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C3 Forsaken woman

Although Baili Jinxiu had been taught by his master to be an expert in poison techniques, he had still been strengthening his body.

It was because he wanted to collect those medicinal ingredients when he went to collect them.

Baili Jinxiu saw the first wife standing on top of the door frame, leaning on the door frame and watching her own nanny getting beaten up, laughing sinisterly, she rushed towards this naughty woman without thinking at all.

With one hand, he grabbed her shoulders, with the other hand, Baili Jinxiu threw her over his shoulder.

A loud bang was like a thunderclap that exploded in the back alley.

"Let me see, who dares to hit this wet nurse?" Baili Jinxiu stepped this woman beneath his feet.

A pair of eyes ferociously looked towards those who had stopped, looking as if they wanted to tear them into a thousand pieces. They no longer had the cowardly look from before.

"Ah ?" Second Miss killed people, Second Miss killed people ? "

It was unknown who shouted first, but after that, those people scattered in all directions, as if they were a step too slow and would die if they ran a moment later.

"Miss, you ?" The wet nurse covered her swollen red face as she anxiously looked at Baili Jinxiu.

Her eyes were so anxious that tears were about to fall, and she looked at Baili Jinxiu, trembling to the point that she couldn't even speak anymore.

"Nanny, you don't have to worry, I will protect you in the future."

Baili Jinxiu raised his head, she had always been one foot in front of others when they respected him and ten feet in front of others.

Since she had become Baili Jinxiu, then she definitely could not become a crazy Miss that anyone could bully.

"I didn't know that the Second Miss s of the Prime Minister Palace had such great abilities." A sharp voice suddenly sounded from behind Baili Jinxiu.

Baili Jinxiu's body suddenly stiffened, and he slowly turned his head around. Only now did he realise that, at an unknown time, a large group of people had already stood behind Baili Jinxiu.

There was a gloomy Prime Minister Baili, and a mother who looked like she was about to faint.

There were also two beautiful women who dressed up with their two daughters. They were Baili Jinxiu's elder sister and elder sister.

Furthermore, all the servants in the Baili Residence looked at Baili Jinxiu as if they were looking at a disgrace.

It was at this moment that the old woman who seemed to have fainted a moment ago came to her senses.

Baili Jinxiu's teeth itched with hatred, this damned woman, he was just too kind-hearted just now, he didn't even use his strength, how could he immediately faint?

So it turned out that someone had deliberately set her up in this fight.

The reason why he drugged her, enraged her, and made her make a move, was to let the people in the palace see her make a fool of herself.

If she went back to report it to her superiors, then how would she, Baili Jinxiu, be able to survive in the capital?

"Bastard thing, you ? "You ?"

Prime Minister Baili looked at Baili Jinxiu who was still stepping on the servant. When his eyes landed on Baili Jinxiu's messy clothes, he was so angry that his face was twisted.

"Aiya, why is Second Miss's clothes so shabby, could it be that someone was bullying her outside?"

The person who spoke was a beautiful and flirtatious lady, it was Prime Minister Baili's concubine, Lady Wang.

Although the words were worrisome, there was a pull in his tone.

Prime Minister Baili and the eunuch who came out from the palace were dragged in front of the crowd to look at Baili Jinxiu's clothes that had been torn off.

"Prime Minister Baili, it seems that this marriage will have to be annulled. Sixth Prince would definitely not want an unchaste person to become a prince's consort. "

the eunuch suddenly said. He looked at Baili Jinxiu as if he was looking at a dirty thing, and his tone was filled with contempt and scorn.

Baili Jinxiu immediately understood.

In this ancient era where a woman's chastity was regarded as her life, he hadn't returned her clothes that night. The look in her eyes was one of despising her for having the reputation of a slut after becoming infatuated with flowers.

Baili Jinxiu's eyes slightly widened. She had just transmigrated here, and after becoming a pretty boy that was part of the Flower Harvester, he immediately became an abandoned wife?

Baili Jinxiu could clearly feel the gaze coming out from the house.

Other than his own mother, who was being supported by the maidservants until she was about to faint, the rest of the servants had looks of disdain on their faces.

It was as if he was looking at trash as if he was looking at her. This made Baili Jinxiu feel as if there was an extra piece of phlegm in his throat, something that he couldn't swallow or spit out.

Because, last night, she was lucky to have a super handsome guy.

"Cough, cough ?" The elder stared at Baili Jinxiu for a long while, before using his strange tone to continue speaking.

"However, Emperor still remembers the agreement between the empress dowager and Old Lady Jiang. Therefore, Emperor has already sent out the imperial edict, Baili Jinxiu will take it."

After saying this, the eunuch took a bright yellow imperial decree from the tray in the hands of the eunuch behind him. The moment his voice rang out, everyone present immediately knelt down.

Baili Jinxiu was pulled down by the panicking wet nurse and knelt on the ground.

The eunuch who gave the order watched on coldly, but when his gaze landed on Baili Jinxiu, a strange light flashed in his eyes.

However, he started reading the imperial edict he had been holding in his hand even faster.

"According to the heavens, this is the Emperor's edict. The daughter of a hundred li, Baili Jinxiu, has been pure and innocent since childhood, full of filial piety and filial piety.

This extremely simple imperial edict caused everyone kneeling on the ground to be stunned.

"An ?" Prince An... "

Madame Baili almost went limp on the ground.

Prince An. That was Prince An who dared to lead his troops onto the battlefield at the age of twelve and single-handedly cut down the enemy commander of one hundred thousand soldiers.

The empress's own son was almost chosen as the Crown Prince.

Baili Jinxiu looked at the wet nurse who had collapsed next to him and the Madame Baili who was kneeling in front of him with a look of despair.

Because the original owner had always been in a daze, she only knew from her memories that Prince An was the Queen's son who had almost become the crown prince.

However, shouldn't such a status be high and mighty? Why would he give a marriage to a famed infatuated Miss like her?

Even if the empress dowager and Baili Jinxiu's grandmother had an arranged marriage, would the empress and Prince An, who was almost going to become crown prince, agree?

Looking at the distant figure of his father-in-law, Baili Jinxiu pulled his wet nurse and ran over to help Madame Baili who was collapsed on the ground.

"Mom, are you alright?" In the previous master's memories, the Madame Baili hated that she couldn't be doted on with her life.

Furthermore, with so many looks of contempt just now, only the Madame Baili looked at Baili Jinxiu lovingly and painfully, so Baili Jinxiu also planned to repay this kindness.

"Haha ?" Before the Madame Baili could speak, a burst of laughter came from behind him.

A smile appeared on Lady Wang's face, making her well-maintained face even more charming as she spoke softly.

"I say, madam, you can rest assured now. Although Jin Xiu had run off somewhere to do things she didn't know how to do, and had her marriage annulled by the Sixth Prince. "However, since you're able to marry to the Prince An, you don't need to worry that you won't be able to marry off your brocade ?"

Saying that, Lady Wang's smile became even more ferocious.

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