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Evil Emperor Spoils Poisonous Consort/C18 Forced eviction from the palace
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C18 Forced eviction from the palace

When Baili Furong returned, she found Baili Jinxiu helping his mother count the messy books that were kept by the Concubine Wang in her courtyard.

There wasn't even a need for a servant to report, Baili Jinxiu could already hear the sound of Baili Furong crying all the way from the entrance of the house.

"What's going on?" Madame Baili looked outside in confusion.

However, Baili Jinxiu smirked like a little fox.

"Could it be that Eldest Miss and Noble Consort are unhappy meeting each other?"

The wet nurse stood at the side, listening to Baili Furong's crying, and spoke with some relief.

In the room, the yew also revealed a common hatred towards the enemy.

Indeed, after Baili Furong had maliciously snatched away the Sixth Prince, those who truly liked Baili Jinxiu would naturally feel disgusted by his actions.

Right at this moment, Maid Cui'er, who was beside his mother, lifted his skirt and hurriedly ran in.

Upon entering, Baili Jinxiu saw the smile on Cui'er's face that he could not conceal.

"What's going on?" Madame Baili asked.

Cui Er's expression changed as if she was trying to hold back a smile, but the corner of her mouth raised even higher.

"Tell me quickly." Only then did Cui'er cover her mouth and laugh.

"Eldest Miss, the Noble Consort sent people back inside the palace. "Hahaha ?" Cui Er could no longer hold back her laughter.

Madame Baili was startled, then looked at Baili Jinxiu who had a slight smile on his face, even more confused.

"Not only did she happily enter the palace in the morning, she even sent over the jewelry. Noble Consort was previously very satisfied with Furong. Why is it that after entering the palace, you are forced to return? "

I heard that Eldest Miss is dressed very beautifully today, and even wore the mask that the Madam sent over.

Concubine Wang even specially asked our household's most combing mother to go over and comb Eldest Miss's hair. That set of clothes was also made half a month ago.

However, it was a few dozen taels of silver. How could he just go in and cry like that? "

Cui Er did not wait for anyone to speak and quickly explained, "Because, Eldest Miss seems to be ?. "She's bewitched again."

Madame Baili opened her mouth wide in shock: "You've been possessed again?"

Cui Er nodded with certainty.

"I heard that when Eldest Miss entered the palace gates, she started to cry. Noble Consort comforted him for a while but she still continued to cry.

No matter what Noble Consort asked, Eldest Miss would always shed tears.

In the end, the Noble Consort was enraged and sent out of the palace. Eldest Miss was still unwilling, but in the end, she was forced out. "

Baili Jinxiu's big eyes flashed with a smile as he succeeded.

Didn't Baili Furong want her dowry and jewelry?

Didn't he let the Concubine Wang give her mother a blow on purpose?

You want to use the Prime Minister Baili to pressure her and his mother?

You want to use the Sixth Prince s to embarrass her?

Since that was the case, of course she wouldn't mind adding some material to the jewelry she sent over.

Tears streamed down his face. That was something that he had developed in modern times. Mainly to help some patients with problems with the lacrimal gland, help them cry.

As long as Baili Furong used the Madame Baili's jewelry, she would wait to see the Noble Consort in tears.

Just as expected, it seemed like Baili Furong had been swept out the door.

Madam, Concubine Wang has brought Eldest Miss over. A servant hurriedly ran in and said.

Before Madame Baili could ask him why, Baili Furong had already arrived.

"Wuwuwu ?" "Sob, sob, sob ?"

Concubine Wang grabbed Baili Furong and ran inside.

The moment he entered and saw Baili Jinxiu who was seated on a chair, he spoke in a thankful tone.

"Second Miss, quickly save me!"

Concubine Wang pushed Baili Furong, who was still crying, towards the front of Baili Jinxiu, nearly jumping up and down.

"Second Miss, quickly look at your big sister. What exactly is happening?"

Wuwuwu ?" "I don't want to cry, but there are always tears, sob sob ?

Baili Furong's hands tightly covered her face, but that crying sound did not stop.

Madame Baili looked at the scene in front of him in astonishment: "Furong, if you don't want to cry, then don't. Why do you keep on crying? "

However, Baili Jinxiu just smiled, looking at Concubine Wang's panic-stricken face, he just smiled without saying a word.

At this moment, the Prime Minister Baili finally appeared in front of everyone's eyes.

"You girl, why are you so embarrassed?" Now that everyone in the capital knows that you've been chased out by your Imperial Consort, how am I going to meet with your courtier in the future? "

Prime Minister Baili said angrily as soon as he entered. It was obvious that he was mocked by people outside and went back home to get angry.

Baili Furong had always been protected and protected by the Prime Minister Baili since he was young, so when did he get scolded by the concealing?

Immediately, the crying sounds became louder.

"Master, it's time to get the Second Miss to treat Furong." Seeing her daughter cry and wet her handkerchief in the blink of an eye, Concubine Wang felt extremely pained.

It was only then that Prime Minister Baili remembered how Baili Jinxiu treated Baili Furong last time. He turned and said to Baili Jinxiu: "Hurry and treat your big sister."

"Father, this is really hard to say. There's a deity in this three feet tall head, I haven't even seen how big sister is. How can I treat it? "

Baili Jinxiu revealed an innocent face and spread his hands.

"Why aren't you letting your sister see it?" Prime Minister Baili choked from Baili Jinxiu's words, and turned to scold Baili Furong loudly.

Baili Furong covered her face with her hands.

Concubine Wang's heart ached for Baili Furong, but she wanted Baili Furong to get better so she forcefully pulled off Baili Furong's hand.

"Hahahahahaha ?"

Baili Jinxiu laughed so hard that he almost got mad, and amongst the people present, other than Concubine Wang and Baili Furong, everyone else almost dropped their jaws in shock.

Looking at his face, which had originally been painted with much makeup, and which had been covered in tears due to crying, he was now truly like a clown.

Her face was covered in rouge and powder, but her eyes, which always carried such arrogance, were now swollen like a goldfish.

"You ? "Who are you?" Prime Minister Baili asked in disbelief.

"Wuu ? wuu ?" Father, I am Furong ? "Howl, howl." Baili Furong cried as she shouted, but when she shouted, her tears flowed again.

"Elder sister, is this how Noble Consort saw you? Haha ? Is Noble Consort like what you said to me before, stunned by your appearance? "

Baili Jinxiu laughed as he supported himself on the chair.

Back then, when Baili Jinxiu had been humiliated in public by the Sixth Prince, he had said that the Sixth Prince would bring her to the palace.

Her appearance could definitely shock anyone to the point of becoming the Consort of Sixth Prince.

Haha, I am truly shocked now. It is just that it is not a surprise, it is a shock.

"Wuu ? wuu ?" "My face ?"

Baili Furong cried even louder, and Prime Minister Baili couldn't take her two daughters crying and laughing anymore.

"Hurry up and treat her."

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