Chapters 16 - 16: Burial flowers

At this moment, everyone's attention was turned to the sudden change. godless moon was anxious and suspicious, why would Shen Jiu Ye suddenly come to Southern Jin? Could it be that she knew where he was hiding, but that was impossible! If Shen Jiu Ye's people were nearby, the Mysterious Ice Phoenix would definitely be able to sense them.

"Quick, look!" One of the spectators pointed at the sky and shouted. Everyone followed his shout and looked up.

The cold white mist in the sky slowly dispersed and a blue light suddenly flashed across the sky. The ice froth that fell from the sky was replaced by the pink-white petals of the flower. The rain of flowers that fell from the sky still carried a suffocating chill.

godless moon reached out her hand and looked at the white flower petals that fell into her palm, muttering: "Buried Flower! It really is Shen Jiu Ye! "

And the royalty standing on the high platform were all top class experts. The aura of such a powerful elemental energy number caused them to tremble in fear. Looking at the falling petals, they were also wondering what flower could it be, how could it have such a cold aura.

"These are Buried Flowers!" Xuan Yuan Ling Tian said deeply as he looked at the petal in his hand.

"What!?" Buried Flower! " Everyone was shocked and could not believe it, because the Buried Flower was a flower unique to the Jade Toad Palace. This kind of flower could be the most poisonous medicine in the world, and could also be an all-purpose antidote, but to plant this kind of flower, not only would it require ten thousand years of cold energy, it would also need the blood of a person with Deity Tier Essence, so this flower was not something an ordinary person could see.

Xuan Yuan Ling Tian had only seen it when he was in the ten thousand medicinal herbs valley, and it was undoubtedly in a medicinal book.

When everyone was in a state of shock, only Xuan Yuan Ye Chen was calmly watching everything, and his gaze was fixated on the small and skinny figure on the stage. Shen Jiu Ye was about to arrive, and was really looking forward to see what kind of expression she would have as he looked up at the sky, and how the sky would turn dark and the power of the divine incantation would disappear, and what he was really looking forward to was what would happen next.

"Could it be..." Emperor Xuanyuan was also happy and perturbed. If this was really a Buried Flower, then ? Right at that moment, a gust of cold wind blew by, and the petals came to a stop in midair. They swirled in the air until they formed a long flight of stairs in the air.

At the end of the flower petal was a ball of strong cold energy. Everyone held their breath as they watched the changing scene.

Just like the goddess that had walked out of the clouds, they were beautiful and pure. And in the midst of such a powerful cold air, they were still wearing thin white clothes, and their bare feet were stepping on top of the flower petals. This was enough to prove that these four women were definitely not ordinary people.

When the four girls finally appeared in front of them, their cold eyes gazed upon the shocked nobles of the imperial palace.

"Jade Toad Palace and Grand Palace Master have arrived!" A cold and soft voice was enough for everyone on the field to hear.

Emperor Xuanyuan and the rest recovered from their shock and hurriedly raised their hands to pay their respects. "Welcome, Grand Palace Master!" Everyone on the field knelt down as well.

The four women stood to the side as Shen Jiu Ye's figure slowly appeared in front of the four women. There wasn't any expression on his beautiful and cold face, and he arrogantly raised his pair of blue eyes, speaking coldly, "Quit it it!"

When Emperor Xuanyuan looked up at Shen Jiu Ye, he was shocked by his beautiful appearance. He never thought that Jade Toad Palace's Grand Palace Master would actually be such an ice-cold beauty.

However, the powerful cold energy that was being emitted from her body made him not dare to take another look. At this moment, he was very happy, because he did not expect that Jade Toad Palace's Grand Palace Master would personally come to the next round. This was enough to make him, the Southern Jin, exhale in front of the other two great empires.

"I wonder why Grand Palace Master has come to the Southern Jin this time?"

Shen Jiu Ye did not answer Emperor Xuanyuan. Instead, he glanced over and slowly walked towards the stage where Emperor Xuanyuan was located, and with her footsteps, a thin layer of ice appeared beneath her feet. When she stood on the stage, the thin layer of ice disappeared, and the four women immediately stood behind her.

He slowly turned around and raised his white, jade-like hands. With a light wave, the step, which was covered in petals, instantly disappeared.

"Grand Palace Master..." Emperor Xuanyuan respectfully called out.

"This Palace is bored to death today, I came to see what level the Empire's Essence cultivators have reached!" Qing Gao's tone was full of disdain, but no one dared to say anything.

"So that's how it is! It's a gift! " With Emperor Xuanyuan's order, the guards immediately took out a luxurious chair to sit on. Shen Jiu Ye gently lifted his skirt and sat on the chair, while the four maids respectfully stood by the side.

Seeing her face that made godless moon want to tear her into a thousand pieces, that bone-chilling gaze shot towards Shen Jiu Ye. Just as that gaze was detected by Shen Jiu Ye, it also shot towards her direction.

"Ice Phoenix! "Invisibility!"

"Yes sir!" Just as that pair of eyes approached her, the spirit ring in godless moon's hands disappeared in an instant. Once Shen Jiu Ye found out about the spirit ring in her hands, she would definitely know his identity, and she would have heard what Shen Jiu Ye had said just now.

Shen Jiu Ye looked at that skinny figure with suspicion in his eyes and asked coldly: "Who is she!?"

Hearing that, Xiao Heng Zhan Tian was overjoyed, he thought that Grand Palace Master thought that his daughter was someone good, and fawned over her: "Return to Grand Palace Master! is my second daughter, Xiao Heng Wu Yue! "

"Flawless!" Shen Jiu Ye emphasized these two words once. This name reminded her of the godless moon, and the coldness in his eyes seemed to grow deeper. If he didn't remove her as soon as possible, she wouldn't be able to rest at ease for the rest of his life.

Xuan Yuan Ye Chen saw the hatred in Shen Jiu Ye's eyes, and the profoundness in his eyes seemed to have understood something! He had to protect his prey well!

Hearing Shen Jiu Ye's unusual tone, Xiao Heng Zhan Tian's heart was in turmoil, and he did not know how to continue.

The other two clan leaders looked at Xiao Heng Zhan Tian's flattering look with contempt. Was he still delusional enough to think that his damaged daughter would be favored by the Jade Toad Palace? Ridiculous.

"Grand Palace Master! This is the last match of the day! "

Shen Jiu Ye only nodded slightly, while Emperor Xuanyuan ordered the man in official clothing to continue the competition.

"The match will continue!" Along with the man in official uniform's shout, waves after waves of drum sounds resounded throughout the arena. The warriors who were fortunate enough to continue the competition were greatly boosted by Shen Jiu Ye's visit.

At this moment, the sky gradually darkened.

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