Evil Emperor Spoils Poisonous Consort/C5 Systemic detoxification
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Evil Emperor Spoils Poisonous Consort/C5 Systemic detoxification
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C5 Systemic detoxification

"Then we'll see."

Lady Wang fiercely glared at the An sisters and Baili Jinxiu, flung her sleeves, and turned to leave.

Surprisingly, An clan had only sized up Baili Jinxiu for a good while, then silently took Baili Moli and left.

Baili Jinxiu hugged Madame Baili, and laughed when he heard the words of the two aunts and the two sisters inside the palace.

This Prime Minister Palace, was really filled with hidden talents and crouching tigers! A vicious and merciless Lady Wang and Baili Furong, as well as the ones who hid needles in their conversation, were also Lady An and Baili Moli.

No wonder Baili Jinxiu would be eaten by them until not even his bones were left. Just that, did he really think that she, Baili Jinxiu, would obediently be slaughtered again?

It could also be seen from his father's attitude in the Prime Minister just now.

Because the original owner's foolishness had brought about many jokes in the Prime Minister Palace, his own father probably thought that he was a hot potato.

It was impossible for him to help her think of a way to end the engagement.

Then, since he had already transmigrated here, he definitely wouldn't be manipulated so easily by others.

Baili Jinxiu's eyes turned towards the direction where the An mother and daughter disappeared in. Whether it was good or bad for her, it didn't matter.

She, Baili Jinxiu would definitely return them one by one!

Baili Jinxiu sent the Madame Baili back into the house, he placed his hand down and slowly reached for it.

"Miss?" The wet nurse looked at Baili Jinxiu's actions in astonishment, only to see Baili Jinxiu asking his, "Is Mother's usual panting really that bad?"

The wet nurse asked in disbelief, "Miss, are you finally awake? "Yeah."

Madam's asthma is getting worse and worse, and recently, because of young master Jin'er's matter and Miss's matter, Madam's health is getting worse and worse. "

Baili Jinxiu's eyes flickered slightly. Madame Baili did indeed have a problem with his breathing. However, it wouldn't relapse so often.

Sure enough, after Baili Jinxiu placed his hand on Madame Baili's pulse, the system's familiar voice came out.

"Low level poison, can't kill without blood being shed. Character, depth of poison. Please collect the poison blood supply system. "

Baili Jinxiu let out a faint sigh. It looks like this Prime Minister Palace was really turbulent.

Otherwise, it would not be Madame Baili's turn after Baili Jinxiu had been bullied to death.

Baili Jinxiu could almost imagine that if Madame Baili knew that the original Baili Jinxiu was already dead, she would definitely be out of breath and die from poison in an instant.

"Nanny, let the others go. I want to do something for Mother. "

Baili Jinxiu's words ended there and then, but the wet nurse merely nodded her head and allowed the servants to leave.

When she returned, the wet nurse saw that Baili Jinxiu's finger had actually landed on Madame Baili's palm, and Madame Baili's palm was already covered in fresh blood.

"Miss, you ?"

The wet nurse was shocked. As the bright red blood slowly flowed out, the Madame Baili's blood was actually replaced by black.

Baili Jinxiu only hissed towards his wet nurse before continuing to concentrate on slowly expelling all the poison from Madame Baili's body.

Only until he felt that some of the poison in Madame Baili's body had been cleared did Baili Jinxiu finally heave a sigh of relief.

"Nanny, bring the gauze." The moment Baili Jinxiu said this, the wet nurse who was originally just dumbstruck already instinctively believed in her Miss and went to get the gauze.

At this time, Baili Jinxiu had already taken advantage of the moment that his mistress was turning around to pour the poison powder from the system onto Madame Baili's wound.

"Nanny, I know what you want to ask."

Baili Jinxiu took the bandages that the wet nurse passed to him and helped him bandage them, saying, "Do you remember when I was young, I wasn't an idiot?"

When Baili Jinxiu's words came out, the wet nurse's tears fell.

The wet nurse wiped away her tears as she said guiltily, "It's all because I didn't take good care of Miss that he fell down the fake mountain and became like this ?"

"No, Nanny." Baili Jinxiu's voice changed, but he spoke with determination: "I didn't fall down, I was pushed down."

"What?" The wet nurse was shocked. "Who has the guts to do so?"

Baili Jinxiu obtained the original owner's memories, but after hearing the wet nurse's question, she could only shake his head.

"I didn't see that person's face, but now I just want to tell my nurse that I'm fine.

And, when I was very young, do you remember when I was sent to court for a while? During that time, I learned a lot of things, including medical skills.

So just now, I was able to cure Mother's poison, but my medical skills are from the Miao Boundary, so very few people saw it. If anyone else were to see it, they would take me for a witch. "

"Then we can't let anyone know about this. This old servant will go and see if there's anyone outside to eavesdrop on us. Miss, remember this matter, you can't tell anyone else. "

In the Grean Yan, a witch was considered to be the embodiment of misfortune.

If others were to find out, they might even be pulled out and beaten to death.

Baili Jinxiu nodded his head, "So, only we know about this, okay?"

Seeing the wet nurse quickly nodding her head before leaving, Baili Jinxiu finally heaved a sigh of relief.

She was indeed taking a risk just now. She was betting on whether the words that Nanny said to her were to be pulled away due to fear, or whether she was trying to find a way to protect her as before.

Now, it seemed that the wet nurse in his memory did not protect wholeheartedly, but had always wanted Baili Jinxiu to live a good life, just like the wet nurse in front of him.

Baili Jinxiu touched his own face, but unfortunately, not only was Baili Jinxiu smashed into a fool, his face was also disfigured, and two-thirds of his face was covered with black and blue.

Just then, a loud noise came from outside.

Baili Jinxiu looked at the Madame Baili who was still unconscious on the bed. Seeing that the other party's sleep was relatively stable, he finally relaxed.

At this moment, someone abruptly pushed open the door to the room.

Baili Jinxiu looked over with a dangerous gaze and saw a wife and two little girls standing at the door.

When she saw that Baili Jinxiu was still in the house, she was startled.

As for Baili Jinxiu, he immediately recognized that this person was Wang Shi's concubine mother.

"Hurry, Aunt said that Noble Consort will enter the palace in a few days.

Quickly find the Jade Silk Blue Luan Jewelry set from Madam here. At that time, Eldest Miss will need to enter the palace to wear it. "

"What do you want to do?" When Baili Jinxiu heard this, he almost doubted his own ears.

A concubine had the audacity to go to his wife's room and take out some things for her to use? Was this really a normal world?

But what Baili Jinxiu did not expect was that there was still an even weirder thing waiting to happen.

Sun Ming's mother looked at Baili Jinxiu and revealed a mocking smile.

He looked at the Madame Baili who was still unconscious on the bed and sneered. His disdainful eyes looked back and forth between Baili Jinxiu and Madame Baili.

"Tsk tsk, aren't we going to marry the of a trash? Pui, you little b * tch, you even lost track of where you went last night and you still have the nerve to stand here.

Hurry up and let me out of the way. Be careful, I'll tear your skin apart. I gave you that slap last time, didn't it still make you feel good? " Saying that, Sun Yiyi's mother even raised her hand.

That look of looking down at the world was as if Baili Jinxiu was mud that she was stepping on.

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