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Evil Emperor Spoils Poisonous Consort/C9 Could it be that i've been possessed
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C9 Could it be that i've been possessed

It was a pity that to Baili Jinxiu, the Sixth Prince was not a wound at all, but dead skin.

"Aiya, that's right. If Sixth Prince were to see Big Sis's face being scratched like a big flowery cat right now, then he would really have a good look at it."

Baili Jinxiu said with a serious face.

Act, let's see if this Miss won't let you cry even harder.

Sure enough, after she said that, Baili Furong started bawling: "Mother, what do we do? What about my face? "

However, the more she cried, the more tears came out. Baili Furong felt that the itch on her face became even more intense.

She could not help but rub her face against her clothes, causing it to become red and swollen.

"Wuu ? wuu ?" My bitter daughter. What's wrong with you? "

Seeing Baili Furong like that, Lady Wang also started to cry from the pain in her heart.

"Do you know if your big sister is sick or not? If not, then go out immediately."

Baili Furong was really brought up in Prime Minister Baili's arms, seeing Baili Furong's suffering, Prime Minister Baili felt his heart ache.

But, Baili Jinxiu was not anxious at all.

When someone stepped on her wound and viciously crushed it, she would never become a punching bag.

"I know how to read it. Big Sis is clearly being possessed. "

Baili Jinxiu's voice was clear and clean, with a luster unique to girls. However, it made everyone in the room pause for a moment.

"What did you say?" Prime Minister Baili's face was twisted. "You bastard, this old man will beat you to death today ?"

Prime Minister Baili was so angry that his face turned purple.

Fortunately, Wen Hechu who was standing by the side stopped Prime Minister Baili, and looking at Baili Jinxiu who was still standing at his original position indifferently, Wen Hechu asked softly.

"What does Miss Baili mean by this?"

"You've invited so many doctors. Aren't you surprised that Big Sis's illness has never recovered?"

Baili Jinxiu's eyes fell on Baili Furong's face.

"How important is a woman's appearance? Even if it's an itch, it shouldn't be that bad, right? So many doctors and imperial doctors, can't you see a spring itch? "

These words were like a sharp sword, instantly opening everyone's minds.

"Indeed, this Eldest Miss look like spring itch. But, so many pills are useless, that means it's not. "

Seeing that the First Young Master of the Doctor had already said so, Prime Minister Baili and the others had no choice but to admit this fact.

Yes, there was no cure. That was truly bewitching.

"Then what should we do? Mother, I don't want to die, I don't want to die! " Baili Furong cried even more miserably.

"I still want to marry to the Sixth Prince. I want to become the high and mighty Consort of Sixth Prince, Mother, Father, please save me! "Save me ?"

"Embroidery, you just said that you have a way, what can you do?"

Prime Minister Baili looked at his eldest daughter in pain and asked Baili Jinxiu hurriedly.

Concubine Wang's expression changed. "It can't be that she's bewitched."

If she was bewitched, then how was Furong going to marry Sixth Prince in the future?

A woman possessed by evil meant her misfortune. How could Noble Consort agree to let him marry Furong?

"It can't be evil." Concubine Wang nodded her head firmly and said, "That's impossible."

"Oh. "Then you guys should find the imperial physician and continue watching."

How could Baili Jinxiu not understand Concubine Wang's thoughts? For the sake of marriage, this mother and daughter pair had even done something to kill her.

Only, the Concubine Wang could endure it, but Baili Furong could not.

Mom, I'm itchy. "Ahh!" "Hundred Miles of Hibiscus screamed miserably. She actually hit the corner of the chair with her face, causing a bruise to appear on her face.

Concubine Wang became anxious looking at him, but seeing that Baili Jinxiu was about to leave, he became even more troubled.

"Embroidery, Second Miss, don't go ?"

"If it's not evil, then I was wrong. What am I doing here? yew, let's go. "

Baili Jinxiu shook his head helplessly and raised his leg to leave.

"This... "This ?"

Concubine Wang looked at Baili Furong who was about to crash into her chair, then looked at Baili Jinxiu who was about to walk out, and pleaded to Second Prime Minister Baili with tears in his eyes.

"Old master, what should we do?"

Baili Jinxiu saw from the corner of his eyes that the Prime Minister Baili's expression was changing unpredictably. Hehe, mother and daughter white lotus, do you guys think you're possessed or disfigured?

Baili Jinxiu looked at the expressions of Prime Minister Baili and his, but the corners of his mouth twitched as he lifted his leg and prepared to walk outside.

"The weather is so good. A yew, come out for a stroll with this Miss."

"Halt." Prime Minister Baili turned his head and saw Concubine Wang's pleading eyes, he could only shout out loud.

But in that moment, it was as if he was slicing meat, while Baili Furong kept shouting "it's itchy".

However, Wen Hechu suddenly smiled slightly: "Prime Minister, I see that Eldest Miss from the Prime Minister Palace might not be able to handle it for long.

Her wounds have already started bleeding, and if she continues like this, there will be even more scars. "

"Master, what should we do? Woo woo ? * My Furong. "

Concubine Wang's heart ached for her. Was her daughter's beautiful face, which she had nurtured with great difficulty, going to be ugly like this?

The Concubine Wang continued to shout Prime Minister Baili, crying as he begged, "Master, master, what do we do?"

Prime Minister Baili was quarreled so much by the Concubine Wang that if he did not really care about Baili Furong, he would not have made such a difficult choice.

Moreover, there was still the Imperial Physician Wen here. If this were to spread out, Baili Furong's entire life would be over.

"If you keep making noise, then what do you think we should do? Your daughter is yours, so are you going to treat her yourself or not? "

Prime Minister Baili's anger rose, even he couldn't help but shout out to Concubine Wang, who always felt sorry for him.

Concubine Wang's eyes were filled with tears, but Baili Jinxiu was feeling refreshed.

"Healing or not? Give me a definite answer! "

Seeing Baili Jinxiu about to leave, Concubine Wang screamed.

Second Miss, wuu ?" We'll treat it. As long as the hibiscus is not broken.

Second Miss, since this is your own sister, you must not act recklessly. If anything happens to Furong, that would be adding another joke to the entire Baili Residence. "

Baili Jinxiu sneered, this Concubine Wang was truly a cruel and merciless person.

It sounded like he was begging her, but he was blaming her for everything regarding Baili Furong.

If she couldn't cure Baili Furong, then she was useless, and she had to embarrass the Baili Residence again.

Sure enough, after he said that, the Prime Minister Baili's gaze at Baili Jinxiu became sharp.

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