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Evil Emperor Spoils Poisonous Consort/C19 Humans are invincible when they are base
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C19 Humans are invincible when they are base

Baili Jinxiu was tugged on the sleeves by his mother, stopping his laughter with much difficulty.

"Big sister, have you done something too excessive again to anger the gods?" Baili Jinxiu rubbed his chin, and asked while holding back his laughter.

Baili Furong looked towards Concubine Wang, a trace of ruthlessness flashed past her eyes, but she still forced herself to smile.

"Second Miss, your Big Sis is the kindest, why would she do such a thing?"

"Oh ~" Baili Jinxiu looked at Concubine Wang's unwilling expression and waved her hand, "Since that's the case, then Big Sis will be fine. Auntie, take Eldest Sister back. "

"Second Miss, I ?" Only then did Concubine Wang become frightened, if Baili Furong had been crying non-stop, what should she do?

Prime Minister Baili also thought about the words Baili Jinxiu had asked Baili Furong to answer last time, and looking back at her conflicted face, he immediately shouted.

"Why aren't you telling me?"

was surprised to see Prime Minister Baili berating him so loudly.

When would they ever be treated like this by the Prime Minister Baili when they entered the door from there?

Even when it was about the Housekeeper Lin s the last time, Prime Minister Baili had been properly coaxed afterwards, and now he was actually so heartless to Concubine Wang.

Only then did Concubine Wang unwillingly say: "Recently, Furong and I have stayed in the courtyard and did not go out. I think, yes ?"

"Aunt, just think carefully about what you stole and what you held out your hand for.

He handed over everything that didn't belong to him. Otherwise, this God might even implicate others. " Baili Jinxiu laughed slyly.

"No. Furong and I had originally planned to return the things we borrowed from the Madam with, but we came in a hurry and forgot about it. I'll have someone go back and bring the jewelry set in. "

Concubine Wang said unwillingly, but her voice also revealed her fear.

When Prime Minister Baili heard this, his face revealed a hint of awkwardness.

Baili Jinxiu sneered. He even took the jewelry to the door, but he didn't want to return it to his mother.

This Concubine Wang was still holding onto this chance, did she really think that she could swallow this priceless set of jewelry?

Baili Jinxiu saw a Maid at the door carrying a jewelry box in his arms. He coldly glanced at it and revealed a helpless expression.

"So Big Sis was too greedy, that's why such a thing happened."

However, if Big Sis had only coveted my mother's jewelry set, she wouldn't have cried until now. Is there something else? "

Concubine Wang clenched her teeth tightly. Could it be that Baili Jinxiu had to hand over all those treasures to him?

"Second Miss, don't go overboard."

"Oh." Baili Jinxiu waved his hand again.

"Since Concubine Wang feels that stealing my mother's jewelry is more important than elder sister, then you should keep those. "I'm looking at the situation. If elder sister cries three or four more days, she will stop."

"What?" Baili Furong was shocked, she grabbed the Concubine Wang and shouted.

"Mother, hurry up and bring those things back to the Madam, wuwu ?" I don't want to cry anymore... I'll die in three or four days.

Concubine Wang swayed left and right, her head dizzy from being pulled by Baili Furong's sleeve.

They had even forgotten that there was still a Prime Minister Baili present who did not know his true identity, and shouted loudly with all their hearts.

"Little Mei, get all the wives to bring the items back to Madam."

When Baili Jinxiu took the list and pointed it at the box half of the room, Prime Minister Baili's face was extremely gloomy.

Prime Minister Baili did not expect that Concubine Wang would actually 'borrow' his wife's things and privately swallow them. Furthermore, he always said that again and again, this made Prime Minister Baili feel like his face was on fire.

From the bottom of his heart, he also resented the Concubine Wang, who had humiliated him like this in front of his first wife. Then, looking at Baili Jinxiu who was holding a brush and checking them one by one, his face became even more burning hot.

"Alright, hurry up and treat your elder sister."

Prime Minister Baili only wanted to quickly treat Baili Furong and then leave this place, which he felt was extremely shameful.

Baili Jinxiu looked towards his wet nurse. Seeing his nod at him, which meant that the bill matched the sum, he smiled and put down the bill.

"Alright, elder sister, please extend your face."

Baili Jinxiu then revealed a sly smile, his eyes filled with satisfaction as he smiled until it turned into the shape of a small crescent moon.

Baili Furong quickly moved her face closer to hers.

Baili Jinxiu looked at Baili Furong's face, which was covered in intertwined tears. Suddenly, her eyes moved, and she picked up the brush in her hand.

"What is the Eldest Miss doing?" Concubine Wang asked nervously.

Baili Jinxiu raised his eyebrows, showing the brush to the Concubine Wang, and said seriously: "I'm treating big sister, don't tell me that Aunt doesn't want big sister to get better?"

Auntie, get out of the way, wuu ?

"Baili Furong, however, could no longer endure it and pushed aside the Concubine Wang as he moved her face closer to Baili Jinxiu's. Help me stop my tears. "

Baili Jinxiu smiled slightly, "Big Sis is the one who asked me for this."

Yes, I beg of you." "Hurry up, wuu ?

Baili Furong said as she gnashed her teeth. She wanted Baili Jinxiu to die a horrible death in the future.

Baili Jinxiu's brush fell on Baili Furong's face.

Two black ink rings were drawn on Baili Furong's eyes, the tip of her nose was also painted black, and there was the picture of an uncle with a big mouth.

When he saw his "masterpiece", Baili Jinxiu smiled innocently and patted Baili Furong's shoulder.

"Big Sis, don't wash your face for three days." Open your eyes again.

Baili Furong opened her eyes. Sure enough, this time, her tears did not flow uncontrollably.

She shouted in surprise, "I'm fine, I'm really fine! Mother, look at me. "

When Baili Furong turned around, she saw that everyone in the room looked like they were looking at a ghost.

She looked to the side in confusion, and suddenly saw that the vase on the table had left a mark on her face.

"Ah ?" It's a ghost. "

"It's fine, Eldest Miss is fine. Just endure for three days. "

Concubine Wang heaved a sigh of relief. Even if his daughter's face looked like a ghost talisman right now, it would be fine as long as she didn't cry.

"All of you, hurry up and go back." Prime Minister Baili waved his hand in annoyance, he did not want to see Baili Furong's face anymore.

The Concubine Wang unwillingly pulled Baili Furong away, leaving only the Prime Minister Baili and in the house.

Only now did Prime Minister Baili's deep eyes fall on Baili Jinxiu's body, as he nervously held Baili Jinxiu's hand.

"How on earth did you learn to exorcise evil spirits?"

Prime Minister Baili did not understand when did his silly daughter become such a resourceful person.

Baili Jinxiu innocently blinked his eyes: "It's because my daughter had learned a few moves of Yolk Sect while she was still in the city."

He did not believe that the Prime Minister Baili would really be able to find out what sect the Yolk Sect was from.

"Helping your big sister become the Sixth Prince's Consort will benefit you."

When Prime Minister Baili spoke up again, Baili Jinxiu's expression immediately darkened.

"Father feels that it is perfectly justified for Eldest Sister to take away the marriage that originally belonged to me, right?"

Baili Jinxiu had never known that a person's bottom line was this low.

Indeed, people were unrivalled.

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