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Evil Emperor Spoils Poisonous Consort/C20 At least you have a conscience
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C20 At least you have a conscience

The anger on Prime Minister Baili's face that was seen through, had been suppressed even faster when he saw Baili Jinxiu's cold expression.

Seeing this, Baili Jinxiu became cautious in his heart.

Why was the Prime Minister Baili today so strange?

Prime Minister Baili suddenly faced Baili Jinxiu's direction, sighed helplessly, and extended his hand to hold Baili Jinxiu's hand.

"Embroidery, Father knows that Father once ignored you. You often cause trouble, which makes it difficult for Father.

In the imperial court, Father had always caused the eyes of others to turn red because he was favored by the Emperor. That was the reason why Father was so angry and helpless every time you caused trouble for him. "

When Madame Baili heard Prime Minister Baili suddenly say such a thing, his eyes immediately turned red.

And at the bottom of Baili Jinxiu's heart, he too, was slightly moved.

When she was young, Prime Minister Baili had actually treated Baili Jinxiu as an equal.

Indeed, it was only until Baili Jinxiu became a fool that the Prime Minister Baili completely ignored him.

"But you also need to know that everything Father did was for you and your elder brother.

Your big brother is in the army, so even if father didn't say it, you should still know how difficult it is. Don't you want to help your big brother for him? "

"What happened to Jin'er?" Madame Baili asked anxiously, seeing how anxious Madame Baili was, Baili Jinxiu's heart tensed up.

In this mansion, the only people who were good to Baili Jinxiu were Madame Baili and Baili Jin.

If something were to happen to Baili Jin, Baili Jinxiu would definitely not stand by and do nothing.

Could it be that something had happened to his elder brother in the military camp?

The Prime Minister Baili sighed, then said: "Embroidery, if you are willing to help Furong and marry the Sixth Prince for your brother's sake."

Baili Jinxiu, who was initially worried, suddenly asked, "What does father mean by this?"

Prime Minister Baili frowned and started to explain, "Because you offended Prince An and Sixth Prince, do you think that it would be better for your brother to be in the army camp?"

Baili Jinxiu's heart suddenly felt as if it had fallen into an ice cave.

From the time she transmigrated until now, she had been trying her best to get her mother and herself back together and live a good life.

However, upon hearing Prime Minister Baili's words, Baili Jinxiu suddenly thought of something.

If it was because of her change in personality, and Baili Jin in the army camp was oppressed and bullied by others, could she still be considered to be protecting her own family?

In that moment, Baili Jinxiu felt as if his heart was placed in a frying pan. Was it really her fault?

Prime Minister Baili was secretly happy when he saw Baili Jinxiu's appearance, but he still maintained a straight face.

"Furong is your big sister after all, and Sixth Prince had previously said that the person they were going to marry would be Furong.

If you help your big sister become the concubine of the Sixth Prince, your big sister would definitely say those words in front of the Sixth Prince.

The Prince An was indeed diagnosed by the imperial physician and cannot be involved in affairs of the family. Since that's the case, when you and the Prince An get married, your older sister will also get married with the Sixth Prince.

Wouldn't it be perfect if you raised your sister's child again? At that time, Prince An will have a son, and he will definitely treat you well. At that time, you can also become the true mistress of the Prince An Palace. "

When Baili Jinxiu heard this, his heart suddenly froze.

She raised her head and looked at Prime Minister Baili's father-like face. She turned her head to look at her mother and also saw the look of anticipation on Madame Baili's face.

Baili Jinxiu's heart suddenly became a little chaotic.

Could it be that the thought of him travelling here, being a new person in the 21st century, would become the same as what the Prime Minister Baili had said, a disaster that harmed his family?

"Old master, could it be that both the Sixth Prince and the Sixth Prince have made their move on Jin'er? Did he suffer any grievances when he was alone in the army camp? "

Hearing his mother's words, Baili Jinxiu's heart became even more restless.

"You guys don't know ?"

"What father said is not true." Suddenly, a clear voice sounded, interrupting the Prime Minister Baili's words.

Hearing this voice, the three people in the room looked towards the door in surprise.

When Baili Jinxiu saw the gentle and shallow smiling masculine face in his memory, he could not help but shout out in surprise, "Big Brother?"

Why would Baili Jin, who should be at the base camp of the capital at this time, suddenly return?

"Jin'er, why did you suddenly come back?" Prime Minister Baili asked in surprise as he looked at Baili Jin, who was standing tall and handsome at the door.

He hadn't even heard the news that his son was about to return to the manor, so why would he suddenly return?

Baili Jin's expression was somewhat ugly as he walked in, walked in front of Baili Jinxiu and rubbed Baili Jinxiu's head, and said with a slight smile.

"Silly girl, are you not happy that Big Brother has returned? Why is it like this? "

Madame Baili anxiously pulled on Baili Jin's sleeve and asked anxiously: "Your father said that you were troubled by people in the army, is that true?"

Because of Baili Jin's doting actions, the heart of Baili Jinxiu, who was stunned, sank when he heard his mother's question.

"Big brother, did you come back because of my relationship?"

Baili Jin's originally smiling face sank once again, and turned to look at his father who had an ugly expression, as he spoke with a low voice.

"No, it's the Prince An who asked me to come back."

"Did that guy chase you out of the barracks?" Hearing Baili Jin's words, Baili Jinxiu almost jumped up.

She had just given the Prince An the antidote.

Baili Jin soothingly patted Baili Jinxiu's head and smiled again. He opened his mouth and said: "No.

Prince An sent a message, asking me to come back and see my sister, which was why I had the time to come back and see you.

I didn't suffer any difficulties in the military camp, so you don't have to worry about what father said just now. "

In an instant, Baili Jinxiu couldn't help but reveal an astonished expression, as if he had understood something.

Prince An Gong Xiaoxuan, at least you have a conscience.

It seemed that even though Gong Xiaoxuan did not help her deal with the Housekeeper Lin that night, he was still alright. But at the same time, he had someone notify his brother and found him a protective talisman.

"Isn't Furong helping the brocade when she becomes the Sixth Prince's Concubine?"

Prime Minister Baili's words were exposed on the spot by Baili Jin, and there was even Prince An who acted as his shield.

Baili Jin blocked in front of Baili Jinxiu like a guardian, and asked Prime Minister Baili without backing down.

"Father, what Furong did before, if she was truly helped by the brocade to become the Sixth Prince's Consort, would she help with the brocade?"

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