The entire Divine Emperor Continent seemed to be covered in the anger of a god. The trembling mountain peaks and surging rivers added a terrifying aura to the entire continent, and there were flashes of lightning within the blood cloud.

Boom ? After a thunderous sound resounded throughout the world, rain began to pour down like blood, washing away the entire continent ? red! It was imprinted all over the earth.

Just what kind of grief could cause the heaven and earth to cry and the mountains to tremble? It was unknown how long, how long this rain of blood had been pouring for ?

The thousand years rotated, the sunset rose to the east, the blue sea turned into mulberry fields, and the mulberry fields became blue. The mysterious Divine Emperor Continent was eventually ruled by the three great empires of Southern Jin, Western Qi and Eastern Huang.

At this time, in a mountain forest controlled by the Southern Jin, a little girl around eight or nine years old was currently running about in the forest. Her messy hair fluttered in the air and the mud on the ground was stained with her red dress as she ran quickly.

It was as if she was waiting for the sun to set in the west. Suddenly, the little girl stopped her footsteps and looked at the cliff in front of her, where the cold wind blew from the bottom of the cliff and blew against the little girl's somewhat miserable face, but there was not the slightest hint of fear in her eyes. She stared at the distant sunset, and her eyes flashed with an aura even colder than the cold wind.

Suddenly, a strong gust of wind accompanied by a strong killing intent blew over from behind her. The little girl felt the killing intent, but was not afraid at all, instead, her lips curled up into a sneer, and her eyes, which were as cold as a glacier for ten thousand years, slightly tilted, as she slowly turned around, like a born emperor. Her sharp gaze shot towards the three black-clothed men in front of her, who were wearing dark black tight suits and had an ice blue mask on their face.

The killing intent emitted by the black clothed man had also swept up all the surrounding tree branches in the air. Their strength were all at least at Earth Scale of seven stars.

One of the black clothed men spoke with a gloomy tone: "Does Second Palace Master want to commit suicide or do you want your subordinate to kill you?" Facing this kind of Second Palace Master, they had no fear at all. With her current strength, killing her would be easier than crushing an ant.

As for the little girl, her face showed a calmness that did not match her age. Her ice-cold eyes flickered with a haughty gaze that looked down on the world as she coldly said, "You actually know the identity of the This Palace! Shen Jiu Ye really has raised a bunch of loyal and courteous dogs! " When the little girl said the three words "Shen Jiu Ye," the killing intent in her eyes seemed as though they wanted to tear her into a thousand pieces.

When the three black-clothed men heard the little girl talk about the Divine Nine Night, they were all startled, thinking that she actually knew who they were. Seems like their Second Palace Master did not have any change in mental state, and was still as shrewd and sinister as before, even though they had turned into little girls. But facing the current Second Palace Master, they did not have any fear, and the other black-clothed man said fiercely: "Since Second Palace Master knows our identities, then Second Palace Master should know what you should do next, right?"

The little girl only laughed coldly, and spoke with a tone that seemed to say helplessness: "If you want This Palace to die, then you must at least let This Palace die, right?"

"Oh!" Second Palace Master, how do you want to die? "

The little girl carried that irresistible tone and asked in a low voice, "How does your Grand Palace Master know about the divine incantation on This Palace's body?"

"We really don't know about Second Palace Master! Looks like I can't make you understand anymore! Why don't you go to Hades? He might tell you! "

The little girl seemed to know that they would say that. Her lips curled up into a smile as she coldly said: "Really? Since you do not know, then go and sue the King of Hell for your wrongdoings! " As he said that, the last rays of the setting sun fell into the western mountains, and the night began to spread out.

The three black-clothed men watched as the sun set in the west. They did not seem to be afraid, because they knew that she would not return to her original appearance tonight.

When the dark night shrouded the little girl's body, she thought that she would return to her original appearance, but no matter what, she was unable to condense the Essence, and her body did not have any changes. Her eyes darkened, and she was filled with suspicions, but very quickly, she understood what was going on, and even though she did not recover her strength, she did not panic at all.

The three black clothed men saw that the little girl did not have any expression on her face, and could not help but admire their Second Palace Master. One of the black clothed men said, "You are truly worthy of being the godless moon! For a thousand years, it has been an honor for Jade Toad Palace to have someone with such spirit and Heaven Ranked Five Stars as you. However, a mountain cannot hold two tigers, so I believe that this Second Palace Master knows this principle better than anyone else! "

"Humph!" Shen Jiu Ye had still held back, and the only thing to blame was that This Palace had mercy and didn't kill her back then! You guys go back and tell her that if I don't die today, I will tear her into a thousand pieces! Scratch the bones and scatter the ashes! " As he spoke, he leaped off the cliff behind him and plummeted towards the abyss like a falling stone.

The cold Qi coming from the bottom of the cliff also made the three of them shiver. One of the black clothed man said: "This is the Ten Thousand Creek Ice Lake, with godless moon's current strength, I am afraid that before I could even fall into the lake, I would have already been invaded by the cold Qi and died!"

The other two men in black nodded their heads in agreement. One of the man in black spoke anxiously: "Quickly go back and report to Grand Palace Master!"

"Yes sir!"

His body started to become stiff, and his consciousness started to become blurry. Right at this moment, a white light suddenly appeared and surrounded godless moon, causing godless moon to feel a warm current entering her body. She felt a pair of gentle eyes staring at her, but she was powerless to open her eyes.

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