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Evil Emperor Spoils Poisonous Consort/C6 Capture of wild assassin
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C6 Capture of wild assassin

Baili Jinxiu suddenly came back to his senses, but the two Maid s standing behind Sun Yiyi's mother were laughing extremely happily, and one of them even shouted out happily.

"Madam's wake up time is getting shorter and shorter. If this goes on, the entire Prime Minister Palace will not be in charge of the aunt's decision.

Mother Sun, you are a popular person by the side of the concubine. In the future, you will have no say in the affairs of the mansion. Sun Yiyi's mom, last time when you were playing dumb, your voice was really nice. "

"That's right, Sun Yiyi's mother, come and fight one more time!"

Hearing Maid's flattery, Sun Yiyi's mother proudly raised her chin towards Baili Jinxiu. Her arrogant look completely treated her as the owner of the house.

"Idiot, why aren't you rolling over here yet? Didn't you hear your sisters want to hear it? " As he said that, he even waved his hand towards Baili Jinxiu.

He was used to bullying the original owner. Every word he said was like salt on the wound that the original owner cared most about.

Baili Jinxiu's eyes flashed, and suddenly revealed a sly smile.

"What did you say?" Baili Jinxiu's eyes were slightly opened, and his pair of bright eyes seemed to become even larger and brighter.

"Idiot, get the hell over here right now." Sun Yiyi's mother was already used to it, without even thinking, she waved her hand towards Baili Jinxiu who was walking towards her.

Looking at the sharp nails, Baili Jinxiu's face would definitely be swollen and red.

"Crack ?"

The clear sound of bones cracking could be heard, accompanied by a muffled groan that Baili Jinxiu grabbed onto the oranges on the table and stuffed into his mother's mouth before she could even cry out.

It was very obvious that mother Sun was going to cripple her hand just based on that one twist from Baili Jinxiu just now.

"You ? "You ?" The two Maid s were so scared that their faces turned pale, but before they could even open their mouths to curse Baili Jinxiu like before, they were pushed away fiercely by Baili Jinxiu.

Including Sun Yiyi's mother, all of them were pushed out of the yard.

At this time, no one noticed.

Unknowingly, a handful of white powder had appeared in Baili Jinxiu's hands, and silently sprinkled on Mother Sun and the other two.

"Go back and tell your master, if he dares to send you watchdogs to bark again, this Miss will beat the owner of the dog as well."

With a loud crash, Baili Jinxiu chased Mother Sun and the other two out of the Madame Baili's courtyard.

Baili Jinxiu clapped his hands and slowly walked inside the house.

However, he did not expect the system's notification to appear in his mind after he had just taken a few steps.

"The system doesn't have the ability to supply the poison. Please provide the poison blood to the system as soon as possible."

It was only then that Baili Jinxiu remembered that his system relied on the baptism of blood to maintain the various poisons he had placed inside.

Furthermore, the most amazing thing was that the system could help him redistribute the venom he had absorbed and make it his next ingredient for refining poison.

"It's really troublesome. The poison in my mother's body has already been cured. Where can I go to find the poison in a living person?"

As Baili Jinxiu was thinking about entering the house, he did not notice that the hidden guard standing on top of the roof and observing the scene was so surprised that his jaw almost fell off.

"Prince, this subordinate saw that Baili Jinxiu's method was extremely strange. In a single move, he could break a person's bones. Moreover, it wasn't tiring at all. It seems to be a martial arts technique that I have never seen before. "

The shadow guard knelt on the ground and respectfully reported what he had seen.

When he heard the dark guard's report, his cold eyes flashed with anger. If it wasn't for this woman's strange methods, how could he have ?

Thinking about what that woman did to him and what the dark guards reported to him, the handsome man in embroidered clothes smiled.

"I heard that This King was granted a marriage?" This person was precisely Prince An, who was even given a marriage contract after Baili Jinxiu had forcefully wiped it clean.

War God Prince An was also one.

It was clearly a question, but the few guards kneeling below couldn't help but shiver.

He remembered the last time Prince asked this question, the enemy's head was directly hung on the city walls. This time, Baili Jinxiu's outcome would most likely be even more desolate.

"This woman is very good. This King wants to see, what other methods does she have? "What other great surprises can it bring to This King..."

In the dark night, Baili Jinxiu, who was shuttling through the alleyway, suddenly sneezed. Rubbing his nose, Baili Jinxiu secretly cursed in his heart.

Could it be that those who came out in the middle of the night to look for poison wore too little to catch a cold?

That's right, Baili Jinxiu planned to search for the poisoned person in the middle of the night.

Although he knew that the chances were slim, it would be even more difficult to find a person who was poisoned during the day and would also need to secretly absorb that person's blood.

However, Baili Jinxiu had only walked for less than an hour when he heard chaotic footsteps from afar.

"Catch him." Someone shouted in the middle of the night.

Just as Baili Jinxiu was about to hide, he felt that his retreating footsteps had actually been tripped by something.

Baili Jinxiu looked down and actually saw a leg blocking his way.

Looking at the moonlight, it wasn't a leg. It was clearly a person on the ground, and it also happened to block her escape route.

Baili Jinxiu turned around without thinking, wanting to escape, but the other party's hand grabbed her leg.

"Together ?" Although his voice was weak, one could tell that it was only a young man.

"Big brother, if you want to die, can't you drag me down to hell with you?" Baili Jinxiu complained in a low voice.

"Quickly capture the assassin, regardless of life or death, capture and kill him immediately!"

Hearing these words, Baili Jinxiu's body suddenly trembled. These words were exactly the same as what he had heard on the night of his teleportation.

Are all these people having the same lines?

"Could it be that this guy is the person these soldiers wanted to capture that night?"

Thinking of this, the footsteps behind him grew closer and closer. Baili Jinxiu was extremely anxious, but the man was still holding onto her leg tightly.

"Together ?"

Baili Jinxiu lowered his head, and just as he placed his hand on the assassin's arm, he heard a familiar voice.

"Intermediate Poison, see Blood Poison." Character, mild poisoning. Please provide a system for supplying toxic blood. "

Baili Jinxiu's eyes suddenly lit up, but he secretly complained inside.

The System was also a peerless little demoness at times. Wasn't it more important for the owner of the System to keep her alive in such an emergency?

He was even thinking about the Poison Blood Supply System. It seemed like the System was also a glutton.

Although he was complaining, Baili Jinxiu had already been standing here for a while.

Now, with a shoulder swing, she had already placed the assassin on top of her own shoulder. Taking large strides, she headed towards her hiding spot, which she had been looking forward to.

The corner of his eyes twitched. Did he just capture a wild assassin?

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