Shen Jiu Ye had also appeared by the side of the ice lake. The endless lake surface was releasing ice-cold smoke, and the cold energy of the ice lake could easily kill a person several kilometers away, let alone get close to it.

Then, those three black-clothed men immediately appeared behind Shen Jiu Ye. Facing such a biting cold aura, the three black-clothed men as their seven star Earth Scale were somewhat unable to bear it.

's eyes were slightly lowered, and the moment she closed her eyes, the cold aura that was being emitted from her body blew up her long clothes, instantly freezing the entire lake surface, and allowing her to easily control the entire Ten Thousand Creek Ice Lake, those with such strength could be counted on one hand in the entire Divine Emperor Continent.

The three men in black sucked in a breath of cold air. For some reason, they had a bad feeling about this.

Suddenly, Shen Jiu Ye opened her eyes with anger flickering in her blue eyes. As she did so, the lake's surface released the sound of ice shattering that resounded through the earth. Her cold eyes were filled with anger, and the three men in black quickly kneeled down, exclaiming in fear, "Grand Palace Master!"

"Trash!" A furious rebuke rang out. When he said that, he also raised his gaze and the three black-clothed men were instantly hit by a strong gust of cold wind and fell onto the ground. Their masks had also shattered and scattered on the ground due to the cold energy, while the three black-clothed men forced themselves to kneel on the ground and shouted in fear, "Grand Palace Master! We saw the Second Palace Master jump down! "

"You still dare to quibble!" When he said that, he instantly moved in front of the black clothed man and raised his hand towards the man. The invisible cold energy grabbed onto the man's neck, and in the face of Shen Jiu Ye's furious eyes, he said powerlessly, "Grand Palace Master ? Please spare my life! "

The other two black-clothed men panicked and quickly said: "Grand Palace Master, Second Palace Master did indeed jump down, how could we dare to expire Grand Palace Master! I ask Grand Palace Master to look into this. "

"Humph!" With a swing of his hand, the man in the night was bounced back on the ground. He was no longer able to stand up.

Feeling the bloodthirsty cold Qi around Shen Jiu Ye, the two men in black could only endure the cold Qi and knelt down respectfully, not daring to move. Shen Jiu Ye stood there for a long time before speaking coldly: "Does she know your identities?"

"Second Palace Master knows?" The man in black said without any hesitation.

"You know?" Shen Jiu Ye was in disbelief. He hid himself so well, yet she knew about it and continued to ask, "What did she say?"

The black clothed man thought back to what godless moon had said when he jumped down, and his heart trembled. Shen Jiu Ye sensed the black clothed man's panic and shouted, "Speak!"

"Second Palace Master said ? "She said that if she did not die, she would definitely ?" The man in black didn't dare to continue.

Shen Jiu Ye squinted her phoenix eyes. The cold aura in her eyes became even colder, as if he had understood something. "What will happen to This Palace?"

The black clothed man said carefully, "Broken into ten thousand pieces! Scratch the bones and scatter the ashes! "

Shen Jiu Ye was startled, his phoenix eyes slightly raised, and suddenly burst out laughing, accompanied by the laughter of the powerful Essence that she had released, the laughter caused the entire ground to shake, and the Ten Thousand Creek Ice Lake also directly filled up with the cold from her laughter. At the same time, following the sound of ice, everything at the top of the cliff instantly froze up, and when Shen Jiu Ye slowly lowered his head, everything returned to silence. This Palace would like to see how you tear This Palace into pieces, and grind his bones to dust! "Humph!" And then he disappeared.

In the Xiao Heng Residence.

After a night of investigation, she finally understood that her current identity was actually one of the Xiao Heng's house's daughter. Xiao Heng Wu Yue, and even if she was a concubine, Xiao Heng Wu Yue was still born with broken roots. He was originally fifteen years old, but his body had already stopped growing six years ago, and the technique he cultivated in the Essence s had never happened before.

The four great families of Southern Jin were: Xuanyuan, Xiao Heng, Ye, and Feng. The current rulers of the Southern Jin was the Xuanyuan family, which was also known as the royal family, where everyone could cultivate in Qi. The four great families of Southern Jin were divided into divine order, Heaven Stage, Earth Scale, Yellow Rank, and there were nine levels to each of them, but not everyone could advance into the next realm.

Amongst the Four Great Clans, the elemental energy number s whose children were cultivating were at least at the fifth star in Xuan Level, but Xiao Heng Wu Yue was an exception. It was one thing for his to have a crippled foundation, but his body was not very long yet, so even if he married her to a fool, no one would dare to take it.

Adding on to her mother's matter, they lived in the most remote and shabby house in Xiao Heng Residence, so Xiao Heng Wu Yue's fate was still quite tragic.

As for their daily necessities, Ji Yao had relied on embroidery to earn some money from the outside world, barely enough to support the mother and daughter pair. godless moon deeply sighed for the mother and daughter pair in his heart.

godless moon didn't know why the person who saved her wanted her to come here. What was his goal, but she was sure that the person was helping her. However, this was also good.

It was too late when she recovered her Essence. She could find a way to unlock the divine incantation, but she had to let the Mysterious Ice Phoenix know where she was right now. Without the Mysterious Ice Phoenix's protection during the day, she would be in danger in this mansion as well.

Since she had become Xiao Heng Wu Yue, she would live on for her and vent her anger for the mother and daughter pair.

godless moon slowly walked to the door, looked at the cloudless sky, and thought fiercely: Xiao Heng Family? Humph! Even if the entire Southern Jin was placed in front of him, the This Palace would not take him seriously.

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