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C8 White lotus

Baili Jinxiu very much understood that, in the eyes of the Prime Minister Baili.

Baili Furong, this obedient and also knew how to curry favor with his daughter, was more than a hundred times more important than Baili Jinxiu, this unsophisticated and infatuated daughter.

As expected, Zishan pouted and said: "Master is worried. He said that as long as we can cure Eldest Miss, we can give him a hundred gold."

When Baili Jinxiu heard this, his eyes suddenly lit up.

"Yushan, didn't you say yesterday that our monthly allowance was gone?"

"Yeah. Second Miss, you took all of your silver just to buy that bird for Sixth Prince. But in the end, that bird was sent flying by the Eldest Miss's maidservants.

Yew said this and became even angrier.

However, Baili Jinxiu blinked his eyes, and laughed: "Then, let's go take a look at big sister's situation."

Her smile became crafty and clever, causing the originally dark blue scar to appear less inconvenient to the eyes.

"We might even be able to make a small fortune."

When Baili Jinxiu appeared in the courtyard of Concubine Wang, it could really be said that he was the focus of everyone's attention.

However, the gazes that everyone looked at Baili Jinxiu with, was not filled with respect for the Miss.

Instead, like their master, they used this kind of gaze as if they were looking at trash, and looked at Baili Jinxiu.

Baili Jinxiu, on the other hand, had an indifferent expression. If she was concerned about the gazes of others, he wouldn't be alive and well right now.

"What are you doing here?" Just as Prime Minister Baili was about to send the last imperial physician off, he saw Baili Jinxiu walking in unsteadily.

Without even thinking about it, he immediately shouted at Baili Jinxiu.

Wen Hechu, who was about to be sent out by the Prime Minister Baili, stopped in his tracks and curiously looked at Baili Jinxiu who walked in.

He was obviously being unreasonably fierce towards Prime Minister Baili, but Baili Jinxiu's face was no longer as timid and cowardly as it was before, but instead, he had a brilliant smile towards Prime Minister Baili.

"Father, you are here as well."

As Baili Jinxiu looked at Prime Minister Baili's completely darkened face, the smile on his face became even more brilliant.

Since you don't want me to laugh, then I will laugh to my heart's content.

"Second Miss, what are you doing here?"

Concubine Wang behind Prime Minister Baili also had an ugly expression on his face when he saw Baili Jinxiu.

"Haven't you harmed enough Furong? Do you really have to see your big sister die before you give up? Even so, Sixth Prince will never return to marry you. Why are you so heartless? "

Saying that, Concubine Wang started to cry.

These words sounded random, but everyone present knew that Baili Jinxiu had just been annulled by the Sixth Prince. The Sixth Prince was.

Now, Baili Jinxiu had come to see Baili Furong in such a happy manner.

The other meaning of Concubine Wang's words was that Baili Jinxiu was here to watch the show. There was even a faint accusation that Baili Jinxiu might be the culprit.

Prime Minister Baili shouted with a gloomy face: "Throw this girl out! Don't tell me that staying here would allow you to see a doctor? "A crazy girl who only knows how to cause trouble."

"Father, how did you know?"

Baili Jinxiu blinked his eyes as his black and white eyes rolled around the room.

"I'm here to treat Big Sis."

"Oh? Second Miss knows how to treat patients? " Wen Hechu suddenly revealed a surprised expression.

Baili Jinxiu looked at him. He was a young man who was about seventeen or eighteen years old.

Baili Jinxiu bared his teeth at his opponent.

"Yeah. This Miss is here to treat Big Sis. "

The faces of everyone present turned pale with fright, and their jaws dropped.

"What are you talking about?"

Prime Minister Baili scolded angrily: "Aside from causing trouble and making me lose face, what else do you know?"

It was only after being scolded by the Prime Minister Baili that everyone reacted.

That's right, other than infatuating the lustful Miss, would there still be anything else for him?

Baili Jinxiu looked at the servants laughing loudly in the courtyard, but his eyes suddenly shivered.

"Father, didn't you say that as long as big sister's illness is cured, we would be able to get a hundred taels of gold?"

"That's right. But will you? " Prime Minister Baili really didn't want to acknowledge Baili Jinxiu as his daughter.

Baili Jinxiu did not mind the disdain in the Prime Minister Baili's eyes at all, and asked while smiling: "Up till now, no one has obtained that gold right?"

The Prime Minister Baili nodded impatiently, he waved his hand as though he was shooing away flies and scolded Baili Jinxiu: "Stop causing trouble here, hurry up and leave."

"Then if I can cure big sister, then wouldn't I be able to obtain more than everyone else? "For example, two hundred liang of gold."

Originally, Baili Jinxiu only wanted to get the gold coins and teach this white lotus, Baili Furong, who had sent people to bully her, a lesson.

But now, looking at Prime Minister Baili's attitude, Baili Jinxiu felt that he should make him pay even more.

"Oh? Was Second Miss really confident in being able to cure the Eldest Miss? Eldest Miss's symptoms looked similar to spring itch, but it was even more strange.

The Old Imperial Physician s of the Imperial Hospital can't understand, can the Second Miss be cured? " Wen Hechu was really interested at this time.

He was the direct grandson of the Academy Judge with retired Imperial Hospital, and was also the youngest imperial physician to date. However, he was also the number one young master of the doctor in the capital.

Even he could not understand Spring Agility. Could this infatuated Miss, who was famous even in the outside world, understand it?

"Then if I can treat it, does that mean I'm stronger than you?" Baili Jinxiu looked at the elegant young master in front of him.

He was clearly having a good temper, but he was actually showing that kind of teasing expression to me. What kind of childish behavior is this?

Wen Hechu never thought that Baili Jinxiu would actually ask himself such a question. He was stunned for a moment, but then suddenly raised the corner of his mouth and laughed, "The premise is that Second Miss Baili must have true abilities."

"Alright, this Miss will bet with you. See if this Miss has the ability to do so. Of course, this Miss also wants the two hundred liang of gold. "

Baili Jinxiu was enraged by Wen Hechu's look, which made him look as if he didn't understand what was going on.

Prime Minister Baili opened his mouth: "Baili Jinxiu, stop messing around, see if I don't ?"

"Prime Minister Baili. Since Second Miss is so confident, why not let her try? "

Wen Hechu opened his mouth and said: "I'm also very curious, what exactly is going on with Eldest Miss?"

With Wen Hechu here and looking at Baili Jinxiu's arrogant appearance, Prime Minister Baili thought that he had already seen all of the doctors in the capital.

The worst that could happen would be for Baili Jinxiu to take another look, and it could be considered as giving Wen Hechu face.

"Ah?" Big Sis, you really have been tied up. "

The moment Baili Jinxiu entered, he saw how Baili Furong was tied up, to the point that the corner of her mouth could not help but rise.

"Baili Jinxiu? What are you doing here? What are you doing here? Mother, she came to laugh at me. I don't want her to come in. "

Baili Furong's entire body was in a sorry state, unlike the Baili Jinxiu who was standing on the ground with Lady Wang and ridiculed the marriage between Baili Jinxiu and Prince An with cold eyes.

What's more, when he sent his mother to Madame Baili's courtyard to bully Baili Jinxiu, he looked even more arrogant.

"Take a good look. The embroidery." If you really want to help your sister, then take a look. At that time, Sixth Prince will also be grateful to you. "

When n?e Wang saw her daughter crying, how could she bear it?

At that moment, he could not help but stab at the wound that Baili Jinxiu cared about the most.

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