Chapters 19 - 19: Identity

Xuan Yuan Ye Chen saw the doubt in godless moon's eyes and said, "This place is not worse than Jade Toad Palace!"

"Who the hell are you?" The godless moon looked at the majestic and magnificent palace as if it was floating in the air. The master of this palace was definitely not an ordinary individual, but she had never heard of any Peak of Cloud Abyss in this world.

And the man in front of him was undoubtedly the master of this Peak of Cloud Abyss. Wasn't he the Seventh Prince's master?

Xuan Yuan Ye Chen's mouth twitched into a smile, and he walked towards godless moon.


Xuan Yuan Ye Chen actually stopped in his tracks, and stood not even five steps away from the godless moon.

"This Palace asks who you are! I'm not asking you to come over! " Even though he knew that the man's elemental energy number was unfathomable, that bone of arrogance prevented her from yielding in front of any enemies.

"Yue Er, didn't you already know about it!?" Xuan Yuan Ye Chen said in a teasing tone. Hearing his tone, godless moon was so angry his teeth itched.

"Humph!" You better not tell This Palace that you are that Southern Jin who does not have any spiritual roots! "

The evil half of a smile still hung on Xuan Yuan Ye Chen's lips, no one could guess what he was thinking at the moment, "You can say yes but you can also say no!"

"Since you're not willing to tell me! This Palace is also not interested to know, I hope Seventh Prince doesn't bother me anymore, you don't care about anything in This Palace! " As she spoke, her ice-cold eyes shot straight at Xuan Yuan Ye Chen.

Following which, a bird cry that cut across the sky and a dragon roar resounded in the air. The energy that filled the air parted the clouds, and the two intertwined lights broke through the clouds, adding a touch of splendor to the dark sky.

The Mysterious Ice Phoenix and the Yuanlong floated behind the two of them respectively. It was also because they understood why they were unable to summon the Mysterious Ice Phoenix just now.

godless moon was frowning as she looked at the Yuanlong floating in the air behind Xuan Yuan Ye Chen. That enormous dragon was covered with dark golden dragon scales, and it looked as if it was wearing indestructible armor.

It was indeed worthy of being called a divine magical beast. Even if it was a divine beast, it could be said to be the king of the five great divine beasts.

godless moon had only heard the Master say before that once the Yuanlong's power activated, it could destroy everything in the world. Even if it was his own Jade Toad Palace or the Immortals' City's, it would be very hard for him to resist.

"This Palace is rather curious about the identity of the Seventh Prince now? Being able to summon a Yuanlong, the Seventh Prince possesses such a world-destroying power, why is it still a Seventh Prince without spiritual roots? " godless moon raised her eyes and stared at Xuan Yuan Ye Chen. The entangling power in his hands had not weakened yet, and she could not let his guard down.

Xuan Yuan Ye Chen looked at godless moon's cautious appearance, and continued to speak with a playful tone: "If Yue Er wants to know my identity, that will be easy. After we finish this matter, I will slowly discuss it in detail, how about it?"

The rooftop was starting to freeze slowly, and the cold air was gushing out as well. godless moon's pair of icy eyes were filled with unquenchable fury: "Shameless! Since it's like this, This Palace will let you know the consequences of humiliating This Palace! "

He raised his eyes. Boom! Bang! Ten Thousand Creek Ice Sword instantly jumped out from the roof, attacking towards Xuan Yuan Ye Chen. Following the godless moon's attack, the Mysterious Ice Phoenix also roared and launched an attack at the Yuanlong, the strong cold flow dispersed the clouds and mist in a ten kilometer radius, and the Yuanlong also released a deafening dragon's roar, blocking the's attack.

The ice sword quickly flew past Xuan Yuan Ye Chen's side just like how it was before, raising that silver white hair. There wasn't anything unusual about the enchanter's face, as the red pupil stared at the angry godless moon, without any intent to counterattack.

Humph! godless moon snorted angrily. She had already used close to ten levels of strength, but he was still standing there unscathed. Anxious and anxious, she coldly snorted, let's see how long you can last.

Then, godless moon struck the ground with her palm. Boom! A pillar of ice that shot into the sky shot out from beneath Xuan Yuan Ye Chen's feet. His eyes slanted as he flew down, and in the air, the godless moon's lightning-fast speed appeared behind Xuan Yuan Ye Chen as he attacked towards the direction of the strong Essence.

But after that palm attack was received by Xuan Yuan Ye Chen, the two of them started to descend rapidly towards the ground. The surrounding airflow became as cold as the river water, and godless moon had once again instigated the Essence in his body, causing the power of his palm to become even stronger.

She could be considered to have used his largest Essence in all of history. Even if she were to face Shen Jiu Ye, she would not activate such a powerful Essence, and today, she wanted to kill this thing that did not know what was good for her.

"Hiss!" How cold, what's with the weather, it's not even winter yet, why is it so cold! We have to get a brazier, "said the sleeping man in both the farmhouse and the town.

Shen Jiu Ye was arranged to be in the Southern Jin Palace's most luxurious palace, even the empress's chamber was inferior to it. Shen Jiu Ye was lying on the white jade bed, his jade hands supporting his head, even with his eyes closed, the cold aura he emitted made no one dare to get close.

"Grand Palace Master!" A white-clothed maid knelt down and called out respectfully.

Shen Jiu Ye gently lifted his icy lips, and coldly asked: "What is it?"

"Grand Palace Master, the Mysterious Ice Phoenix seems to have appeared!"

Shen Jiu Ye suddenly opened his eyes and a cold wind blew past the maid's side at high speed. Outside the hall, Shen Jiu Ye stood with narrowed eyes as he looked at the rolling clouds in the sky. From time to time, he could see the icy-blue figure of a person.

"Mysterious Ice Phoenix!" Shen Jiu Ye muttered, his beautiful eyebrows knitted together with some doubt, it seemed like the Mysterious Ice Phoenix was fighting with something.

looked high up in the sky in shock. It seemed that the Southern Jin had hidden its strength well, and her goal in this mission was not only to find the godless moon, but also to find another reason.

"godless moon, you can't die. Your life belongs to This Palace!" Her words were filled with disdain, but she actually hoped even more that she would die without a burial ground.

She would never be able to forget the doting look in Master's eyes when he looked at her. She was also his last disciple, but the difference was so huge.

He had originally thought that he had become Grand Palace Master only because he had received greater recognition from the Master. He hadn't thought that all of this was for the sake of the godless moon.

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