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C7 I'm egg yolk pie

Baili Jinxiu heard the footsteps outside that were getting further and further away. He then turned around and looked at the man who had fainted.

"He's even wearing a mask. Let's see if he's a good person." As Baili Jinxiu thought about this, his hand had already moved, and directly grabbed the other party's veil.

At this moment, the assassin's unconscious eyes suddenly opened.

"Ah ?" Baili Jinxiu was shocked, but when he saw the other party's face, he became even more surprised. Laiwu Country Protons? "

The person in front of him, was unexpectedly the proton Feng Wuhen whose Laiwu Country had been delivered to him by the Laiwu Country. And the reason why Baili Jinxiu could recognize this person at first glance was because of his strange blue eyes.

"You're not afraid of me?" Feng Wuhen slightly narrowed his eyes. When Baili Jinxiu had cried out in shock, Feng Wuhen's hand had already become a blade, waiting for him to be killed.

However, after waiting for a while, he did not panic or panic as he had imagined.

"I'm afraid of your head. Now that I've caught you, you should be afraid of me, right?"

Baili Jinxiu wasn't afraid in the slightest, he unwillingly poked Feng Wuhen's forehead with his finger.

What was there to be afraid of? Not to mention that in modern times, they would often run into crooked fruit like that, but even those net reds would often have all kinds of beautiful eyes.

Surprise flashed across Feng Wuhen's handsome face, but when he saw Baili Jinxiu, he immediately shouted out Baili Jinxiu's identity.

"Hundred Li Second Miss, what are you afraid of?" There was a hint of mockery in his tone.

It was very obvious that this dark green on Baili Jinxiu's face had indeed become her wind vane.

Baili Jinxiu wrinkled his nose, this Feng Wuhen shouldn't be too proud, what kind of tone was that?

Although Baili Jinxiu was complaining in his heart, he still did not forget the important matter.

Right now, they were hiding inside an abandoned hut. Baili Jinxiu took a few steps forward and arrived beside Feng Wuhen.

"About that, I say, are you poisoned?"

"Who sent you?" Feng Wuhen immediately came over in alarm, and his hand that was originally on the wound also stopped for a moment.

His gaze immediately became sharp and fierce, his killing intent turning in his ice-blue eyes.

Baili Jinxiu rolled his eyes at the sky.

"Just take me as a fortune-teller." Don't ask me who sent them all. I was sent here by Yolk Sect, and you guys don't even know who Yolk Sect is? "

"Yolk Sect? Which sect in the martial arts world is it? "

What Baili Jinxiu did not expect was that Feng Wuhen would actually ask this question with a dark expression.

However, Baili Jinxiu suddenly burst out laughing. Under the moonlight, her black and white eyes became even more distinct, and in an instant, his smile became rippling.

"Ah, Yolk Sect, it is precisely the sect of this Miss. It's just that, right now, this Miss needs some things from you before I can let you go. This can also be considered my Miss's request to you to save my life, do you understand? "

Baili Jinxiu never knew that the ice mountain face's sneering words were actually so funny.

The contrast in being cute was really hilarious.

However, Feng Wuhen looked at Baili Jinxiu warily. Seeing Baili Jinxiu's hand that was unconcerned to pat his chest, Feng Wuhen only had one thought.

This woman truly did not know shame.

"What do you want from this prince?"

Feng Wuhen's voice was filled with caution, but he did not expect Baili Jinxiu's hand to suddenly pat his wrist.

"You only need to give the poison to this Miss."

Baili Jinxiu's finger was resting on Feng Wuhen's wound, and Baili Jinxiu very wisely pulled on his slightly wide sleeves to cover his movements.

"What are you using to suck this prince's blood? "Let go, you ?"

Feng Wuhen immediately felt that something had sucked his wound like a suction cup, and then, it quickly sucked away his blood.

However, because of the darkness, it was simply impossible to see just what Baili Jinxiu was doing.

And right at this moment, Baili Jinxiu suddenly pressed down on him.

Feng Wuhen was just about to avoid the face that was pouncing towards him, but he didn't notice that his fingers had already pulled out a silver needle and accurately pierced it into his acupuncture points.

"Seriously, can't you be a little more obedient?" Baili Jinxiu pushed the unconscious Feng Wuhen down to the ground and started to wholeheartedly absorb the poison blood in Feng Wuhen's body.

Baili Jinxiu slept soundly. This was already her fifth day in the Ancient Era.

The little girl, Zishan, heard the sound from inside and hurriedly walked in: "Miss, something has happened. "Why are you still sleeping?"

Zishan was the wet nurse's daughter, and the only good servant that she had sincerely treated this foolish Miss as her own.

Baili Jinxiu moved his arm disapprovingly when he heard Zishan's words.

These few days, she had been using the System to help her mother purge the poison from her body, so her days were pretty good.

"What's wrong?" I just got up. " Baili Jinxiu's words, however, greatly shocked yew.

"Miss, don't tell me you don't know what's happening at Concubine Wang? You can hear them all morning, so why don't you know? "

When Baili Jinxiu heard about this, he couldn't help but smile.

She knew it from the moment she drugged Sun Yiyi's mother.

That mother Sun was merely a dog sent by Wang Clan and Baili Furong to humiliate her, and the one who was behind all of this was either Baili Furong or Wang Clan.

Since that was the case, Baili Jinxiu wanted to see who ordered Sun Yiyi's mother to come over.

As long as Sun Yiyi's mother went back home and met with her master. In that case, the poison powder on Sun Yiyi's mother's body would definitely be contaminated.

The corner of Baili Jinxiu's mouth raised into a devilish playful smile. As long as he touched her poison powder, unless she made a move, he would only be able to scratch his heart and scratch his liver.

"I don't know why, but the two maidservants in the room of the Eldest Miss and that Sun Yiyi's mother suddenly had a strange disease. And there's also the Eldest Miss. Everyone in the room is scratching their heads. "

At this point, Zew snickered: "I heard that the famous doctor in the capital had already been invited all over, but he just could not help to stop Eldest Miss from itching.

I heard from the kitchen that the Eldest Miss was scratching her head. But in the end, they were still tied up by the Concubine Wang. The two Maid s and Sun Yiyi's mother were in trouble, both of them becoming big flowery cats. "

Baili Jinxiu also smiled slightly after hearing what the yew had said.

"Didn't they say that the Noble Consort would let Big Sis enter the palace in a few days? At this point, Father will definitely be worried. "

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