At this time, Xuan Yuan Ye Chen and godless moon were steadily landing at a cliff. The night wind carried a bone-piercing chill as it howled, causing the ground to be frozen.

At this time, godless moon had expended a large number of her profound practitioners and his breathing had become rapid. As her breathing became faintly discernible, snow-white undulations caused one to be intoxicated, Icy Eyes looked at Xuan Yuan Ye Chen who was unharmed in the slightest. Silver Hair was even more eye-catching in the darkness.

"Yue Er, do you want to rest for a bit? I see that you are so tired and feeling sorry for yourself, if you are injured, it will not be good!"

"Humph!" Shut up, This Palace doesn't want to hear what you have to say. " Hearing Xuan Yuan Ye Chen's words, he felt a burning anger, but he had no other choice. He exhausted a large number of Essence s, but she was still unable to harm him, so it seemed that she was using her ultimate move. Once he used this move, he would not be angry for at all for at least a month.

"Yue Er's words are really hurtful! Since that's the case, then I will bring you back to rest and replenish my Essence! " As she said that, she walked towards godless moon. With every step she took, the cold Qi beneath her feet weakened, and the frozen leaves landed steadily on the ground.

"Halt!" godless moon shouted in anger, but Xuan Yuan Ye Chen did not have any intention of stopping, "Hmph! Then you will be scolded by the This Palace! " After saying this, he raised his white jade-like hand and a stream of air wrapped around his arm. His blood-red clothes fluttered in the air and his ink-like hair scattered in the air. His beauty was breathtaking.

Xuan Yuan Ye Chen looked at godless moon, those crafty eyes shining within the bewitching red pupil, the evil intent at the corner of his mouth became even stronger, as if he was waiting for something.

In a flash, he disappeared in front of godless moon. Following his disappearance, godless moon chanted an unknown incantation and a ray of light, as fast as lightning, spread out from godless moon as it spread out in all directions. At the same time, it made a sound that was as cold as ice.

Everything stopped when it came in contact with the light. Whether it was the river, the falling leaves, or the animals running in the forest, everything was still.

Just as godless moon had cast the curse, her body was clearly weak, but it was enough for her to kill Xuan Yuan Ye Chen.

Xuan Yuan Ye Chen was standing behind godless moon, and the silver threads floating in the air were not moving anymore.

"You asked for it! Don't blame This Palace for being merciless. " An ice sword appeared in godless moon's hand, holding onto the ice sword, he stabbed it towards Xuan Yuan Ye Chen's heart.

However, something unexpected happened. The real person in front of her was actually an illusion. The ice sword seemed to pierce through the air.

godless moon could not believe her eyes as she asked in shock, "How could it be like this?!" Just as she was about to regain her senses, a cold voice rang out from behind her. "What you see is also not real, and the illusions are not fake either.

Looking at Xuan Yuan Ye Chen's expression which was filled with a smile yet not a smile, that fox-like gaze flashed within the red pupil. He could actually break the Mirror Curse, this ? Before godless moon could continue, he had already collapsed into Xuan Yuan Ye Chen's embrace without any consciousness.

Looking at the exhausted godless moon in his arms, he said with an endless gentleness: "Sleep well! Everything will change when you wake up. " With that, he carried godless moon and disappeared from the cliff, and everything that was still returned to normal.

The sun rose up as scheduled, the sun shining down on the land, but it no longer had its usual warmth, and seemed to still carry a chill as the Essence's ranking competition continued as scheduled.

But in reality, his heart was burning with fury. He placed all his hope on Xiao Heng Wu Yue, but did not expect her to actually lose, and in his heart, other than resentment, there was nothing else that remained.

When he saw Xiao Heng Fei Yun enter the Earth Scale arena, the anger in his heart had been extinguished by quite a bit. However, her first opponent she had met was actually Feng Xue Ying, and Feng Xue Ying had already defeated Xiao Heng Fei Yun in three moves.

In the last round of the competition between Xiao Heng Hao Ren and himself, Feng Xue Ying was defeated by Feng Xue Ying as well. It was just that after a while, Feng Xue Ying also successfully advanced to become a four star Dao Earth Scale.

However, and Xiao Heng Wu Yue, as first place members of the Xuan Level and Yellow Rank arenas, naturally received rewards from the Emperor.

The champion's reward would be held on the fifteenth day of the full moon, which was the highest honor bestowed upon them. Everyone looked forward to what the prize Xuan Yuan Ling Tian had brought back from the ten thousand medicinal herbs valley was.

Time passed slowly like this. It was unknown how long godless moon had been unconscious, but within the nightmares, Xuan Yuan Ye Chen's devilish and insolent face was still the same. (TL: UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU))))

Her eyes were tightly closed and her eyebrows were tightly knitted. She felt a pair of warm hands gently smoothing her eyebrows. Her hands were extremely delicate, and her movements were also incomparably gentle.

He suddenly opened his eyes, and what entered his sight was still that enchanter face. The fiery red candlelight burned even more intensely on his face, but that silver thread on his head was now a black silk as bright and serene as the night.

A black silk was tied up by the red jade crown, his perfect body was wrapped in a red wedding dress, the inside of the red pupil flickered with an endless gentle light, accidentally falling into his gentle trap.

godless moon was shocked by his attire and change. She wanted to get up, but found out that she was unable to use her full strength, so she used up all of her Essence s with the boundary curse.

Xuan Yuan Ye Chen saw through her thoughts and bent down to help her up.

"Don't touch me!" godless moon said with difficulty.

However, Xuan Yuan Ye Chen didn't stop his actions, he pulled her up and hugged her tightly in his embrace. godless moon wanted to struggle but he had no other choice.

"It's only natural for me to meet my wife. How is it possible that Yue Er doesn't even know about this? Looks like your husband will have to properly teach my wife in the future!" When she said that, she lightly bit her tender earlobe in godless moon, which was considered a punishment.

godless moon felt her entire body go numb, "What nonsense are you spouting?"

"Your husband is not spouting nonsense!" Today is our wedding day. "

The day of marriage! When had she ever said she was going to marry him? She raised her eyes to look at the decorations of the large and luxurious palace hall. A fiery red color covered the entire room.

The big wedding letter was stuck on the door and window, he lowered his eyes and saw that he was also wearing the wedding dress of a bride. What was going on?

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