Xue Yi also recalled that previously, the Second Palace Master had always been in the Southern Jin and when the Grand Palace Master said that he was taking Feng Xue Ying as his disciple, he had actually never paid attention to Feng Xue Ying.

But now, she had to see Xiao Heng Fei Yun personally, and she could feel that her strength was only at the Xuan Level realm. The difference between her and Feng Xue Ying was like the difference between heaven and earth, why would Grand Palace Master meet her?

"Why would Grand Palace Master meet her personally? From the looks of it, her strength is only at the Xuan Level level, and he hasn't even reached the Earth Scale yet. " Xue Yi asked in confusion.

Yi Han's cold eyes fell on Xue Yi's body, and said coldly: "How can we guess at Grand Palace Master's thoughts, just do your own thing! Knowing too much will only cost you your life! "

"I know! It's my fault for talking too much! "

Yi Han nodded slightly towards Xue Yi, then turned around and left as well.

Seeing that Qing Lian had left, Xue Yi turned to look at the palace. No one knew what she was thinking, but her beautiful eyes flickered with a strange expression.

Xiao Heng Fei Yun walked into the palace, and two servants opened the door for her.


A strong gust of cold air came straight at him, accompanied by a biting cold wind that nearly suffocated Xiao Heng Fei Yun.

His body was on the verge of collapsing and his legs were frozen to the point where he could no longer move. He was about to fall down.

A white ribbon quickly came out from the hall and entangled Xiao Heng Fei Yun tightly.



Xiao Heng Fei Yun was brought in, Mu! The door to the hall closed as well.

He saw Shen Jiu Ye sitting upright on the ice bed, his luxurious Flowing Immortal Dress covering the entire bed, his ice-cold and frosty face seemed to reveal a sense of exhaustion. It was clear that his injuries from that day had not completely healed.

At that time, in order to escape Xuan Yuan Ye Chen's control, her soul was almost about to break. If not for that thing, it would be impossible for Essence to recover so quickly.

"Ahh ?" The hard and ice-cold stone slab caused Xiao Heng Fei Yun to be on the verge of fainting. She felt that she was about to step into hell.

However, what was even more terrifying than hell for her now was that Shen Jiu Ye, who seemed to be giving off an even scarier aura than hell, had no expression at all as he sat there upright.

"Xiao Heng Fei Yun!"

The tone that seemed to come from the ice lake of ten thousand rivers caused Xiao Heng Fei Yun, who was about to lose consciousness, to recover slightly. Her body was still trembling as she curled up continuously.

"Big... Great Palace... "Master!"

Shen Jiu Ye slowly opened her eyes and raised her eyes to look at the curled up Xiao Heng Fei Yun, who was trembling non-stop. He could not help but smile coldly, and a trace of maliciousness flowed out from her ice-cold eyes.

She raised her slender finger and pointed it at Xiao Heng Fei Yun.

The cold energy around Xiao Heng Fei Yun's body receded, and her consciousness started to slowly recover as well.

The moment he straightened his body and raised his eyes to look at Shen Jiu Ye, he could not help but tremble for a moment. Then, he knelt on the ground with both legs and said in a low voice, "Big ? Grand Palace Master! "

"With your little ability, This Palace is very curious about how you managed to survive." Raising her eyes to look at Xiao Heng Fei Yun's trembling appearance, to her, these people were like ants to her, living a life of life, in her eyes, they were nothing more than dregs.

"I... I... I will definitely cultivate properly and not embarrass Master. "

Xiao Heng lowered his head and forced himself to say the complete sentence.

"Humph!" Shen Jiu Ye snorted coldly, and advanced saying: "Do you know why This Palace wants to accept you as his disciple?"

"I ?"

Xiao Heng Fei Yun kept his head down, why did he want to take her as a disciple? With her strength, she was considered one of the top experts amongst the Southern Jin women, but to the Jade Toad Palace, she was not even comparable to an ordinary maid.

The god looked at her for a long while without saying anything, then snorted coldly and said: "You and Xue Ying are like heaven and earth, one is calm as water, calm as water, the other is shriveled like a mouse, this is also proof why Xiao Heng's house is walking towards a foreign land, while the Ye Family is climbing higher and higher. But you have an indignant heart, and you're unwilling. Desire is in your body. "

The simple and cold explanation caused Xiao Heng Fei Yun to be stunned, and the words she spoke were obviously biased towards Feng Xue Ying and Feng Xue Ying. Why was Feng Xue Ying so noble in the eyes of everyone, that she would forever be under her glory, and would never be able to stand up for himself as long as she was in his eyes.

Her beautiful eyes couldn't help but reveal a trace of sadness, and her fingers couldn't help but tighten.

Shen Jiu Ye took in the entirety of the hatred flowing beneath Xiao Heng Fei Yun's beautiful eyes and said coldly: "But you have an indignant heart, unwillingness, hatred, and the desire to stand in a position where ten thousand people respect you. This is the biggest difference between you and Xue Ying, and also the reason why This Palace accepted you as her disciple and personally taught you, do you understand!"

Xiao Heng Fei Yun was startled. It was true that she really wanted to become strong, so that everyone's attention would be focused on her, especially Xuan Yuan Ling Tian's. However, this was actually the reason why Shen Jiu Ye wanted to take her as his disciple, and for a moment, she did not know how to react.

But facing Shen Jiu Ye's cold, bone-piercing eyes, he hurriedly and respectfully said: "Disciple understands!"

"Alright then!" Shen Jiu Ye said in a cold voice and instantly appeared in front of Xiao Heng Fei Yun. Xiao Heng Fei Yun felt a figure that was accompanied by a dark chill and couldn't help but shiver. Grand Palace Master! "

"Then Fei Yun, tell This Palace now, what do you understand?"

Xiao Heng Fei Yun swallowed her saliva and slowly said in a low voice: "Disciple wants to become stronger, to become able to defeat Feng Xue Ying, to defeat those who insult me, to bully and restore the glory of Xiao Heng's house, and to make those who look down upon Xiao Heng's house pay the price." When she said that, Xiao Heng Fei Yun could not help but harden her heart, and in her mind, she saw the face of those people, and wished that they could tear apart their faces and ruthlessly stomp on the ground.

"Tell This Palace, what price do you want them to pay?" Shen Jiu Ye could clearly feel the resentment that was being emitted from Xiao Heng Fei Yun's body.

"Let them go to hell!" These words did not enter Xiao Heng Fei Yun's brain, and came out of her mouth.

"That Xuan Yuan Ling Tian!"

"Big Brother Ling Tian! I want Big Brother Ling Tian to fall in love with me, and have him love me alone for the rest of his life, and protect me alone. "

"But he has already vowed to never marry anyone other than Feng Xue Ying."

"That won't happen!" "No way!" Xiao Heng Fei Yun suddenly shouted, her eyes full of hatred.

"That won't happen!" I won't let Feng Xue Ying succeed, I must kill her! I won't let her succeed! " As she spoke, her beautiful eyes were filled with a bloodthirsty red glow as she muttered under her breath.

"I want Big Brother Ling Tian to stay by my side, I won't let Feng Xue Ying snatch Big Brother Ling Tian away."

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