Hearing her angry roar, the silver-haired man only smiled seductively, without any fear.

"As expected of the Second Palace Master, you have guts and power, I like people like you!" With that, he instantly moved behind Shen Wu's back, wrapped his arms around her and teased: "Then how will Second Palace Master tear my corpse into a thousand pieces?" At the same time, he took in a deep breath of her fragrance.

godless moon was completely angered by this shameless man. In her entire life, she had never wanted to be angry like this, but she had always been calm and collected, and her heart was actually being teased by someone that came out of nowhere. The anger in her heart was like a volcano erupting, and if she did not kill him today, it would be difficult to dispel.

The man discovered her movements and held her hand, which was covered with spirit ring. The Mysterious Ice Phoenix was suppressed, godless moon was startled, he could actually suppress the divine power of Mysterious Ice Phoenix, was his strength really only at divine order? Just as he was being surprised, he heard the man continue to tease him: "Is Second Palace Master summoning the Mysterious Ice Phoenix here?"

"You!" It was true that she was so angry that her head was spinning. The Mysterious Ice Phoenix that was summoned here would probably cause the entire Xiao Heng's house to be razed to the ground in an instant.

"This Palace still doesn't know your name!"

The silver-haired man instantly carried godless moon in his arms and sat him on the bed. godless moon was filled with hatred as he thought to himself: Is this man unsatisfied with all that he wants? Since he couldn't find anyone, he came looking for fun!

"Second Palace Master has finally asked for my name. You can call me Night!"

"Night?" This Palace is not your wife, I'm afraid that's not appropriate to call it that! "

Hearing godless moon's words, the silver-haired man revealed a sinister smile. The stunned godless moon immediately recalled what she had said wrongly!

"Since Second Palace Master says so! Then why not marry me to the Second Palace Master! "

"You! Are you really a scoundrel? This Palace was a little puzzled. With your heroic and decisive appearance, even if you were to raise your eyes and lie in the arms of thousands of beauties, I am afraid that you still would not be able to quell your desire? "

"You're right, but how can I have a woman I don't like lying in my arms!" When he said that, he also pushed godless moon onto the bed, causing the frozen bed to instantly disappear the moment the man touched it.

"What are you doing!" The anger that godless moon had suppressed with much difficulty burned up once again. She, a dignified Jade Toad Palace, was about to be raped.

"I like a pure and pure beauty like you! Why don't you just follow me! I might even be able to remove the divine incantation on you! "

godless moon did not feel excited at all when he heard Yue Yang say that he could unlock his divine incantation. She seemed to have thought of something in her mind as she lifted his slender and tender jade fingers and slashed it towards the man's chest.

"This Palace doesn't want to remove the divine incantation now!" As he spoke, his finger slid across the top of the man's chest. From time to time, he would even throw a coquettish glance.

It was difficult for the man to resist against the feeling. He only felt comfortable in his heart. The feeling of being as soft as water on his face only made him feel like he couldn't stop.

Seeing the man's hazy eyes, godless moon was happy. He instantly switched the two of them, and the man was shocked, but at the same time, he said teasingly: "So Second Palace Master likes it!"

"That's right!" This Palace does not like to be looked down by others! " As she spoke, she began to unravel the man's clothes, her jade-like fingers constantly searching the man's chest.

"I see. But it doesn't matter, I don't care!"

godless moon smiled seductively, "The spring snacks are short, please take note!"

"Of course!"

Hiss! The man suddenly let out a pained cry, only to see that godless moon's finger had pierced into his chest with an invisible cold light.

The man did not move an inch. godless moon put away his charming expression, put away his clothes, got off the bed, and said with disdain: "Men are really creatures of the lower half!" As he spoke, he also went out. Seeing that dawn was about to arrive, he felt an indescribable resentment in his heart.

Now, he had to find a place to bury him. It was with great difficulty that he found a dry well in the backyard, and when he saw that the sun was about to rise, he thought to himself, hurry up!

When she went back to her room, there was no trace of the man on her bed. godless moon fearfully rushed to the bed and looked at the blood-red mark on the bed.

The Spring Festival Gala had not started yet, but the next day was still unfolding.

godless moon was shocked. She didn't dare to imagine this person's strength any longer, her Cold Heart Needle was capable of killing off all Essence's cultivators, even if this person was a Deity Tier Essence user. Furthermore, she had obviously stabbed into his heart, and he could actually disappear without a sound.

She didn't dare to think further. What kind of person did she meet, what was his purpose in doing so? But since he could help her unlock the divine incantation, he could make use of her.

Since the east was white, the early autumn sun still made people feel comfortable. At this time, in Xiao Heng Residence, the matter of the Jia family coming to propose had already spread like wildfire.

godless moon was just about to go out and buy some herbs so that she could refine some pills tonight. She could sell them for some silver, after all, she needed to eat and drink when she was young.

As long as an ordinary person ate the pill she refined, it would be easy for them to advance and cultivate. However, in the Divine Emperor Continent, if an ordinary person could become a cultivator, it would be a matter of honor for their ancestors.

Just as she reached a long corridor, she heard someone behind her talk about her and stopped.

"Yo!" Isn't this Second Miss!? The maid mocked.

"What Second Miss! She's going to be Young Lady Jia soon! "Hehe ?" The other maid sneered.

"Right, right, right! Young Mistress Jia, I heard that young master Jia shouts that he wants to marry our Second Miss everyday? "

"Sigh!" Although Young Master Jia is a fool, he is still the Eldest Young Master of the Jia family.

The two maids taunted.

What! That old thing actually wanted to marry This Palace off to a fool. godless moon turned around abruptly, and his pair of cold eyes shot towards the maid who was laughing at him and couldn't help but be startled, as if she saw a myriad of ice swords shooting towards her from those eyes, not moving at all.

It was rare for the godless moon to have such ignorant little people. Killing them would simply be dirtying his own hands, as he walked straight towards the ancestral residence of the Xiao Heng Residence.

Speaking of Xiao Heng's house's ancestral home, it was truly impressive. It was wide open and bright, the entire ancestral home was imprinted with sandalwood, decorated with paintings of pillars and buildings, jade pavilions, and even the green bricks laid on the ground were glazed beads, giving it a magnificent and luxurious appearance.

godless moon secretly thought that was worthy of being called Xiao Heng Family. Thinking about how Xiao Heng Zhan Tian's other children lived in such an elegant and comfortable environment, he felt even more resentful towards Xiao Heng Zhan Tian.

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