The sound prompted Xiao Qing and QIng to turn around decisively, then they couldn't help but exclaim in their hearts, "Is this a weapon of mass destruction?" If she had known earlier that she would have to cross over, it would be better for her to bring a few guns that would suit her rather than being powerless right now.

A hole had been smashed through the wall separating the kitchen from the storefront. The chef was looking at his boss innocently with a spatula in his hand. Then he turned his head indifferently and continued to stir-fry the meat in the pot.

Seeing that his house's wall had been made into a big hole, the boss painfully pressed the position of his heart. "Little girl, don't let me give up on you."

"I don't have any feelings for you." Xiao Qingjian had an innocent expression.

A light smile appeared briefly on the beggar's clean face. Although the girl in front of him seemed to have changed, she did not let him down.

The boss pressed his bleeding heart against the wall and continued to speak in a pained tone, "How could an ordinary person avoid my air currents. You ?"

"I've already said that I hate to take the ordinary route." Although she was in a sorry state, she had a unique charm to her.

"She was laughing in the bushes when the mountain blossoms started to bloom." Xiao Qing Wan couldn't help but cast a sidelong glance at the words that came out of the beggar's mouth. 'This guy only knows how to join in the fun, but he doesn't know how to help?'

Although the beggar was dressed in ragged clothes, but with his keen eyesight, Xiao Qing Wan had long since noticed that the beggar was not ordinary.

A pair of narrow and long peach blossom eyes, exuding an incomparable profoundness. His black pupils were incomparably gloomy, as if at that moment, with just a slight movement of his hand, he would be able to draw near to danger. Thus, when Xiao Qing Qi was dealing with her boss, she didn't forget to carefully observe the beggar from the corner of her eyes to ensure that he wouldn't bring her any threat. If he hadn't been able to calmly recite poems in this kind of critical juncture, Xiao Qing Wan wouldn't have looked at him so carefully.

Clean hair tied back, thin lips like a line, such a person must be sentimental. Xiao Qing Wanshan thought to himself, if he were to change into another set of clothes, he would definitely be a young master from a wealthy family. How could he have ended up like this?

If it was a young master from a rich family, how could he wear such dirty clothes and covet the fun? There was an intimidating threat to his every gesture, and he exuded a sense of nobility and a calmness as steady as Mt. Tai.

He was still in the mood to recite poetry. If it was someone who had not experienced great storms, they would have long ago burrowed around the table to hide from the wind. How could they remain calm like a mountain?

Xiao Qing Wan couldn't help but look at the beggar's pair of deep eyes. They were clear and bright, serene and deep with too many mysteries, too many glooms, too many... Be resourceful?

Xiao Qing Hui was stunned for a good three seconds. Suddenly, he regained his senses as his left heart started to beat crazily, as if someone had given him a Soul Search. This was too embarrassing. He was almost enchanted by a beggar.

Xiao Qing Huan did her best to adjust her breathing as she secretly cursed, "You're too disappointing, aren't you? Thinking back to how there were so many handsome men, so many male types, and you don't even covet beauty, why did you have to be so against this extremely thin and weak young master?"

That's right, he was a destitute, noble young master. From just a moment ago, Xiao Qing Dian had been searching for an adjective that matched his identity as a beggar. In the instant when he was bewitched by the pair of peach blossom eyes, he thought of these five words.

"Hey!" Young wife, where are you looking? " The boss also noticed that Xiao Qing Wan's gaze was fixated on the beggar, and a sour feeling rose in his heart.

"I think you're handsome, what do you care?" Xiao Qing QIng did not hide anything and looked like she was infatuated with him.

She smacked her lips, and just as she was about to approach the beggar, she suddenly felt a strong gust of air shoot towards her again. Xiao Qingliang had no time to dodge at all. Perhaps it was out of instinct, and he had actually somersaulted backwards twice in succession. In the end, he managed to avoid the stream of air.

"Aiya!" He had sprained his ankle!

Xiao Qing Sui clapped her hands fiercely, "This body ?" If it were the original body, how could the foot be unsteady?

She would have been hit by the air current if she wasn't careful, and would have died at least half her life. Fortunately, her body was very obedient, and a small accident occurred when she landed on the ground.

"Huh?" Momo said in surprise, "Your soul ? has it not completely fused with this body yet? "

"I think so. It shouldn't be a problem, right?" In the face of Momo's question, Xiao Qing Wan was also a bit nervous.

Hairy Hairy's black eyes stared at her without blinking. "Hmm, I think it's still a matter of your aptitude. Cultivate more."

? ?. He was actually calling her stupid in the open or in the dark! This smelly turtle!

The boss narrowed his long and narrow eyes and looked at Xiao Qingshui, who was bickering with Hairy # 5. The girl's cheeks were slightly red from being angry, which added to her bashfulness.

Holding his hands, the boss's voice also became a lot softer. "I can't believe that my little wife actually has some skills. She really picked up a treasure."

Xiao Qing then cast a sidelong glance at her boss. "Please, put away your lecherous eyes, or else ?"

"Otherwise? What can you do? " The boss then opened his hands, and two gas balls appeared in his palms that could not be seen by the naked eye, ready to act.

"Dig out your eyeballs!"

"You be careful. It seems like he wants to hit you in the nick of time." Just as Xiao Qing Wan was about to speak, Mao Mao said in a low voice.

One hit, one hit. Xiao Qing Wan despised her boss in her heart. He was ruthless even against weak girls. Indeed, there was no woman.

"He's here!"

Momo's reminder made Xiao Qing QIng tense up, then ?

"Move!" Momo's voice was a bit anxious. "Are you going to stand and take a beating?"

"I can move, I've sprained my ankle!" Xiao Qing QIng was quite innocent. She did not want to be caught in the crossfire. There was nothing she could do about it.

? ?. Momo was thoroughly depressed. How could she twist her foot at such a critical moment!

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