There were a few white clouds floating in the azure sky. Suddenly, from left to right, the dark clouds nearby were eyeing them covetously.

The dazzling sunlight and loud noises caused the sixteen to seventeen year old girl in the middle of the crowd to open her sleepy eyes.

"Sir!" The prisoner woke up! " The burly man carrying the big blade spoke with a booming voice.

The girl kneeling in the middle raised her head, her sleepy eyes blinking. The sunlight was really dazzling!

Eh? Why was he tied up?

The girl instantly recovered. Could it be that she had been caught this time?

"Female prisoner Xiao Qingruo! Colluding with the enemy to sell off the country was unforgivable! "Today, Your Majesty has decreed that this be done!" The overseer confidently recited the lines he had prepared long ago.

Female prisoners? Xiao Qing Wan?

Are you kidding?

She looked up at the sky. A few white clouds had drifted away. Dark clouds had arrived. Was it going to rain?

An illusion, it must be an illusion ?.


Who was speaking?

Although the girl's hand was tied up, her mind was still clear. There was only her and the executioner who raised their blades kneeling in the middle of the arena. Executioner?

The executioner!

The executioner with the broadsword was standing right behind her!

What era was this?

She looked up at the executioner, who was staring straight ahead with a serious expression on his face.

"Look around, you're still in a daze!?" "I don't know, but let's hurry up and escape!"

This voice appeared once again. Xiao Qing Lun asked in a deep voice, "Who is speaking?"

Hearing the prisoner's voice, the executioner fiercely gripped the decapitated blade in his hand and knelt down again: "My lord! "Please verify your original body!"

The overseer sitting in the main seat suddenly stood up, and respectfully said to a white curtain sedan chair ten steps away: "Sir, please move aside to confirm if this person is Xiao Qing Lun or not."

"There's no need to test it. There's no doubt about it." The person in the white curtain did not come out. With just a few indifferent words, it was enough to cause the head of the young girl kneeling at the center of the execution grounds to fall to the ground.

The white curtain was very heavy. Even though the girl urgently wanted to know who the person hiding inside had sentenced her to death was, it was a pity that the weather was not beautiful and the scorching sun did not have the slightest hint of a cool breeze.

And then, a strange voice said: "You can hear me?"

"I'll ask first, you answer first." Xiao Qing Wan tried her best to find the source of the sound, but she was helpless against the surrounding crowd's clamor, making it impossible for her to differentiate between them.

"Shhhh!" The mysterious voice spoke again. "I'll untie you first, then you can take care of this executioner yourself and run towards the city gates. Once you leave the city, you'll be safe."

The moment he finished speaking, the sky suddenly darkened and dark clouds covered the sky.

"Eh? Do you have any other helpers? "

The young girl frowned in suspicion. She was unfamiliar with this place, what helper was this?

Just as the girl was about to ask again, the rope quietly loosened. Without much time to think, the girl suddenly stood up.

The entire arena was shocked, but no one cried out. Only the crows standing on the trees above occasionally let out a few wails.

When the executioner saw the boldness of the prisoner, he placed a great sword on his shoulder and made a gesture to take him down.

The girl turned her head, her gloomy eyes causing the executioner's hand to freeze in midair.

The crow spread its wings and flew high into the sky, touching those new branches that had just sprouted out, raising another cloud of dust.

"Mistress, Qin He is ready. He can make his move."

The servant standing beside the white curtain observed his surroundings as if nothing had happened. Finally, he saw the hidden experts in the weak details.

The young man in the white curtain was wearing a long white brocade robe. His black hair was completely tied up and a jade crown was placed on his head.

He was separated by a white curtain, as if he was looking down upon everything. Yet, there was a delicate figure in his eyes. Yet, why did this figure seem so powerful at this moment?

Lifting his hand slightly, the young gongzi said coldly, "Wait a little longer."

The servant didn't say anything, but quietly stood to one side, as if nothing had happened.

Killing intent surged in the young girl's eyes. She did not know why she was here, but as long as she was here, she would not be at the mercy of others and be treated as a prisoner.

