Momo quickly extinguished the light in the room before anyone could enter, and the entire room returned to darkness.

The sound of footsteps was very steady. Step by step, they approached Xiao Qingruo. The danger was quickly approaching.

"You better not move. With your current talent, you definitely won't be able to beat him." Momo's voice rang out calmly.

Xiao Qing Huan closed her eyes, thinking, "This mistress knows."

"Little granny, this person doesn't have much spiritual energy. At most, he's a level two spirit cultivator."

Xiao Qing Wan's heart skipped a beat. Without waiting for her to let her imagination run wild, Mao Mao continued, "You are my fated person, so I can hear your inner thoughts."

"Aren't you peeping on people's privacy?" Xiao Qing Wan had always dared to speak angrily. If it wasn't for the danger at hand, she wouldn't be cursing in her heart.

"The beggar can actually eat meat buns? How fresh!" An unfamiliar man's voice entered her ears. She opened her eyes slightly, but that person didn't pay any attention to her. She picked up a piece of thigh meat and walked out.

Momo's turtle paw moved slightly, and the door that was about to close finally stopped at the last moment.

Xiao Qing QIng opened her eyes and patted Mao Mao's shell: "I didn't think that your green turtle was really useful."

"Please remove your claws. Also, I am not a Green Tortoise. I am a Spirit Tortoise that has cultivated for ten thousand years. Please call me Master." Momo said heavily.

However, it soon discovered that the person it had taken as its disciple had completely ignored it. He simply treated it as a pet and stuffed it into his heart.

Was this an advantage? It was still a male...

"About that, little aunt, this grandpa, I, I ?"

"Shut up!"

In the process of escaping, the thing that Xiao Qingshou was most annoyed about was Luo Li.

Momo tactfully shut her mouth. Leaning on a soft spot, she took advantage of the fact that a certain girl had automatically delivered herself to her doorstep. She leisurely muttered in a low voice, "It was delivered to my doorstep. It's a waste for me to not eat it."

Xiao Qinglian carefully walked towards the light with the fur on her shoulders, and a fragrant aroma wafted into her nose.

If it was a situation she didn't understand, she would definitely salivate. However, right now, she could only curse silently in her heart: "Abnormal!"

This abnormal sound made the turtle, who was in her arms, unable to stop himself from saying innocently, "You took me in your arms yourself."

Xiao Qing Wan's expression darkened decisively. After that, she silently stretched out her hand and pulled out the male turtle from her embrace. For a moment, she didn't know where to place the turtle. Suddenly, she saw her slender waist and chuckled.

Momo rolled her eyes towards the sky and said, "Young disciple, are you trying to make me faint?"

Xiao Qing Sui chuckled, "I only think of you as a jade pendant, hanging you like this is pretty nice."

As the saying goes, happiness breeds sorrow.

Xiao Qing Wan seemed to have forgotten that she was in a wolf's nest. By the time she had finished bickering with Hairy # 5, a cook was already standing in front of her with a shiny kitchen knife in his hand and a sinister smile on his face.

Xiao Qingliang smiled apologetically, "Hehe, Mister Chef, I accidentally walked into your forbidden area, so don't blame me. I'm leaving, don't mind me for such a small detail."

Seeing that someone had barged into the kitchen, the chef would naturally not let them go so easily. He raised the knife horizontally in his hand like Xiao Qing and chopped over. Originally, it was a piece of cake for her to deal with this little chef with her skill, but it was a pity that the combination of her spirit and her current body was not as efficient.

The blood immediately dyed the prison uniform red, dripping down one drop at a time. One of the drops even dripped into Hairy # 5's eyes amidst the chaos ?

"Oh!" "It's over!" Momo let out a painful sigh, which made Xiao Qing Lun tense up: "Ah, to be cut by a blade, will you die?"

"It's not you, it's me! I'm finished!" Momo didn't have the strength to look at Xiao Qing Wan's twisted face. It seemed as if she was a hero that would never return.

Xiao Qing Wan did not care that much: "You can die a little later, but wait for me to finish off this guy first."

Although Momo was swaying back and forth like she was about to vomit, she could still utter a few important words in the nick of time, "What are you going to solve? Stop wasting time. Hurry up and run!"

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