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C17 Beautiful face

After sending mother back to the courtyard, Baili Jinxiu hummed as he brought yew and the wet nurse back to the courtyard.

"Miss, I'll go find some medicine for you."

The wet nurse looked at Baili Jinxiu's face that was beaten red by the Prime Minister Baili with a pained expression.

Baili Jinxiu giggled at his wet nurse.

"Nanny, don't worry, it will be fine tomorrow. It's almost dawn, you guys should hurry up and go back to rest.

Seeing Baili Jinxiu's appearance, the mistress had no choice but to let Baili Jinxiu return to his own room.

When Baili Jinxiu saw the redness and swelling on his face along with the trace of blood, he couldn't help but stick out his tongue, "He looks even uglier now."

When her finger gently touched the red line, an unexpected voice rang out.

"High-grade toxic, malignant cells. Character, depth of poison. Please provide a system for supplying toxic blood. "

"My face... Was it poison? "

Baili Jinxiu muttered in disbelief. Only when her fingers started to suck the blood from his wound did Baili Jinxiu recover from his shock.

She quickly searched through the original owner's memories.

When the original owner was young, he was fine until he was four years old. Due to the relationship with his grandfather, he was often brought to the palace to play.

It was also because of this that the relationship between Madame Baili and him at that time was better than it is now.

In the entire Prime Minister Palace, and even in the entire capital, it could be said that Baili Jinxiu was the most enviable girl Miss.

However, when Baili Jinxiu fell down the fake mountain, he first became dumbstruck.

Then, a black and green birthmark slowly appeared on her cute little face.

As he grew bigger and bigger, the birthmark also grew bigger and bigger. In the end, it almost covered half of Baili Jinxiu's face.

In addition, Baili Jinxiu's obsession with Sixth Prince had become a joke in the entire capital. Baili Jinxiu was basically a big ugly girl with an infatuated face.

But, God knows, she was poisoned.

A hidden expression quickly flashed across Baili Jinxiu's clean and clear eyes. She touched his face and muttered softly.

"In the end, who wanted to kill Baili Jinxiu? It wasn't enough to push him down from the fake mountain, and he even wanted to ruin his appearance with poison?

If I find out about this, I will definitely return the most ruthless poison, making that person suffer a fate worse than death. "

When the poison was absorbed, Baili Jinxiu couldn't help but be dumbstruck when he saw his face that was gradually becoming white and clean.

The breathtaking appearance that she revealed caused Baili Jinxiu's pair of beautiful big eyes to uncontrollably widen.

"This... This is too beautiful. "

In the next moment, when Baili Jinxiu's finger left his wound, the black and cyan color that had originally disappeared from his face actually started to slowly reappear.

Baili Jinxiu's expression suddenly darkened, "Destroying the stem cells and aggravating the pigment of the cells on the surface of the skin."

What kind of poison was this?

Since he couldn't figure out a solution to the problem, Baili Jinxiu decided to put this matter aside.

After studying the medical book and looking at the herbs in his hands, he began to concentrate on adding the purple leaf into the medicine bottle bit by bit.

When the purple colored leaf slowly dissolved in the liquid, Baili Jinxiu squeezed the root of the medicinal plant and added a few drops of juice.

"Miss, Miss, come out quickly."

yew's voice sounded outside the door. Baili Jinxiu slightly frowned.

In the blink of an eye, the liquid in her hand had turned from black to white.

"Success." Baili Jinxiu laughed in pleasant surprise, and directly placed the poison that succeeded yet again into his own system, before turning around and walking out.

"What's wrong?"

During this time, because Baili Jinxiu helped Madame Baili take back the authority as a butler, coupled with the fact that Baili Jinxiu helped her recuperate her body time and time again.

Right now, the Madame Baili's body could no longer be said to be ludicrous, but she could already once again begin to control the entire Prime Minister Manor.

Therefore, Baili Jinxiu was in less trouble these days.

Baili Jinxiu couldn't help but be surprised when he heard Zi Shan's panicked voice again. What was there to be so nervous about now?

Taxi stood at the door while gasping for breath. When she saw her Miss walk out, she immediately pulled Baili Jinxiu and walked outside.

"Miss, you don't know. "How infuriating."

Yew was so angry that her face turned red and her eyes seemed as if she was about to cry.

Baili Jinxiu also frowned, "What's wrong?"

Yewa's voice was choked with sobs.

"This servant just went to look for servant girls in Madam's courtyard to get some ropes. Coincidentally, the servant boy beside Master came over.

Miss, you know, didn't Noble Consort say that she wanted to enter the palace? "

Baili Jinxiu nodded.

It was because the marriage between him and the Sixth Prince was over that Baili Furong was summoned to the palace by the Sixth Prince's birth mother.

But when Yew said this, she became even more angry.

"The Concubine Wang actually told Master that the Eldest Miss needed to dress up more prettily before he could enter the palace in order for him to like the Eldest Miss.

Therefore, Concubine Wang said that she wanted to borrow the Blue Luan's jade face and give it to Eldest Miss as a gift from within her wife's dowry.

The Miss was someone that the mistress could not do, she had long said that she would wait until the Miss married the Miss. That was the treasure that was hard to come by even if it was a thousand gold in the Madame Jiang.

Concubine Wang said that she would borrow it, but when had they ever gotten anything with Madame's dowry? Woo woo ? * The Miss liked him very much as well.

The eldest young miss clearly knew, yet she actually told the master to ask the madame for it. Wuu ?." What about Miss? Eldest Miss is really too outrageous, why do I have to take her things?

The Sixth Prince was robbed, even the dowry that Madam had left for Miss was stolen as well. "

When Baili Jinxiu heard what Zi Shan said, he sneered in his heart, and the bottom of his eyes instantly darkened.

This Baili Furong and Concubine Wang are really greedy beyond compare.

It seemed like the lesson he had taught them last time wasn't profound enough. It wasn't enough to let the mother and daughter know what was formidable.

"Don't worry, this Miss is here. We definitely won't let them bully us. "

When Baili Jinxiu rushed to the courtyard of the Madame Baili, he saw the accessories in the box already.

As for Madame Baili, she was touching the chest with a look of helplessness.

It was obvious that the Old Lady Jiang gifted this jewel to the Madame Baili.

And Madame Baili planned to give it to Baili Jinxiu when she married Baili Jinxiu.

Right now, giving it out like this, it really made Madame Baili's heart ache.


When Madame Baili saw Baili Jinxiu entering, she stopped touching the box and said with a face full of surprise: "Your father said it, he will help you find Prince An to say some good words."

When Baili Jinxiu, who was originally frowning, heard his mother's words, his nose turned sour.

It turned out that his father had taken advantage of his mother's weakness to threaten her with his own matters.

In that moment, Baili Jinxiu looked at the box with eyes full of malice.

If he wanted to take advantage of her, it would depend on whether Baili Furong had the ability to.

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