As Xuan Yuan Ling Tian left the Xiao Heng Residence, Xiao Heng Fei Yun watched Xuan Yuan Ling Tian's back with eyes that were filled with endless emotions. The moment he thought about how he was defending the godless moon, the rage in his heart exploded like a volcano. The moment it surged out, the poison would not kill her, and the cold pond would not drown her.

"Xiao Heng Wu Yue! "You piece of trash, useless ?" Xiao Heng Fei Yun angrily walked towards that broken house, but when she saw godless moon leisurely bathing in the sunlight, her anger became even more difficult to contain.

godless moon only closed her eyes slightly, as if she didn't hear anything. She had a relaxed look on her face, and when she thought about the poison in the bowl and the mocking of the little kids, since she came looking for her own death today, how could she not agree with it?

Xiao Heng Fei Yun gathered the Essence and fiercely attacked.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" "Puff ?" Before Xiao Heng Fei Yun could even react, she was struck by an invisible cold Qi, and she fell to the ground, spitting blood.

"Eldest Miss!" Bi He anxiously ran over to help Xiao Heng Fei Yun. Right now, Xiao Heng Fei Yun couldn't even stand up, her eyes were filled with astonishment, fear, and resentment. How could this broken root have such powerful strength?

In their terror, it was unknown when godless moon had already stood in front of her. Looking at her ice-cold eyes, her body was shrouded in a death-like aura, causing the two of them to think that they had misjudged her.

For some reason, Bi He's entire body was trembling. Was this really that trash Second Miss?

The godless moon raised her eyes and looked at Xiao Heng Fei Yun who was lying on the ground, and said coldly: "Where did this wild dog come from! "How dare you interrupt my mood?"

"What?" "Wild dog!" Xiao Heng Fei Yun was still in shock, she muttered and suddenly reacted, and roared: "Xiao Heng Wu Yue! How dare you call me a wild dog! Do you not want to live anymore!? I will definitely kill you today, you piece of trash! " As she spoke, she tried to get up. However, she was unable to stand up no matter what. Her beautiful face was twisted together.

At this moment, a deep voice sounded out, "What happened?"

Xiao Heng Zhan Tian appeared at the door, and the handsome man behind him, when he saw Xiao Heng Fei Yun's embarrassed look, quickly ran over and supported Xiao Heng Fei Yun up as he said worriedly: "Sister ?!"

This person was the eldest son of the Xiao Heng Residence: Xiao Heng Hao Ren, who at such a young age had made many meritorious deeds for the Southern Jin, but he was merely a three star Earth Scale cultivator, but being able to cultivate above the level of Earth Scale was already an incredible feat amongst the Four Great Clans, so Xiao Heng Hao Ren always had an impressive appearance in front of the noble disciples. Although many people did not like his way of doing things, they still fawned over him.

Furthermore, at this time, the mother and daughter pair were being beaten up to the point where their skin was not completely covered.

godless moon was shocked: What is going on? How could she have such a memory?

Suddenly, she felt that there was something wrong with the Mysterious Ice Phoenix, as if the memory was the Mysterious Ice Phoenix's divine power guiding her.

"Xiao Heng Wu Yue! "How dare you injure my sister, I won't forgive you!" Xiao Heng Hao Ren gnashed his teeth in anger. Just as he was about to throw a palm at godless moon, he heard a shout: "Stop!"

"Father!" "Patriarch!"

Whether Xiao Heng Zhan Tian steadily walked over, or whether he had the attitude of a family master, he was merely a dignified hypocrite.

Xiao Heng Zhan Tian looked at the cold eyes of the godless moon which seemed to be filled with hatred from the darkness. His frail body seemed to emit a natural domineering aura and even a person like him who had never seen the world would feel some fear towards his. It was as if he had become a completely different person.

But Xiao Heng Zhan Tian quickly recovered his composure, took out the demeanor of a patriarch and shouted at the godless moon, "Hurry up and apologize to your sister!"

godless moon only pursed her lips slightly, but that disdainful smile was like hearing an enormous joke.

"Chief Xiao Heng, you don't have the qualifications to order me around!"

When those words were said, everyone present widened their eyes in shock. They could not believe that these words had actually come out of the mouth of a trash.

"Xiao Heng Wu Yue!"

"You! You. This evil creature! " When she said that she wanted to hit godless moon with her palm, the Mysterious Ice Phoenix sensed it, and was about to counterattack, but suddenly, Ji Yao ran over, and Xiao Heng Zhan Tian's palm, which had gathered extremely strong Essence s, struck Ji Yao's back, causing her to vomit blood on her clothes. That palm was enough to kill her, and Ji Yao just happened to fall onto the ground without any consciousness.

What a cruel person, to be able to deal such a heavy blow to his own daughter.

"You!" Xiao Heng Zhan Tian was looking wide-eyed at the fallen Ji Yao, but his eyes did not hold the slightest trace of pity. The two were gloating as they looked at Ji Yao, and thought viciously in their hearts: This kind of death is already too easy for you.

"All of you, get out!" godless moon scolded angrily.

"You ?"

"Clan head..." At this moment, a servant hastily ran over, panting as he said, "Patriarch, Lady Jia and Old Master Jia have arrived!"

The servant's words were like a stepping stone for the furious and awkward Xiao Heng Zhan Tian, who shook his sleeves fiercely and left without looking back. Xiao Heng Hao Ren picked up Xiao Heng Fei Yun, not forgetting to say to godless moon: "Let's see how I'll take care of you in the future!"

There were only two people left in the broken courtyard. godless moon looked at Ji Yao who had collapsed on the ground, and her tightly knitted brows revealed her current pain. She, an ordinary person, had received the palm strike from a five star essentialist, so it was obvious that her internal organs had been shattered.

godless moon supported Ji Yao's body as she placed her head on her knees and the hand that brought along the spirit ring on her chest. She called out in his heart: "Ice Phoenix! Save her! "

"Yes!" "Master!"

"Wait! Just protect her body properly, and don't let her wake up! " This way, she would be able to rest well and move more easily. At the same time, she was also secretly cursing her own luck: Xiao Heng Family! The This Palace will make it so that you will never be able to recover.

"Yes sir!"

From inside the ring, a powerful halo of light was released, surrounding Ji Yao, only to see Ji Yao's frown slowly receding, her face becoming redder, and she could very clearly hear the sound of the bones.

"Who?" godless moon suddenly turned her head and looked at the towering tree. There was nothing strange about the tree, only a few leaves falling from the sky.

godless moon frowned, thinking that it was him.

"Ice Phoenix! Do you know who he is? "

"He's a 1-star heaven stage essentialist!" As a divine beast, even if a heaven class origin energy practitioner was in front of it, it could ignore it, so it didn't care much about the aura just now.

"Are they Shen Jiu Ye's men?"

"He's not someone from the Jade Toad Palace!"

"No?" It couldn't be him! Then who is it? " When he said that, his lips curled into a slight smile: "This Southern Jin is really full of experts, it's getting more and more interesting!"

At Xiao Heng Family's ancestral home, Madam Jia and Old Master Jia were already waiting in the living room. The two of them were dressed in shiny gold and had jade rings on their hands. When the two saw Xiao Heng Zhan Tian, they walked over with a flattering smile, the fat on their bodies rippling as they walked.

"Chief Xiao Heng!"

"Madam Jia, Old Master Jia!" The three of them respected each other.

"Please sit!"

The three of them sat down: "What business do you two have at my place?"

Madam Jia and Old Master Jia looked at each other and smiled. Old Master Jia said with a flattering smile: "Chief Xiao Heng, we are here to propose marriage!"

"Propose marriage?"

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