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Evil Emperor Spoils Poisonous Consort/C4 Incompetent prince for marriage
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C4 Incompetent prince for marriage

When these words came out, Madame Baili was so angry that her face turned purple. She extended her hand out and pointed at the arrogant Wang clan who was standing opposite him with a trembling finger.

"If the marriage for the brocade was not ruined by Furong, would the brocade be laughed at by others? "You and your mother really are ?"

When Baili Jinxiu heard these words, his eyes suddenly narrowed. He looked towards Baili Furong who was standing opposite him with a cute smile on her face.

So the most elegant man in the capital of his fianc?, whom the original owner had been yearning for, had actually been robbed by his own sister concubine?

No wonder the original owner ran out of the house in a daze.

It had to be known that ever since the original owner first met the handsome Sixth Prince, most of the memories in his head had been occupied by this figure.

A few days ago, he was suddenly scolded by the Sixth Prince in front of a large crowd and wanted to break off the engagement. This showed just how big of a blow the original owner had received.

"Madam, this must be made clear. It was because the Sixth Prince himself couldn't stand the beautiful "infatuation" thathe told the Noble Consort that she wanted to marry us, Furong.

If you do not believe me, go and listen on the streets. Whoever doesn't believe me is saying that the Sixth Prince and we, Furong, are a match made in heaven. "

Lady Wang smiled meaningfully.

Especially when she mentioned the matter of Baili Jinxiu pestering Sixth Prince, she intentionally squeezed out the word "infatuated" from gritted teeth, which made Madame Baili so angry that her expression changed.

Even if the people of the capital were to be spread open, only Baili Jinxiu was the only one who was willing to pour the blood on the table for the man to humiliate.

"Madam, Furong also did not expect that Sixth Prince would personally speak to him. If she knew, Furong would definitely not let Sixth Prince do that. "

Baili Furong stood beside Lady Wang and revealed an innocent and helpless expression, which made Madame Baili even more angry to the point of fainting.

"What are you doing? Do you not like me losing enough face?" The Prime Minister Baili sent away the eunuch who came from the palace, but when he walked in, his face was terrifyingly gloomy.

"But master, that Prince An ? How can a brocade be married to a Prince An? "

Madame Baili was supported by her own daughter, but when she said the two words "Prince An", her face revealed a shocked and angry expression.

Prime Minister Baili frowned as he was questioned by Madame Baili. He looked at her with unfriendly eyes and said, "Prince An is the direct son of the Empress, is it not enough for Embroidered Embroidery to marry him?"

Prime Minister Baili continued to look at Yun Fenghua with a bit of contempt. It was as if being able to marry Baili Jinxiu was already a great fortune in misfortune.

Baili Jinxiu naturally understood what his father meant when he saw the look in his eyes.

Her reputation of being a fool was known to all, and she was rejected by the Sixth Prince for no reason.

Who would dare to marry a woman whom the prince didn't want? The Prime Minister Baili's meaning was that if Baili Jinxiu did not marry the Prince An, he would merely be a joke in the face of becoming the Prime Minister Palace once again.

"That's right, Madam."

Lady Wang stood at the side with a comforting smile on her face. A thick smile could be seen on her beautiful face.

When Lady Wang stood in front of Prime Minister Baili, she no longer had the crafty look that she had had when facing Madame Baili and Baili Jinxiu alone.

"Even if the Prince An does not have a son in the future, they still have a royal family that supports them. What are you worried about? Could it be that you want to let the people of Prime Minister Palace talk about this once again because of the brocade? "

Can't he have children? What did that mean?

When Baili Jinxiu heard these words, he suddenly grasped onto the key point. Her eyes widened slightly. Could it be ?

However, Madame Baili was already so anxious that she grabbed onto Prime Minister Baili's hand and begged while crying: "But, Prince An can't do things in marriage. "In the future ?"

Prime Minister Baili's expression changed. With a sudden wave of his hand, he shook him off.

If not for Baili Jinxiu anxiously supporting Madame Baili, she would have fallen to the ground.

"Prince An has overflowing authority, are you planning to bury this foolish girl with your entire family?"

Thinking about Prince An's ruthless, merciless, and unpredictable character and methods, the gaze which he used to look at Baili Jinxiu became even colder.

"This matter is the royal decree. If you want Jin'er to have an accident outside, you should harm him like this." Anyway, this old man does not only have one son. "

When Prime Minister Baili said this, he opened his eyes wide in disbelief, while Lady Wang who stood to the side revealed an ecstatic expression.

"I ?" Madame Baili's face suddenly paled. Seeing Prime Minister Baili abruptly flinging his sleeves and leaving, his heart rose and fell with a wave of panting.

"Madam, don't worry. I will advise the old master a little. After all, the old master dotes especially on Furong and Mo Er. The old master dotes on the two children that I gave birth to, he will definitely listen to Furong's and her words. "Haha ?"

Lady Wang stood in front of Madame Baili, looking at the mother and son who were both lying on the ground in a slightly sorry state.

When Madame Baili heard this, her chest rose and fell even faster. She was unable to catch her breath, and directly fainted in Baili Jinxiu's arms.

Baili Jinxiu lifted his head and stared coldly at Lady Wang and Baili Furong who were standing in front of her.

A cold smile appeared on her face, but there was no warmth in her eyes.

Although they were being stared at by those eyes, Lady Wang and Baili Furong suddenly shivered.

Since when did the foolish Baili Jinxiu have such a sharp gaze?

Baili Furong anxiously pulled Lady Wang's sleeve, and whispered: "Mother, why is the embroidery so strange?"

After Wang Shi was reminded by her daughter, she finally reacted.

Only, she simply sneered, patted Baili Furong's hands, and said while looking at Baili Jinxiu with contempt.

"Are you afraid of this fool? She's the one who's unclear, married to the Prince An is the trash who met a soft egg, the useless ones have even formed a pair. "

"Elder sister, no matter what, the brocade has been bestowed with a marriage. Don't talk about her like that anymore. "

At this moment, a timid voice sounded.

Baili Jinxiu looked to the side and saw that Palace's other aunt, Madam An, was looking at him.

What did An Shiyi's words mean?

Also, the Prince An she mentioned just now, was she supposed to marry a man without any sexual abilities?

"Hmph, what business do you have?" Lady Wang obviously didn't put Madam An in her eyes as she proudly said.

"When Furong becomes the Sixth Prince's imperial concubine and the Sixth Prince becomes the crown prince, wouldn't that mean ? "Haha ?" Lady Wang's laughter became even more savage.

"But ?" Madam An seemed to be frightened by Lady Wang's attitude.

Baili Moli, who looked just like her mother, was so angry that his eyes were wide open. He asked in a soft voice, "Will the Emperor make the Prime Minister Palace give out two consort princes?"

Lady Wang's face instantly stiffened. Baili Jinxiu could feel that Lady Wang was looking at him with eyes filled with killing intent.

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