"Thank you, little disciple."

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