Could it be that she had been concealing herself this entire time? Why was that, if she really had the strength of a five star Earth Scale or above, then her Xiao Heng's house would be able to shake the entire Divine Emperor Continent. One must know that the women of the three empires had cultivated to the level of a three star Earth Scale or above elemental energy number, then they would be able to rule the world like a mother and daughter.

"I don't care how powerful your current elemental energy number is, in the end, you are still a member of my Xiao Heng's house. The order to marry will be decided by my parents, the Jia Residence will cancel the engagement, and my clan's face will be completely swept away. If you are able to win the championship of the elemental energy number competition and obtain the bestowal of the Emperor in seven days, then let's forget about this matter!"

If he was able to win in the Essence's advanced stage competition, not only would his Xiao Heng's house be able to stand proud and proud, he would even be known by the entire Divine Emperor Continent. The reason he received the marriage edict from the Emperor was undoubtedly because he wanted to marry himself into the Imperial Family.

To date, none of the daughters of the Xiao Heng's house have married into the Imperial Family, because marrying into the Imperial Family would require a minimum of Earth Scale. There were already several women from the Ye and Feng Families who had joined the Imperial Family, becoming imperial concubines, royal consorts, and even some women who were bestowed the title of "Princess".

She was around the same age as Xiao Heng Fei Yun, but her elemental energy number was already at the three star level of Earth Scale. It was extremely rare for her to be able to do so at their age, and many of the men who cultivated in the elemental energy number were not as good as her. Other than the Crown Prince, she had the most influence within the imperial city, so she was the most likely person to be the Crown Prince.

"Great!" What is this young lady's dowry? "

"Humph!" As long as you win the championship, I will satisfy you with the dowry that you asked for! "

godless moon looked at Xiao Heng Zhan Tian with contempt and walked out of the door slowly. When he reached the same place as, he said coldly: "Good! Don't go back on your word! "Otherwise..." The cold light shot towards Xiao Heng Zhan Tian.

Xiao Heng Zhan Tian could not help but be taken aback. He had never seen such a frightening gaze before, not even when facing the Southern Jin's most powerful and powerful Xuanyuan Emperor.

The competition for the elemental energy number's advancement was a top priority for the Divine Emperor Continent, and it was held once every three years. The three empires would hold it in turn, and this competition would bring together all the experts from the three empires.

And the Three Great Empires could display their own strength through the Essence, which was also a contest of strength between the Three Great Empires.

Most of these experts were known to be from the nobles of the imperial palace, so it was hard for ordinary citizens to compete against them.

If he could win the championship, his name would definitely shake the three empires. If he could win the championship, not only would he receive the bestowal of marriage from the Emperor, he would also receive the status of a marquis to pay homage to his family. To the countries that cultivated the elemental energy number, his status was needless to say.

If the Jade Toad Palace's Palace Master was a spectator, then it would definitely be a great sensation in the world. Therefore, such a proud and arrogant person like Shen Jiu Ye would definitely not come to the Essence's competition this time.

Because of the Jia Clan's annulment of the marriage, the Xiao Heng's house was frequently pointed out by people, and Xiao Heng Zhan Tian was also used by the other two big clans as a topic of discussion in the Imperial Court, for big clans like theirs, it had been countless of years since they had fought openly and secretly, and if they saw one side was in trouble, they would definitely add insult to injury.

Even though he hated her for causing his face to be completely swept away, when he saw her strength that day, he had no choice but to endure, and every day, he would give her all kinds of Orbs. Even the place she stayed at had been moved to the main house, and Ji Yao had also been buried as a concubine.

Especially Xiao Heng Fei Yun, she had been injured by her, but her father had not only not heavily punished her, he had also allowed her to live in the sect compound. At the same time, he had also ordered her not to be disturbed, so it was impossible for her to find her for revenge, but how could she let godless moon go just like that?

Time slowly passed by, and the warriors of various countries continued to arrive at the Southern Jin. What made godless moon curious was that the silver-haired monster did not come to find trouble with her, could it be that it was a cold needle, but this way no one could disturb her cultivation, so every night when godless moon came to the Ten Thousand Creek Ice Lake, she would definitely not let Shen Jiu Ye find any trace of her before she found a way to unlock the divine incantation.

Inside Shattered Cloud Hall, Xuan Yuan Ye Chen was dressed in white, crescent moon-like black silk s that were not bound in any way, forming a clear contrast with his white clothes. There was no sign of life on her pale white face, and the tiredness on her beautiful face was completely evident.

Currently, he was in the study room. The doors and windows were tightly shut, and only specks of light could be seen through the cracks, making the atmosphere even more gloomy.

Creak! The door to the study opened, and a guard dressed in navy robes walked in. His eyes were as sharp as an eagle and his Qi was like a tiger's, he was definitely an expert amongst experts, kneeling in front of Xuan Yuan Ye Chen, he said respectfully: "Your Highness, Crown Prince is here!"

Xuan Yuan Ye Chen replied softly as he stood up and walked towards the main hall.

The Crown Prince was sitting on the main seat of the main hall, drinking tea prepared by the eunuchs. Today, when he was dressed in his purple and elegant brocade robe, he looked even more handsome, and his naturally noble aura was hard to conceal.

"Participate in Crown Prince!" A weak voice came from the pavilion.

Xuan Yuan Ling Tian hurriedly stepped forward to support both of Xuan Yuan Ye Chen's hands, "Seventh Brother, there's no need for the two of us to act so courteously here. Come, sit down quickly." As he spoke, he supported Xuan Yuan Ye Chen as they sat on the main seat.

"Seventh Brother, why does This Palace feel like your body isn't as healthy as it was before? I heard from the people in the palace that you haven't left your house yet!" His tone was filled with concern.

"I have indeed been feeling a bit unwell recently. After a few days, I will be fine. Cough, cough, cough..." Xuan Yuan Ye Chen covered her pale lips as her face became even more pale.

"Seventh Brother!"

At the same time, the guard shouted in shock, "Your Highness!!"

"Feng Yun!" "I'm fine."

Crown Prince was panicking as he pulled Xuan Yuan Ye Chen's hand over to the vein.

Ever since Your Highness came back that night, his body had become even weaker during the day, and he seemed to have been heavily injured. But in the entire Divine Emperor Continent, aside from the previous Asgard Master, who else could possibly be a match for the Your Highness, Feng Yun didn't dare to ask too much about it.

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