The next scene caused the civilians and soldiers surrounding the execution grounds to turn pale with fright.

The young lady in the middle of the execution grounds suddenly stretched out her hand and grabbed the executioner's thick arm. The female prisoner, who was extremely weak a moment ago, suddenly lifted her knee and kicked the executioner's firm lower abdomen with her foot.

The executioner held his stomach and rolled twice on the ground, then fainted.

Upon seeing this, the supervisor gave the order and all the officials in the vicinity rushed forward.

"Protect Master!" "Protect Master!"

At that moment, the crowd started to boil with excitement. The citizens who were watching the commotion started to run in all directions. The experts who were hiding within the crowd all came out. Faced with this unforeseen event, the young girl's eyes did not reveal the slightest hint of fear.

Her tenacious gaze lightly swept across the entire hall, only to discover that although those experts appeared to be here to capture her, they were actually obstructing the group of officials who had come to capture her.

With a cold laugh, that frail and delicate figure quickly submerged into the chaotic crowd.

As the heavy rain poured down, the mountain road became even more muddy. The surrounding grass was covered with a layer of black soil, making it look extremely dirty.

The young girl was running wildly with disheveled hair and her skirt was stained with dirt. Behind her, a group of officials that were in hot pursuit brandished their weapons as they ran towards her.

No matter how meticulous she was, she would eventually encounter a dog blocking her way when she left the city.

"Stop!" Xiao Qingjian! "

Who the hell would stand still!

The girl silently cursed the large group of people behind her, "Why didn't I smash you to death?!"


The idea in his heart was quickly sensed by the heavens, but ?

"What should we do? The female criminal rolled down the cliff. What should we do? " The soldier said.

Soldier B looked at the slope and shook his head. "A weak girl. I'm afraid the odds are against her."

Soldier A: "Then I'll go and report this to the Chief Supervisor. Bring some people with you and search. If you're alive, you need to see his corpse."

No one could see the white robe in the dark. The outstretched hand dropped down ?

His head suddenly hurt, and he opened his eyes dizzily, the world spinning around him.

"Damn!" God, do you need to? I let you throw them to death, and you want me to scram down the hill? " Xiao Qing QIng rubbed her temples and cursed softly, "Damn it!"

She had originally been on a mission, but with a mistake, the bullet pierced through her chest. If she was going to die, then so be it, how could she know that the heavens were going to go against her, crossing over to a prisoner on death row.

After escaping from the court with much difficulty and being chased by the officials guarding the city, he even fell down the hill. Who knew where he was right now!

What a setback!

Xiao Qing Wan was filled with emotion. She could not help but complain, "Could it be that they have committed too many sins and have come to seek retribution?"

"Pui!" What retribution! "

The young and tender voice sounded, causing Xiao Qing Wan to feel a chill run down her spine. She couldn't help but shiver. Did she see a ghost?

She rubbed her shoulders and feet that hurt from the fall, then she forced herself to stand up and ?


Rubbing the bag on his head that had been knocked over, he said with a sullen face, "Damn! "Are you messing with me!?"

She stretched out her hand and felt around. This was actually a secret chamber. Could someone have brought her here after she fainted?

"What an idiot, hehe!" The young and tender laughter made Xiao Qingshou feel even more horrified.

After gathering her courage, Xiao Qing pressed her back against the wall and stared at the pitch black secret room. She swallowed her saliva: "Who, what kind of man are you to speak in secret!"

Pausing, he felt that the voice was very familiar, and asked again: "This voice? You're not the one on the court? "

In the pitch darkness of the secret room, the tender voice called out to her as a little girl.

An itchy feeling came from beside his feet, and Xiao Qinglian subconsciously stomped down.

Yeah? Hard?

"You damned girl, you stepped on me!"

There were physical entities, and they could speak, small, hard ?

Xiao Qing Wan moved her jade feet away and bent down. She groped around in the darkness and accidentally touched a cool thing ?

Shell? Soft under the shell? Hair on the shell?

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