Xuan Yuan Ye Chen only chuckled, "Yue Er's memory is really bad, no wonder you fainted on the ground at that time, it's normal that you don't remember!"

Thinking back to the time when she was really out of energy and fainted on the ground, could it be that he really saved her?

Seeing godless moon's disbelieving gaze, Xuan Yuan Ye Chen continued: "Yue Er has already successfully caught Shen Jiu Ye's attention. If it wasn't for me, you would have been discovered by her servant a long time ago."

"What?" Shen Jiu Ye started to doubt himself, but she did not reveal any flaws, the Mysterious Ice Phoenix did not even use any of his divine power.

"But don't worry Yue Er, Shen Jiu Ye will no longer suspect you! I've done everything for you. " The smile on his face deepened as he spoke.

And it was also when godless moon fainted, that her body slowly changed, and the maidservant who was following closely behind had discovered her change. When she tried to inform Shen Jiu Ye of the situation, she was brainwashed by Xuan Yuan Ye Chen's illusion technique, and at the same time, an illusionary image entered her mind.

"Then I must really thank the Seventh Prince!" When she said that, she wanted to reach out to push Xuan Yuan Ye Chen away, but he grabbed onto her hands tightly.

"Why is Yue Er's memory so bad! Call me Night! " When she said that, she ruthlessly pinched godless moon's waist, which could be considered as a punishment.

godless moon frowned in pain as she spoke anxiously, "What do you want to do?"

"The Spring Festival Gala has not started. The next day will continue. The next day will be today!"

"What!?" "You ?" Before she could finish speaking, Xuan Yuan Ye Chen had sealed her cold, thin lips. godless moon was furious to the point of opening her eyes wide, she only felt that her tongue was already wrapped around her own tongue and her hands were pressed against his chest. She felt that the changes in his body were getting hotter and hotter.

As for Xuan Yuan Ye Chen, he tightly hugged godless moon to his chest, and those restless hands began to remove godless moon's clothes.

godless moon felt that those two hands were fiddling with her clothes, and after she finished speaking, her warm hands had already touched her skin, does this mean that she was really going to be raped by this lecher today? How could she, a dignified Jade Toad Palace, be humiliated like this?

"Ice Phoenix!" godless moon was shouting in his heart, but there was no reaction from the Mysterious Ice Phoenix, so she kept calling out in his heart, What's going on?

In reality, it was not that the Mysterious Ice Phoenix did not feel the godless moon's summons, but rather, it was that it was currently fighting against the Yuanlong. Deep within the lightning-like clouds, the Mysterious Ice Phoenix's primordial spirit was currently fighting with the Yuanlong's primordial spirit.

The rolling dark clouds in the sky were affected by the two forces clashing against each other. Waves of roars split the air and Mysterious Ice Phoenix wanted to rush out of the encirclement of the Yuanlong, but the Yuanlong stopped them.

On the bed at the moment, Xuan Yuan Ye Chen had taken off godless moon's clothes and at the same time, her own clothes were in disarray. Following the descent of Xuan Yuan Ye Chen's lips, godless moon's mouth obtained its freedom as he felt his body being caressed by, and he almost lost control of it. Even if he didn't have the Mysterious Ice Phoenix s, she shouldn't have been so humiliated.

"Bastard!" godless moon said with all her might, and suddenly felt that her hands had gained power, while Xuan Yuan Ye Chen was completely captivated by her beautiful body, and unemotionally kissed her, she really was the antidote! In this world, only the godless moon could cause him to be infatuated with the matters of men and women.

godless moon pushed his palm towards Xuan Yuan Ye Chen, and Xuan Yuan Ye Chen reacted in the blink of an eye as he turned around and left godless moon. At the location of godless moon's palm, the solidified ice shattered, falling onto the ground, he struggled to straighten his body, with one hand he placed his hands on the edge of the bed. His ink-like hair flowed down, and Xuan Yuan Ye Chen's messy clothes no longer covered his body.

Raising his eyes to meet Xuan Yuan Ye Chen's eyes which were filled with red silk, he could tell at a glance that he was dissatisfied with his request.

Her enchanter-like face did not have any trace of playfulness, but instead had a frightening air, and those strands of silver hair fluttered with the wind in the room as she looked at godless moon with a burning gaze.

"Wanting the This Palace to submit to you, you're daydreaming! This Palace said that since you dared to be rude to This Palace, I will definitely tear you apart! " As he spoke, the Essence within his body was instantly frozen, the cold wind blew the candles out, and a strong cold flow filled the entire room, causing the situation to become unclear.

Bang! Bang! Xuan Yuan Ye Chen rushed out of the rooftop, the broken tiles carrying a frightening force as they floated in the air, while Xuan Yuan Ye Chen had already donned a set of seductive red clothes at some point in time, the red veins in his eyes had also disappeared, and steadily landed on the rooftop.

The shattered pieces of tiles seemed to carry a lightning-like power as they shot towards Xuan Yuan Ye Chen.

However, the fragments flew past him at high speed and fell into the sea of clouds. The red-clothed man's silver hair floated in the air. He didn't look flustered at all. Instead, he had a playful look on his face.

He only saw that godless moon had instantly appeared on top of the roof and the cold streams surrounding her heavily encircled her as her blood-red clothes floated in the air. Her beautiful face was filled with anger and Icy Eyes stared straight at Xuan Yuan Ye Chen who was standing unscathed on the other side of the roof.

The sea of clouds surrounded her. Standing on the rooftop, she could vaguely see the peak of the mountain, which reached into the clouds. Looking down, she could see the magnificent palace shining brightly in the night.

"This is the Peak of Cloud Abyss!"

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