The martial artists that reported in, looked at godless moon's skinny body, and were filled with contempt. That ridiculing tone continued to be transmitted, and some of the martial artists recognized the godless moon and shouted: "Isn't that the broken Second Miss?!"

"This yell attracted a lot of attention.

"Aiyo!" Why is she here to participate in the advanced stage competition? Could it be that her bearer of misfortune has lost her mind from anger? "

"I think so. It's not easy to die, you have to come here!"

"..." One sarcastic voice after another sounded out, but godless moon only indifferently listened to these ignorant scoundrels.

At this time, some ignorant fellow mockingly said, "Let Grandpa experience this remnant of Innate Qi, ah! "Hahaha..."

"You better relax, be careful of killing the remaining root!"

The surrounding people formed a circle, all waiting to see the godless moon make a fool out of herself, while Xiao Heng Fei Yun stood at the top of the stage and watched the scene below. She wanted to see how she would be mocked by the crowd, because this scene also attracted the attention of many spectators.

The fierce-looking guy looked to be around thirty to forty years old, but he only had the strength of a three-star Yellow Rank. He was even more useless than Xiao Heng Fei Yun.

"Miss Can Genji, grandpa will help you advise you to go back and wash up as soon as possible. Otherwise, you won't even know how you died."

godless moon only snorted coldly. A bunch of commoners, perhaps they didn't even know that the people standing there were Jade Toad Palace s who would even bow in respect to the Emperor if they saw him.

The man looked at godless moon's disdainful snort and immediately flew into a rage. He was actually being looked down upon by someone with a broken body, a Essence whose strength was only at the 3-star yellow level. The airflow around him was very weak, even the onlookers were unable to injure him.

When the man struck towards godless moon, a powerful force suddenly struck over, causing the surrounding people to retreat continuously, those who were not strong enough fell to the ground.

The man also retreated his true qi to the ground. godless moon only used three levels of cultivation to easily push these people back when she felt the true qi, at least above Earth Scale.

The Qi of the Essence's assailant got closer and closer. When they saw who it was, the surrounding people all pushed it away, showing their respect and respect.

He saw a woman in a blue silk dress leisurely walking over. Her face was like peach blossoms, her skin was creamy, and she had a gentle and beautiful aura. Her slim willow-like body made her look like a fairy that didn't eat the smoke and fire of the mortal world, and she couldn't be desecrated.

She was the young miss of the Feng Family, the talented young lady of the Southern Jin: Feng Xue Ying, she had the beautiful appearance that all the girls envied, her spotless body, and her disposition that made her seem like an orchid. Not only was elemental energy number a three star at the Earth Scale, she was also proficient in zither, chess, painting, and other than Xuan Yuan Ling Tian, she was the most famous.

When the man saw her saliva all over the ground, the girl felt not only envious, but also jealous.

"Young miss of the Feng Clan, wow!" So beautiful! "Oh my god ?" Praise sounded out unceasingly, the warriors from the other two countries that came from far away kept on exclaiming in surprise when they saw Feng Xue Ying, even if they couldn't see such a woman, they didn't have any regrets.

She was the one who released the Qi, walking towards the godless moon, but the man was so shocked that he even forgot to get up, his lustful eyes glaring like peach blossoms.

"Anyone can participate in the advanced stage competition, no matter who they are. Besides, the advanced stage competition is announced by His Majesty himself. How can anyone mess around like this?" Her voice was just like that of a bird within a desolate valley, soft and cold. Even though it was without anger, it was enough to make everyone on scene stunned and shocked. It was absolutely silent.

Feng Xue Ying smiled faintly at the godless moon, unlike the warm and cozy March spring breeze.

"Second Miss Xiao Heng, I wish you success in your advancement!" There was no contempt in those eyes, no hypocrisy.

This young miss really had the demeanor of a big family, Xiao Heng Fei Yun was not even a ten thousandth of her.

godless moon watched everything coldly, and said coldly: "I am counting on Young Lady Feng's blessings!" Then, he turned around and walked toward the entrance.

Feng Xue Ying thoughtfully looked at that skinny figure. She knew about the rumors regarding this Second Miss, but seeing her today was vastly different. She could feel the frightening coldness coming from her body, and especially the pair of ice-cold eyes that seemed to despise the world.

"That broken root is nothing. Even with Eldest Miss helping her, she still looks so noble!" "As expected of a mother ?"

"Xiao Xiang!" Feng Xue Ying scolded sternly.

"I'm sorry, big miss. Little Xiang knows her wrongs. Little Xiang shouldn't speak carelessly!" Lil 'Xiang said timidly. She had forgotten that the Eldest Young Miss hated gossiping behind people's backs the most. She didn't expect that even this stump was no exception.

"Let's go!"

Xiao Heng Fei Yun, who was standing on the high platform, felt her teeth itch in anger when she saw Feng Xue Ying's appearance, because as long as she was there, she, Xiao Heng's young miss, would never be able to stand up for him. As long as she was there, all the stars were around her, and she would never be able to match up to her.

The godless moon entered the imperial city and saw the imperial city behind the tall wall. It was a majestic and spectacular sight.

By the side of the stage were the participants' seats, and the stage that surrounded the stage was also more than ten metres tall, and in the center of the stage, the magnificent and magnificent stage was where the Emperor Xuanyuan and the other great clans were located, at the moment, there were already many people from the noble clans waiting there.

At this time, the spectator stands beside the stage were already buzzing with noise, and those who were waiting for the competition were also rubbing their fists and wiping their palms. godless moon was located at the most remote location, so the people of different levels were naturally treated differently.

The skinny godless moon was like a grain of sand in the desert as she sat there.

The Mysterious Ice Phoenix that had been sleeping inside the spirit ring all this while woke up and felt the surrounding air becoming turbid. It grumbled: "Master, how can you stay in this place that you can't see, and let the Ice Phoenix clean it up for you!" When you said you wanted to control the divine beast's power, you were stopped by the godless moon, so the Mysterious Ice Phoenix was reminded, "The Ice Phoenix cannot move, and once you use your divine power, these people will all die without a burial ground. This doesn't reveal the whereabouts of the This Palace, and right now, we cannot let Shen Jiu Ye know where he is."

"Yes!" "Master!"

The conversation between the two was only a spiritual exchange, and the others couldn't hear it at all.

Just at this moment, he suddenly felt a familiar gaze looking at her. godless moon was startled, and looked towards the direction of the gaze, only to see that in the center of the stage, even at such a far distance, the power of the Mysterious Ice Phoenix was clearly visible.

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