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C2 She is cheating?

That's right, this was the Poison Doctor system Master had helped him install into his consciousness previously.

At that time, he was afraid that Baili Jinxiu would be set up by someone else while he was doing the experiment.

Therefore, this system could automatically archive the poisons and antidotes that Baili Jinxiu was refining.

Unexpectedly, the System had followed her to this world.

Just as Baili Jinxiu was in ecstasy, the System's voice suddenly came out again.

"In an abnormal era, the system requires a body to flow with venom in order to be able to operate the system."

Without even thinking about it, Baili Jinxiu pulled the unconscious handsome man over, and slowly placed his finger on the location of the person who cut earlier.

In the blink of an eye, Baili Jinxiu felt his forefinger quickly suck in the poison from the man's body.

Baili Jinxiu's face also slowly revealed a smile. It was at this time that a pair of ice-cold eyes met with Baili Jinxiu's satisfied smile.

Both of them froze for a moment, then the handsome man extended his hand out wanting to brush Baili Jinxiu's hand away.

"Don't move." Baili Jinxiu's eyes turned as he anxiously asked.

"I'm helping you clear out the poison in your body right now, although I can't let the poison in your body go away immediately. But it's definitely more effective than soaking in this medicine pool for a year or so. If you make a move, you'll lose yourself. "

Baili Jinxiu opened his eyes wide and started speaking nonsense, deliberately revealing that kind of expression, whether you like it or not, I don't really care.

As expected, the man who was struggling slowly lowered his hand.

However, a pair of cold and emotionless eyes was still staring straight at Baili Jinxiu.

"Just whose are you? What do you want from This King? " The man's voice was a little hoarse, but it was especially deep and pleasant to hear.

Baili Jinxiu was very satisfied with the man's cooperation. His lips curved into a smile, and her smile looked innocent and harmless.

"Since this Miss has enjoyed your body, I will naturally reward you a little. You don't have to be so grateful to this Miss. This Miss is a kind person to begin with.

Baili Jinxiu chuckled, and indeed, he saw the man's expression become terrifyingly dark.

"You ugly bastard, next time you better not meet This King. If This King doesn't meet you, This King will definitely chop you into mincemeat."

As a Prince, when had he ever been humiliated like this? Not only was his body robbed, but this woman was also acting like a prostitute.

He definitely had to 'enjoy' this girl to the point of dying a hundred times over.

Baili Jinxiu actually let out a hehehehe sound once again, extended out his other hand and fiercely knocked on the man's temple.

The man didn't even have time to curse out loud in anger, before he heard Baili Jinxiu's crafty laughter before he fainted.

"This Miss is a great beauty!"

This damnable woman, he must let her suffer all the humiliation he had received today. No! A hundred times!

"Get out here." The man suddenly used his inner force to shout. A few black shadows appeared in front of him like ghosts.

However, when he saw the man's appearance, he felt like he was going blind.

The guards only lowered their heads at the sight of Ye Zichen.

"Grab that woman, find out who sent her here, and then send her to This King. This King will grind her to dust! "

Only then would he be able to get rid of his shame. Ruthlessness flashed across the man's charming eyes.

He was actually suppressed by a woman just like that.

Baili Jinxiu quickly traveled through the alley, according to the route in his memory, only after he saw the familiar door did he slow down.

At this time, the back door that only Baili Jinxiu had walked in suddenly opened.

Baili Jinxiu immediately saw the people inside stick their heads out. According to the person in his memories, only then did Baili Jinxiu remember that he was his wet nurse.

However, when she saw Baili Jinxiu's miserable state while walking over, the wet nurse's expression changed greatly as she grabbed onto Baili Jinxiu's tattered clothes, to the point that tears were about to fall.

"Miss, you ? Are you okay? "

In his memories, a wet nurse treated Baili Jinxiu like her own daughter to protect him, so Baili Jinxiu replied with a smile, "I'm fine."

"It's good that you're fine." The wet nurse pulled Baili Jinxiu's hand, her face filled with anxiety, "Miss, someone from the palace has arrived. They are here to cancel the Miss's engagement."


Baili Jinxiu was stunned? She actually had a marriage? Was she cheating?

"Withdraw the engagement?" While Baili Jinxiu was still stunned, another person dressed as an old servant suddenly walked out from inside.

Seeing Baili Jinxiu's situation, he suddenly shouted.

"Second Miss, why are you still here? The eunuch in the palace has been waiting for you, and this old servant finally managed to hide the fact that you did not return home for the whole night. "

Baili Jinxiu squinted his eyes dangerously. This old lady was saying that he had helped him hide the matter of him not returning home at night.

But now, standing at the entrance of the mansion with such a loud voice, it was obvious whether he was sincere or just faking it when he spoke from the back alley.

"You damned wife ?" The wet nurse was so angry that her hands were trembling. She turned around and was about to go and take care of the old woman.

However, right at that moment, a lot of people suddenly ran out from behind that woman, and surrounded Baili Jinxiu and the wet nurse.

"What do you want to do?" Looking at the scene in front of his, Baili Jinxiu would not think that so many people had come to welcome his, Miss, back to the manor.

"Of course it's the old master and the mistress who are waiting anxiously. They sent their servants to welcome the Miss."

That old granny's gaze wandered over Baili Jinxiu's body, looking at the torn and tattered clothes on Baili Jinxiu's body, but she still had a face full of happiness.

As he said that, he waved to the people around him, looking at Baili Jinxiu out of the corner of his eyes, he spoke to the people around him arrogantly.

"Since Second Miss does not know where to go until she doesn't have the strength to leave by herself, then why not help Second Miss out?"

As everyone said this, they all began to laugh. Especially since there were two servants inside, their lustful eyes continuously sized up Baili Jinxiu's body.

"Don't say it, aside from the incomparably ugly and idiotic Second Miss, this body of hers ? "Hehehe ?"

The old woman, who had brought him here, laughed even more complacently. The wet nurse, on the other hand, was so angry that her face had turned purple.

"You people are spitting feces. If you dare to look at Second Miss like that again, I'll tear you apart."

When Baili Jinxiu wanted to hold onto his wet nurse, it was already too late.

The wet nurse had always treated Baili Jinxiu as her own flesh and blood, even though the original Baili Jinxiu had always been a little stupid.

Furthermore, because of the appearance of the handsome Sixth Prince Gong Xiaoche at the palace banquet, he fell into the lotus pond in a daze, becoming the laughing stock of the entire capital.

Add to that the dark red that covered his entire face, he was truly the ugliest woman in the world.

However, the wet nurse had always said that Baili Jinxiu had the best heart and was the most beautiful person.

It was precisely because he had a wet nurse protecting him since he was young that on the surface at least, Baili Jinxiu didn't really suffer much.

Just as Baili Jinxiu was about to hold onto his wet nurse, that group of people had already grabbed her, and started pulling her up.

The two servants grabbed the wet nurse's hands, and the other two women raised their heads and mercilessly slapped the wet nurse's face.

Baili Jinxiu fiercely cursed, "This Miss has never been so aggrieved before. Daring to hit this Miss's people, you're courting death!"

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